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All for reincarnation, wear quickly. Emploi Plein temps

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So, like it or hate it, it's up to her. Everyone has seven emotions and six desires. The underworld only cares about reincarnation and doesn't care about your love. But to do good or to do evil, there is cause and effect on the body. If you want to marry, I will ask the underworld if there is a soul willing to come and be your child. Think too far, she is still thinking about whether she likes it or not, it has begun to think about the birth of a child! Chapter 15 Sitting in the car again, Xu yuan and Ye Fan did not speak for a long time. Make a wish to think, think about her feelings for Ye Fan, is that kind of like. She doesn't hate him, or she would never get close to him. Even if he has those confidential information in his home, he won't. Like is inevitable, but she has always felt that this kind of like is probably the same as she likes other people. But think about it, in fact, like is the same, but the degree is different! Between two people who have no blood relationship, the general love will only become friends. Deeper, will become a bosom friend, brother. One more night, you can become a lover. So you see, the relationship between lovers can not only appear between the opposite sex, but also between the same sex. There is even the existence of "German orthopaedics". This proves that this relationship has nothing to do with whether they have blood or not,Jumping castle with slide, and it has nothing to do with gender differences, but only with the depth of love. So it's still the same question, how much does she like Ye Fan? "Did I scare you?" Ye Fan has been observing and making a wish. I didn't see any reaction from her before, and I thought she didn't care. But now, two people sit together for so long, but she did not say a word, he knows, she still cares. This made him happy and worried at the same time,inflatable water slide, worried that her attitude was not a silent refusal. No Make a wish is very comfortable to lean on at the moment, without any discomfort. Why don't you speak? "I'm thinking." Make a wish and decide to do so for the time being. Perhaps, she thought, it was because they had spent too much time together. It may also be because they enter the game together as a mental body. When she didn't know Ye Fan at all before, he said that he had a very familiar feeling about her. I didn't think so much at that time, but now I think about it, I'm afraid that in the process of entering the game, the two people's mental bodies actually had contact. Otherwise, where is the sense of familiarity? After that, both of them had too much contact, both in the game and in reality. Two people get along fairly well, the depth of feelings, will inevitably gradually deepen with this process. So, without all this, would there still be such a degree of love? [No.] The little lotus sensed her thoughts and suddenly said, "If his spirit body really meets the spirit body before entering the game, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable floating water park, it will only meet the spirit body of the original body.". Not yours.] “……” That's right, too. Where did his familiarity come from? [Don't know.] Wishing is now very doubtful, when it says it doesn't know, whether it really doesn't know, or whether it knows and doesn't say. Let's see again. Her body is still small anyway! To the place, SUN's car stopped beside them, the driver took out the wheelchair, SUN came to help Ye Fan to the wheelchair. Make-a-wish pushed him into the banquet hall, and SUN followed them all the time. They came a little late because she had gone to change clothes halfway before. The banquet has already begun, and the golden wall in the hall is brilliant, singing and dancing, and drinking. This is the first time I have attended a banquet of this nature. In the past, she had attended some academic banquets, and everyone gathered together in twos and threes, discussing everything else. The host sent someone to wait at the door, and when he saw the two men, someone went in immediately. By the time they arrived, the host had already greeted them at the door: "Ye Fan, Lu Yang, you're here.". Why so late? I thought you changed your mind again. A young man came up with a group of people. Today is Qin Pei's big day. How can we not come? Lu Yang stepped forward, shook hands with him with a smile, and patted him on the shoulder: "But who let us Ah Fan pity the fragrance and cherish the jade, and insist on choosing a good set of clothes for the wish.". You don't know that he disliked all the things in my shop. ” The wise man immediately recognized that the wish was held by Ye Fan, and those who did not have long eyes rolled away. All the people present were wise men, and only three of them came in. It was self-evident who they wished to be. Look at the eyes of the wish, the moment will be more up. This look in the heart naturally surprised, make a wish is who no one knows. But they knew what she was wearing. Lu Yang's identity they all know, the most favored son of the Lu family, do not like business, but like design. After graduation, I opened a custom design studio. People who want to curry favor with the Lu family all go to support them. Unfortunately, Lu Yang simply looked down on them, holding the money to come, but also to be driven out. Therefore, there are many people who pay attention to him and his design. They all heard about the clothes that Xu yuan was wearing. They are not because this dress is like a demon mirror, and anyone who wears it will show his true shape. But this material is not an ordinary material. Lu Yang is the only one in the world who can be extravagant enough to make it into clothes. Therefore, it is expensive. Very, very expensive! For the cost of this dress, it's no problem to change a luxury car. Her accessories are also exquisite. It was three years ago that Mrs. Ye auctioned them at a high price, saying that she wanted to give them to her future daughter-in-law. People used to think that it was destined to be worn on Miss Qin, but now it appears on this woman. You can imagine the status of this woman. Everyone's mind is full of change, but the face is not obvious at all. Warm to meet them to go inside, make a wish to always push Ye Fan's wheelchair, into the inside, Ye Fan stretched out a hand, will make a wish to hold the hand, has not let go. And Lu Yang, as he said before, has been with them all the time. What would you like to drink? Lu Yang brought Ye Fan a glass of wine and then asked him to make a wish. Disuse She was grabbed by one hand,Inflatable mechanical bull, one hand on the wheelchair, where to drink? "Find a place to sit down first." Lu Yang saw each other's situation at a glance. "Go and find my uncle," interjected Ye Fan.

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All for reincarnation, wear quickly.