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A small dining table in Kaifeng Emploi Plein temps

25 nov. 2022 à 1h51   Plombier   Passi   180 vues Référence: 35
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Bai Yutang smelled the incense and looked at the strange looking stove first, which was a little interesting. Then his eyes finally fell on the kebabs that were tossing and turning on the charcoal fire, and the oil in the meat was oozing out, giving off a faint fragrance. When the naked eye saw that it was going to be cooked, the cook sprinkled some powder on the kebab, and with a whoosh, the charcoal fire below suddenly burst into flames, and a strong smell of meat came out, which made people salivate. What is this? Bai Yutang's curious eyes fell on Zhao Hanyan. Zhanzhao then jumped down from the roof and paced to Bai Yutang's side. He asked him, "Have you five rat brothers all come to Tokyo?" "Yes, so what?" Bai Yutang answered with displeasure. He didn't pay any more attention to Zhanzhao. He still insisted on the previous question and repeated the question to Zhao Hanyan. "What is this?" This was his last patience, and if the cook still ignored him, he would certainly lose his patience and consider doing something, such as making a scene and grabbing meat in disorder. Zhao Hanyan, who was having a barbecue, heard Bai Yutang's voice at this time: This bamboo skewer meat is very fresh and looks very delicious. I must have a taste. But in order to order the entrance of things on the Kaifeng House, he Baiyutang should be the only one, ha ha ha. Bai Yutang raised his arm to make a move, and suddenly there was a smell of hot air blowing on his face. Bai Yutang was stunned when he saw the little cook handing himself a kebab. If you come, you will be a friend and invite you to eat. Zhao Hanyan smiled at Bai Yutang. This is really a child's mind, in order to string meat will be'noisy '. She doesn't want to get into trouble, after all, a few strings of meat can coax people good thing is very simple,die casting parts, why not. Bai Yutang hesitated, since the little cook gave him face, then he will naturally give face back. Then he took the kebab and took a bite without hesitation. The mellow fragrance of the crisp and tender mutton spread all over his mouth, which made people feel satisfied immediately. Zhanzhao just felt that Bai Yutang had a'murderous look 'and had made defensive preparations, but he did not expect to turn around a few strings of mutton and let him eat like a child. Bai Yutang was really straightforward. Zhan Zhao smiled and invited Bai Yutang to sit with him and eat meat and drink wine with them. Bai Yutang is not so friendly to Zhanzhao. "You go to eat. I'm here with Zhao Han. I'm here for him today." Zhanzhao knew that he was a man with a temper and could not be persuaded, so he simply left him alone and turned to Zhao Hu. Bai Yutang ate the kebab in his hand in two or three times, sighed at the delicacy of the kebab in his heart, and silently wrote a poem of praise. But on the face he did not show any love,socket screw plug, a cold face, in case the little cook found out his true mind. Bai Yutang looked at Zhao Hanyan, who had been busy bowing his head, and looked at him again. He was wearing a plain green robe, with a handsome white face and a pair of sword eyebrows, which were very eye-catching, black and thick, but very heroic. Small nose, small mouth, very smart. After all, they have a pleasant appearance that is not enviable, and the "likability" is suitable for both men and women, young and old, without any aggression. Moments later, Bai Yutang said to Zhao Hanyan, "The taste is acceptable. What did you come up with?" "Just think about it. Do you eat spicy food?" Zhao Hanyan put the freshly roasted crucian carp on the plate. As long as it tastes good, Steel investment casting ,Investment casting parts, you can have any taste. Bai Yutang immediately replied. Zhao Hanyan couldn't help laughing, but she liked the diners like Bai Yutang who didn't pick anything. Each ingredient has its own unique taste, and the indispensable integration can achieve the richest taste of the dishes. If you're not picky about food, you won't miss it. It's very good. Did you have dinner tonight? Zhao Hanyan asked again. No This question made Bai Yutang a little confused, so he looked at Zhao Hanyan for a moment, and he wanted to know what Zhao Hanyan would do when he learned his answer. Zhao Hanyan took the rotten skin and spread it on the chopping board, divided it into eight parts, took out part of the remaining lotus leaf rice for dinner, spread a thin layer on the rotten skin, and then put eight crucian carp fillets that had just been roasted crisp on the rice, brushed a layer of sweet chili sauce on the outside, sprinkled with cumin, cooked sesame seeds and broken mushroom legs. After rolling, the two excess rotten skins were tied tightly with soft old leeks and fried. When the fire goes down, fish it out, and only let the outer layer of rotten skin achieve the crisp effect. Zhao Hanyan then wrapped three for Bai Yutang with lotus leaves, and the rest was sent to Zhanzhao and Zhao Hu. This way of eating is fresh. When you take a bite, the crispness of the fried rotten skin on the outer layer and the crispness of the roasted crucian carp on the inner layer form two completely different kinds of crispness. Beans, fish, rice and sweet and spicy sauce, sesame seeds, cumin and onion are perfectly blended. It is worth mentioning that this dish is actually not hot, but the outer skin after the oil residue with a little heat, inside the rice, fish and scallion, etc., but it is cool, in the summer to eat but very refreshing, will not let the body hot and dry sweat. Bai Yutang's mouth could not stop, nor did his heart: "It's very delicious!"! Delicious! Today's trip was worthwhile, and the little cook named Zhao Han did not disappoint me. From the time I ate the lotus leaf chicken, I knew that the cook's skill was unusual, and now I only feel that it is even more unusual. Third-class cooks are not bad at cooking, second-class cooks are good at cooking, and first-class cooks will create their own delicious new dishes. Today, I was lucky enough to meet the most rare first-class cook. Bai Yutang swept away the three bean skin, rice, and fish rolls, and then looked at Zhao Hanyan with appreciation in his eyes. Crucian carp spines, and small, in addition to boiling soup, this does not feel delicious, but today I saw it. The crucian carp you roasted is crisp and delicious. Bai Yutang, who had already enjoyed his appetite, began to praise Zhao Hanyan generously. "It's rare for the fourth brother to have a good eye. I'll make friends with you." Bai Yutang pulled down the jade pendant from his waist and handed it to Zhao Hanyan. "Little brother, if you have any difficulties in the future, take this jade pendant to the shopkeeper of Zhuangyuan Building, and I will come to help you." "OK, but I shouldn't have to give it to the shopkeeper of Zhuangyuan Building. I'll give it back to you. I'll use it now." Zhao Hanyan laughed. Now Bai Yutang was a little surprised and said to Zhao Hanyuan, "What do you want to say?" "Just listen to me." Zhao Hanyan smiled, "Royal Cat is the title given by the sage to the exhibition guard on a whim. It doesn't mean anything else,metal stamping parts, and it's not aimed at anyone." "How do you know-" Bai Yutang frowned, "well, I know."

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