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A Record of Crossing the Village Door Emploi Plein temps

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Since the hotpot restaurant opened last year, business has been very good, but there are already several hotpot restaurants in Ping'an Town. Li's hotpot restaurant can maintain the same passenger flow as before, rather than being the first one, many old customers just like the taste here has a lot to do with it, that is, Li's hotpot restaurant occupies the right time. Then the location of the hotpot restaurant is also very good, just on the edge of Nanshi, which occupies the geographical advantage. Finally, Li's Hotpot Restaurant often launches new products, and often has activities to give back to guests. During the festival, there are all kinds of fresh seasonal snacks, which occupy the people. Perhaps because of the previous example of the hotpot restaurant, Li Xiaohe was not very worried that the jam would not be sold. However, in fact, the biggest reason is that many people have come to the store and ordered a lot of flower sauce from Li Donglin. Li Xiaohe believes that as long as the quality is well controlled and these customers are retained, there will be no backlog of goods in his own sauce. What's more, the families who come to the shop to order flower sauce are all big families in the town. Presumably, Mrs. Wang made a good advertisement for the flower sauce, but Li Xiaohe would not make up the advertising fee for her. These are big customers,industrial racking systems, as long as they develop into their own old customers, this flower sauce need not worry. In order to ensure the grade of his flower sauce, Li Xiaohe uniformly sealed the packaging with white porcelain jars, and uniformly priced at one or two silver jars. After knowing the price of Li Xiaohe, Xia Shi was shocked and came to persuade Li Xiaohe that small profits and quick turnover were the way out. Li Xiaohe does not think so, hot pot restaurants and flower sauce consumer groups are not the same, how can they be treated equally? Hot pot restaurants follow the routine of small profits and quick turnover,cantilever racking system, but that is because the consumers themselves are the middle and lower classes, and because of the geographical conditions of the store, there are many consumers, so small profits and quick turnover is the right profit model. But this flower sauce is sold to the ladies of a big family. If you sell it cheaply, people may doubt the quality of your goods. And these rich ladies just like to use these luxuries. Besides, what kind of luxury is this one or two silver pots of flower sauce? People can sweep out a few taels of silver in a corner of their house, and they don't think that a jar of sauce with one or two taels of silver is expensive at all! Li Xiaohe also does not go to pull with Xia Shi, anyway this sauce should matter is Li Xiaohe, earn not to make money also is Li Xiaohe himself, Xia Shi also no longer manages her. As expected by Li Xiaohe, after completing the previous orders, some people came to the store to buy flower sauce. And the first few families really became old customers. Li Xiaohe did not find a shop to sell flower sauce, nor did he have the idea of developing more customers. After meeting the request of the customers who came to the shop to buy sauce, there were still many sauces that had not been sold, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, and Li Xiaohe did not panic. If a small jar of sauce is eaten by one person and is used to flush water every day, it will be eaten up in a month at most. It will be faster if it is used as a snack filling. And Li Xiaohe's flower sauce will last until next year to make sauce again. There is still nearly a year to go. It can't be sold out at one time. When the time comes, the old customers come to buy sauce, but the result is out of stock. That's not good. Maybe it will lose customers. Li Xiaohe in front of their own small account book settlement of their own earnings during this period of time, very good, has 54 taels of silver earnings. This is to get rid of the twenty-two taels of Xia's cost, as well as the seal of ten taels of silver for Li Donglin. Came here for so long, Li Xiaohe is the first time to control so much silver, for a long time did not control the economy alone, almost let Li Xiaohe forget that he used to be an independent woman, holding this silver but do not know what to do. Li Xiaohe sighed, or according to the plan, first buy land to find someone to plant flowers, those plans to buy and buy still have to wait! But the other day came to Li Xiaohe's home to help Xijie's home, and Li Xiaohe heard the latest news from Ah Yin who came to her home to play. Ever since she came to her house to help, Ah Yin often came to play with Li Xiaohe. Her mother also agreed that she came here to touch Li Xiaohe's cleverness. She often praised Xia's ability to raise children in front of Li Xiaohe. Li Xiaoshe was clever, clever and so on. Didn't you say that Sister Xi thought she already knew Li Xiaohe's recipe for making flower sauce and went home to make it herself? But her family thought it was too expensive to buy jasmine from the flower grower who specialized in raising jasmine, and only bought those cheap wild roses. Sister Xi only came to Li Xiaohe's house for a few days. She only knew how Li Xiaohe made jasmine sauce, but she didn't see how Li Xiaohe made rose sauce. Using the method of making jasmine sauce to make rose sauce, the result is that the rose petals in the "rose sauce" are whole, with the astringent taste of flowers.. Li Xiaohe shook his head and left the matter alone. That rose sauce is different from jasmine, and that sister has never seen her own rose sauce, if you have seen it, you will know that the petals are mashed, at least there will not be such a big gap. If they were craftsmen who made sauce, Li Xiaohe felt that if they tried to make rose sauce several times, they would know the secret of the sauce and be able to make it. Sister Xi is just jealous of Li Xiaohe. It's normal that she can't do it. Li Xiaohe knew that the sauce was simple, and sooner or later there would be competitors on the market, so it was most important to take advantage of the present to make his own brand. Li Xiaohe has decided to make flower sauce as his own career, not like the hot pot restaurant, become the career of the family, and finally his married daughter can not get anything! Think about it, is it too unkind for me to do so? After all, I have been sheltered by the Li family since I came here at the age of six. Although there are some unpleasant experiences, but this is also an undeniable fact, if there is no Li family, she Li Xiaohe a six-year-old girl doll, do not know what it is like now! Xia Shi, in particular, has always loved her as if she were her own daughter. Although from the physical blood, Li Xiaohe is indeed her own daughter, but Li Xiaohe is a soul wear is also a fact, do not know how to calculate in the end. However, Xia Shi's kindness to her can not be denied, and a family of people,drive in racking system, Li Xiaohe thought of himself now to abandon them, the flower sauce business as their own private property, or a little cautious.

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The drums of war suddenly stopped and the roar stopped. Everything fell silent at once, except for the hunting sea breeze, accompanied by the seductive groaning and panting of the lewd waves. When Tuo Ba Ye saw that Zhen Zhu was ashamed and afraid, he felt pity in his heart. With a slight smile, he gently took her into his arms again. Zhenzhu blushed, but when he saw that his left hand was only on his shoulder, he was a little relieved, but a little disappointed. The six sea dragon chariots descended slowly and landed steadily on the waves. The sea dragon animal twisted its neck and neighed, staring at Tuo Ba Ye viciously. The chariot is wide and decorated with gold and jade, which is extremely luxurious. The silk curtain was dancing in the wind, not like a chariot, but like a giant bed. The Yaksha who was patrolling the sea ran out of the battle array and ran to the front of the chariot on the waves. He knelt down and said, "This is the boy who is making a lot of noise, Lord Six." The curtain slowly opened, and with a sound of "ah", Zhenzhu was so ashamed that her neck was red. She turned around and hid in the arms of Tuo Ba Ye. Spring was in the air on the chariot, and six or seven beautiful naked women were lying in the middle of them. A man with a golden crown was lying in the middle of the chariot, tall and tall, with a handsome face and shining eyes. The man with the golden crown sat up lazily and looked up and down at Tuo Ba Ye with great interest. When he saw Zhen Zhu, his eyes shone brilliantly. He raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Boy, you are very lucky. The little mermaid in your arms is really a peerless beauty." Tuo Ba Ye only said what he was going to say, but Wen Yan was greatly unexpected. Zhenzhu was ashamed and annoyed, and her eyes turned red. Tuo Ba Ye smiled and said, "I can't compare with your good fortune." The man with the golden crown said with a smile, "In that case, how about I exchange these seven beauties with you for mermaids?" The seven naked women were not obedient to each other, and their fists were repeatedly punched. But the eyes swept to see Tuo Ba Ye handsome tall and straight, free and easy, and then secretly leering frequency, but really seems to be looking forward to being exchanged in general. Tuo Ba Ye burst out laughing and said, "Your Excellency is really good at doing cheap business. My mermaid is the most precious thing in the world. Not to mention seven people, even if I take all the treasures in the world together, I will never be able to exchange them." The man with the golden crown laughed and said, "I can't tell you are an affectionate seed.". Wonderful, wonderful. We're the same. Just lend me this little mermaid for one night, and I'll take you to the Dragon Palace. See any treasure,Ozone generator ceramic plate, as long as you like, you can take it. Is that all right? Zhenzhu was so frightened that her heart was beating wildly, but she heard Tuo Ba Ye laughing and saying, "I must pay my respects to the Dragon God, but she won't sell her gold." Surprised and delighted, Zhenzhu whispered, "Thank you very much, Lord Tuoba." The man with the golden crown laughed and said, "Then I can't help it.". Such a beautiful mermaid, since the exchange can not, then only rob it. Keep an eye on your baby, boy. Suddenly, the drums of war were beating, and when the huge waves opened, eight tusked sea tigers, more than four Zhangs long, roared out, carrying the strong wind, and rushed down toward Tuo Ba Ye. Under the leadership of four big men in black, 10g Ozone Generator ,alumina c799, more than a hundred strong dragon soldiers rushed up like the wind. "If you don't show a few real efforts to hold down these clowns," said Tuoba Ambition, "you will be entangled endlessly. To catch the thief, catch the king first. Hold the goat and force him to take me into the Dragon Palace. At that moment, with a loud shout, the True Qi of the whole body suddenly swelled, and from a distance, the blue light protected the body, and the air waves whirled. The eight tusked sea tigers were so overwhelmed by the instantaneous burst of True Qi that they fell down in midair, with their tails between their legs, their necks shrinking, and their whine in a low voice. The dragon soldiers were also surprised and uncertain, and their momentum was suddenly reduced. "I'd like to see what you can do to snatch my treasure," said Tuo Ba Ye Chang with a smile. With a turn of his arm, he picked up the pearl, put his feet on it, and walked quickly on the waves. The right hand turns over, the blue light is like a knife, and a sharp murderous look rises to the sky. Although this air knife is not as powerful as Kehanhuai's broken wave air whirl chop, it is enough to deter the dragon soldiers. With a lament, the eight tusked sea tigers curled up in a ball and trembled. Tuo Ba wild laughter suddenly rose into the air, the air knife turned over at will, the body was like electricity, and in an instant it had rushed into the dragon soldiers, and the sword flashed in an instant. Although Tuo Ba Ye was slightly angry by the powerful sea patrol yaksha and the dissolute and lascivious six Marquis, he asked for a quick decision, but this trip was to ask for a treasure, and the dragon God was an old friend of Kehanhuai, so he did not show his broken sword, but only used the air knife to break the enemy. The air knife was flying vertically and horizontally, and in an instant the dragon soldiers were cut back like the tide. Tuo Ba Ye passed through the group of dragon soldiers like lightning and swept toward the six chariots. In the sound of war drums, there are hundreds of dragon soldiers swarmed up, heavily blocking the formation of six checkpoints in turn, set off layers of waves toward Tuoba wild. The man with the golden crown sat on the chariot, watching with a smile, holding the golden cup in his hand and sipping one mouthful at a time. The seven beauties came up like snakes and said in a charming voice, "Hou Ye, what's so good about that mermaid?"? He was willing to trade us for it. The Golden Crown man laughed and said, "What do you women know?"? A woman's worth is in the man who owns her. You see, that boy must not be a simple person. His woman is naturally worth a hundred times. "How can you not have a taste of such a woman?" He asked with a leering smile. A phoenix-eyed woman curled her lips and said, "What if he brought a sow?" The golden crown man patted her buttocks and said with a smile, "I have to beg for it, too. Study it carefully. What kind of sow is it?" As he spoke, Tuo Ba Ye had already broken through the tight encirclement like lightning and rushed over the wind and waves. The man with the golden crown was slightly stunned and sighed, "He is really skillful!"! Sixteen Jiao! Sixteen long-bodied men jumped out like lightning, staggered and jumped, and suddenly roared in unison at a distance of more than twenty Zhangs from Tuo Ba Ye. Their bodies suddenly changed into sixteen dragons, roaring in the air. Tuo Ba Ye laughed and said, "It's just in time." With a flick of the finger and a "choke" sound, the broken sword suddenly left the scabbard and broke the air, whirling endlessly. Tuo Ba Ye concentrated his mind and silently recited the seal formula. With a loud shout, the broken sword sang in the wind, shining in all directions. In the mournful sound of the sixteen dragons, like fallen leaves in the wind, they were sucked into the broken sword in an instant. Tuo pull wild clothes charm fluttering, long whistling sound has been rushed to. The six sea dragons roared wildly, spread their wings and flew high, spewing out poisonous waves from their mouths. Tuo Ba Ye does not avoid, the whole body's True Qi is in full bloom in an instant, the blue light protects the body,Kamado bbq grill, and the illusion drifts away. The poisonous waves sprayed on the light wall and splashed around, reflecting on the sea dragon beast, and the skin was burnt and the flesh was rotten.