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1980 Little Moon (end) Emploi Temps partiel

20 févr. 2023 à 5h51   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   105 vues Référence: 357
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The older children in the orphanage found little Jingjing in the corner together. The tears of the little sister made the orphans feel particularly painful, especially Xiaotian and Xiaoyu. Little Jingjing was their sister, and the new Xiaoyue was an outsider. The children's feelings have no right or wrong, only the most direct disgust, the heart is very exclusive of the sister's sad appointment of Xiaoyue. Children's sadness comes and goes quickly, forgetfulness is also very big, perhaps the heart has always known that her mother does not like her, so after the initial crying, the new Xiaoyue quiet down, especially will look at the old dean's face, obedient and clever appearance, so that the old dean is very distressed. The old dean's attention to Xiaoyue made some other children even more dissatisfied. Xiaoyue is young. She doesn't know much about anything. She only knows that people who are good to her are good people. Grandma is good to her. She will smile at her grandmother. In this way, she will take care of her and protect her. The big brothers opposite are very bad. They look at her with bad eyes. They know they don't like her at a glance. Xiaoyue: Hum, if you don't like her, you don't like her. Anyway, her grandmother loves her! (^) The original plot here is just a bad relationship, but now the content of the shooting is to let Xiaoyue and Xiaojingjing have a conflict,side impact door beams, Xiaojingjing tearfully accused Xiaoyue, Xiaoyue unreasonable slap in the face of Xiaojingjing, which caused the dissatisfaction of Xiaotian and Xiaoyu, and then intensified the conflict. Zhang Xiaoyue stood opposite Su Jing and looked at her with tears in her eyes. This kind of drama is really consistent with her mother's previous performance with her! Su Jing tearfully accused Zhang Xiaoyue. Zhang Xiaoyue opened her eyes wide and her little face was at a loss. Cut” The assistant director was very angry and called a pause: "Zhang Xiaoyue, can you act? An orphan was bullied in an orphanage. Shouldn't you say something and do something? Why are you in a daze?" Zhang Xiaoyue blinked her eyes and looked at the assistant director with an innocent face and said, "Uncle director,stainless steel tube 304, you didn't write lines in the script you gave me, nor did you write what I was going to do. Does uncle director think I acted according to the script?" Assistant Director: "…" It's not the same as what we agreed in advance! Although it was agreed with the staff to let the little girl get angry and fight, it was also said in private when no one was there, in front of many people. The assistant director was silent and his face turned black. Shoot starts again. When the camera was shooting at Zhang Xiaoyue, the child who played Xiaotian in the camera launched an attack and mocked Xiaoyue. Zhang Xiaoyue cried to the camera, her little expression was stubborn, and her tears rolled desperately in her eyes. Cut” The assistant director couldn't resist calling a pause again: "Zhang Xiaoyue, what are you playing? Others are pointing at your nose and scolding you. You don't say a word. You stand like a fool. What are you playing?" Zhang Xiaoyue looked surprised: "Director uncle, don't you read the script?"? The new child in the script is 5 years old, and Xiaotian is 7 years old. What can a 5-year-old girl do to a 7-year-old boy? The little girl is small, except for crying, only crying! The assistant director choked. That seems to be true, precision welded tubes ,Precision steel tubes, but the  other children. Little Jingjing was so sad that tears fell like broken beads. Grandma liked Xiaoyue, and the little sister in the courtyard also liked Xiaoyue. Obviously,side impact beams, she was everyone's favorite person before. Why did everyone not like her since Xiaoyue came? Only Xiaoyue was in her eyes. Why? Director: "A!" Xiaoyu took advantage of Xiaoyue's inattention, quickly snatched the beautiful clothes from Xiaoyue's hand and threw them to Xiaotian. Xiaotian flew away and sent them to the crying Xiaojingjing. Xiaojingjing took the beautiful clothes and smiled through tears. Xiaoyue was caught off guard, and the little girl was so silly that she didn't expect the little brothers in the orphanage to do this to her.

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1980 Little Moon (end)