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A man is like a cauldron Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 6h28   Indépendants & Freelance   Fatick   161 vues Référence: 212
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The big fellow nodded his head and then asked, "The Zen school pays attention to purity. The Five Skandhas are not there, and everything is empty.". Xie Zongzhu insists on joining in the fun. I wonder if it is contrary to the teachings of Zen. Xie asked, "Since everything is empty, why are you still sitting on a futon?"? Why do you have to wear clothes? Empty is not equal to nothing. Big fellow is not embarrassed, ask then: "That depends on thank suzerain, what is empty?" "I don't blame heaven," said Xie. "I don't blame others." Big fellow asks again: "What is precept?" "Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you," Xie replied. The big fellow asked again, "What is purity?" "Don't do all evil and do all good!" As soon as Xie's voice fell,Inflatable water park factory, the big fellow stood up from the futon and fell to his knees. "Disciple Golden-winged Roc," he said, "pay homage to the suzerain!" Xie Cradle nodded, she slowly got up and stood in front of thousands of Taoists who came to listen to her sermon. Her voice was still cool and bright,Inflatable outdoor park, revealing a little coolness. When she spoke, it was as clear as speaking in everyone's ear, but every word was loud! Her voice slowly spread to countless fairy mountain caves in the millions of miles north of the sea of clouds. The monks who lived alone and the immortals who lived alone stopped their work and listened attentively. Xie Cradle founded the Qingming Sect and opened the altar to preach. May everyone in the world have noble integrity in mind, great virtue in heart and self-improvement! May all the people in the world have the heart of a brave man! Primordial spirit can be scattered, faith can not be scattered, body can be destroyed, hope can not be destroyed! Not afraid to sacrifice their lives for justice, worthy of their own responsibility! "Three wishes to the people of the world, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable mechanical bull, not to do nothing, not to be foolish, not to be passive, not for the sake of the world, not for the sake of oneself, and not to divide the ranks of nobility and inferiority!"! May everyone in the world be a real dragon and a gentleman! The three wishes on Yuzhu Mountain spread millions of miles over the North Sea of Clouds in an instant. Hearing this, some people sniffed and felt too naive, while others looked at the north for a long time, regardless of the presence of the younger generation, and suddenly left tears. Is the end of the way of heaven just longevity? What is the meaning of life after immortality? To become an immortal and a saint, there is always a peak of power, but when everything reaches its peak, is it still the original appearance? If the final will is left on the road, then what is the meaning of the road? When he was a teenager, he was determined to cultivate immortals. He was open-minded, open and aboveboard, and was willing to save the widows or young children who fell down around him. Finally cultivate the immortal way, but under all kinds of grinding, the heart cherishes this illusory great compassion, the mouth reads the great love of high above, the heart is like a rock, indifferent, negative, reclusive. It is not as free and easy as when I was a teenager. At that time, I did not have the power to cover up the sky,Inflatable indoor park, but I was open and sincere, brave and fearless. I once wanted to help the world, but now I prefer to be alone. The path of immortality should not be like this!.

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