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A Taoist priest system _ 20200215155351. Emploi Plein temps

1er mars 2023 à 5h09   Plombier   Saint-Louis   82 vues Référence: 485
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Liu Xixi elder sister that is also an old oil stick, which can not see Liu Xixi's gaffe, years of shopping mall training eyes immediately saw the clue, immediately clappers, let this young man go home to have a simple meal together. Liu Xixi was dumbfounded, but there was nothing he could do. Liu Xixi is naturally very clear about her sister's donkey temper, as long as it is her decision, there is basically no room for manoeuvre. Maybe. It's not impossible, is it? After thinking about it, Liu Xixi had to bite the bullet and make an appointment with Sun Peng. In fact, on the way here, Liu Xixi was also very nervous. What if he doesn't respond? What if he refuses? Liu Xixi blankly thought so, told the whole story again, and then quietly waited to watch Sun Peng, careful liver fluttering, like a prisoner awaiting trial, helpless. Liu Xixi looked at Sun Peng so seriously that she felt that Sun Peng should be able to smell something unusual, and then thought about it in a rigorous manner before giving herself a reply. As a result, the next second, Liu Xixi knew that she was wrong, and it was a big mistake! Sun Peng had no expression on his face at all. He didn't even raise his eyebrows. He still looked at Liu Xixi with a faint smile: "Do you want to eat?"? That's good. When will you be able to save money for a meal? "Weekend.." I'll contact you then. Liu Xixi collapsed, how could he simply think that he could see something in this guy's face? This is Sun Peng. Is he human? Will he have the expression of confusion and hesitation that human beings should have? "Is that why you called me here?" Sun Peng felt that Liu Xixi was making a big deal out of nothing. He just had a meal and could make it clear on the phone. Will you accompany me to eat something? Liu Xixi answered the wrong question and pointed in a direction, "over there." "I just ate." Sun Peng wanted to throw this sentence out, but when he saw the ramen restaurant that Liu Xixi was referring to, Sun Peng suddenly froze for a moment. He looked at Liu Xixi's obviously uneasy little face. Sun Peng swallowed the words decisively and nodded forcefully: "Good." "Yipinxiang Coffee Shop, the place where I first came to skip classes with Liu Xixi." Looking at the coffee shop not far away,Thyroid Powder Factory, which has not changed at all for several years, together with the decoration, Sun Peng shook his head and sighed with emotion. Thanks for the reward of Lonely and Ao de Sad Children's Shoes! Congratulations on becoming the first deacon in this book! Flowers, applause.. Thank you! [Www Qiqisuu Bookcom] 43. It's not easy The coffee shop is very quiet, as if the whole world is in a vacuum. Liu Xixi sipped her coffee, fearing that she would accidentally make a noise that would destroy the hard-won atmosphere, but from time to time she secretly glanced at Sun Peng, which had deeply betrayed the little girl's inner uneasiness. Liu Xixi is very uneasy, she does not know what Sun Peng means, but what she does not know is that at the moment, under Sun Peng's quiet and handsome face, what is hidden is a heart that is extremely at a loss. Sun Peng is far less calm than he looks on the surface, especially when he hears Liu Xixi's sister's summons, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, his heart is even more uncertain, just like when he was called by his father to participate in the Global Sword Juvenile Group, but the difference is that Sun Peng is looking forward to that time, and he has been looking forward to winning the honor in this kind of competition, and this time.. What does Liu Xixi's sister mean? Sun Peng secretly struggled and looked at Liu Xixi, who was sitting as steady as Mount Tai. Sun Peng could not calm down: "Xixi, how is your sister?" "Just like that, isn't it a nose and two eyes?" Liu Xixi is calm, but there is no reason to be happy, this guy, how do you like to pretend to be indifferent, obviously very concerned about ah! "I didn't ask that, but how was her temper?" Sun Peng wiped his sweat, and Liu Xixi's careless eyes were not ambiguous at all. This. "" Liu Xixi smiled, brewed a little, and began to reveal her sister's information to Sun Peng. While Liu Xixi analyzed in detail, he also reminded Sun Peng from time to time to pay attention to this and that. Sun Peng nodded his head cleverly and took out his cell phone to record one or two. Liu Xixi was very satisfied and spoke in more detail. As a result, when she finished, she suddenly realized that she had said so much to him. It was just a meal. How could it be like a blind date! "A blind date?" Liu Xixi was startled by his sudden idea, but thinking of her sister's expression when she talked to her, Liu Xixi immediately blushed slightly, and his sister asked him to go back to dinner, as if that was really what he meant, right? Liu Xixi's expression suddenly became a little strange, and Sun Peng saw Liu Xixi did not speak after recording, he was immersed in the atmosphere of the coffee shop, the scene became cold and strange for a time, which is a rare scene when two people get along alone. Do not know when to start, a gentle rhythm and cheerful unknown music leisurely echoed in the shop, making the whole quiet atmosphere and a trace of indescribable petty bourgeoisie tune, as if every note has been given life in general, in the whole coffee shop happily flying. Liu Xixi is good, she has nothing to do with the little sisters to sit together, has long been used to such a style, but Sun Peng some can not stand. In the past, it was nothing to talk and laugh with Liu Xixi, but now some things have signs of breaking ground, Sun Peng felt that he was not used to it, coupled with this minor tune, Sun Peng felt that if he sat down again, his calmness would be broken here. After thinking about it, Sun Peng proposed to go back early. Liu Xixi naturally saw Sun Peng's abnormal behavior in his eyes long ago. While laughing in his heart, he did not break it. He nodded and agreed to Sun Peng's suggestion. When the time comes,Glucono Delta Lactone, I will inform you that the phone is not allowed to be turned off, or I will think you are afraid! After Liu Xixi got into the taxi, he stuck out his head and stuck out his tongue at Sun Peng.

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