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A new chapter of Jian Xian's travels Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 4h41   Sécurité & Sureté   Saint-Louis   57 vues Référence: 487
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I can't help shaking my head when I look at those angels whose "faces don't change color" are as pale as they were just now, and then I look at the mortals whose faces don't change color and who face death unflinchingly. Alas, God is not as good as man! What a bunch of bastards! Frightened like this by a few pagan mortals! Seeing that the angels and servants under his command were not even as good as mortal warriors, the God of the Dark Sea Sect could not help losing face. He could not help but sigh how he had found such a group of subordinates who were afraid of death and lost his face. So he raised his arms and shouted: "What are you afraid of with this God?" When he heard his master speak, the sky was falling and he was holding on to it. The faces of these angels finally regained a little color, and the formation that had been slightly messy in the air was much more orderly. Well, it looks like it. God's anger calmed down a little, and then he looked at the top of his head. The huge mountain made the muscles on his face twitch a few times. "Such a big mountain is not easy to deal with. How can those pagans have such power?"? A few of my gods may not be able to lift a hill together. These guys can actually get mountains into the air. I don't know whose believers these are. This time they are really in trouble. Nevertheless, trouble is trouble, oneself face still wants, at, this God pulled up a voice: "Infidel, you listen!"! I am the Great and Merciful Malik, the Water God of the Deep. I forgive your sins, but you will return to me what is not yours. "Is that what you said?" In the blue-haired sorcerer's hand,outdoor palm trees, he held a crystal ball the size of a watermelon. The color of the crystal ball was similar to his hair, but slightly darker. What if I don't return it? "How dare you!"! How dare an infidel act so recklessly! Ignoring the roar of the gods, the blue-haired sorcerer switched the crystal ball from one hand to the other, and the whisk was pinned to his waist. "What are you afraid of? Aren't you also targeting our country?" "Where do you come from?" "Zhongjiang is the country you want to occupy. If I return the crystal ball, won't you train more temple knights? That's not good. If this crystal ball is lost, at least in ten years,silk cherry blossom tree, your temple knights won't have new recruits!" Unexpectedly, that thing is used to inaugurate the Knights of the Temple. I never intended to invade Zhongjiang. There was a kind smile on God's face, but it looked so fake: "I am merciful, and I will not allow my followers and vassals to create disasters everywhere." "Is it?"? What about the army of Mireka who was dead at the bottom of the sea? You maritime countries are planning to invade our country by sea almost at the same time. "That.." This God became hesitant and said, "Well, I saw those evil gods …" At Is driving some evil infidel.. Intend to invade Zhongjiang. By the way, I can't see those guys bullying a country that has just got rid of suffering, so I sent troops to stop it, right! Yeah, well, we're actually friends. It's all a misunderstanding. God laughed bitterly. If something happened to the crystal and caused his lack of temple knights, outdoor ficus tree ,decorative palm trees, it would be like cutting off his arm. If someone took advantage of this opportunity to start a war, he would not have a good chance of winning. He did not want to be a wandering God. That's nice to say! Trust you for a moment. The blue-haired sorcerer smiled. "But …" The mountain is too heavy for me to bear. As if in response to his words, "The Flying Mountain" dropped slightly. " Don't think it's great to be able to move a mountain, you damned infidel! Perhaps he was so angry that Malik's smiling face immediately became angry, and with a fierce wave of his hand, a divine light shot at the mountains above the people's heads! Seeing the gods they believed in, whether angels or mortals, it seemed that they could not help cheering loudly when they saw the mountain being blown up by the divine light. Who would have thought that when the divine light hit the bottom of the mountain, a "boom" blew up a big pit and made the mountain shake twice, but it was still early to blow up the whole mountain. The worst thing was that the rubble and boulders from the explosion fell down all at once, and the first unfortunate thing was the angel corps flying in the air, close to the bottom of the mountain, the size of a millstone, or even bigger stones, which made the angels who lined up neatly in the air scream again and again, but also because they were close to the mountain, the smaller stones and clods hit their bodies and heads. It hurts, but it doesn't kill me. But the army on the ground is different, big and small stones with the angel who was killed and stunned fell from the sky, a lot of casualties, for a time the sky and the earth ghost cry wolf number, heavy soldiers with big shields everywhere, light soldiers and knights are not busy looking for holes and bunkers, is to make full effort to run, want to escape in the shortest possible time Some of them even grabbed the top of other soldiers' shields, which led to a lot of fights. Alas, didn't they look like they were not afraid of death just now? Why is it such a mess now? Compared with the religious army, it would be better. At the beginning, the soldiers trained by these temples still wanted to rely on the strength of the gods, but their protective power could block the fragmentary stones and some clods of earth, and also block the dizzy angels from the sky. But as soon as the boulders fell down, their flesh and blood still splashed. Soon, these religious soldiers were in a mess. It is not terrible to die on the battlefield, but it is terrible to die so inexplicably. Array turn, through heaven and earth, disease! Compared with the crowd running around outside the array,faux ficus tree, the immortals guarding the array looked around uneasily, but did not run around. The blue-haired immortals were able to run the array, destroying the falling boulders and breaking up the clods with the power of the array.

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A new chapter of Jian Xian's travels