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And try the collection of the world's extra chapters. Emploi Plein temps

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As soon as the boy in black sat down, another ink shadow floated back, carrying a long branch in one hand, two clean pheasants strung on it, and a water bag in the other. The ink shadow beside the fire took the water and boiled it in the prepared copper pot, while the other roasted the chicken on the fire. The boy just sat, occasionally reaching for a piece of cake or fruit and putting it in his mouth, chewing it slowly, or pouring a glass of wine and tasting it carefully, every move was beautiful and picturesque. When the smell of roast chicken began to overflow, the water boiled, and then an elegant tea fragrance drifted away in the cold night. Stay away. The boy ordered lightly, and the two ink shadows hung their heads respectfully, then flew away and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Roast chicken was still hanging on the branches, far away from the flames, brown with oil, tea at hand, hot air curling fragrance floating, but the young man did not move, a pair of long phoenix eyes looking at the flames swinging in the night wind, pure black as black jade eyes deep and faint can not see the mood,white marble mosaic, that handsome has his age should not have quiet and deep. Tonight is big night. In the cold night, the young man spits out a sentence, raising his head, the sky is like ink, without a trace of starlight, but in the light of the fire, the young man's eyes flashed a trace of clear water, "I want to eat noodles,Marble Projects, mother.." The last word disappeared in the wind. The sound of the flute sounded in the night wind, light and clear, but it was a very simple tune. It seemed that it was just a lullaby hummed by a loving mother in the baby's ear, but it was warm and sweet, which made people indulge involuntarily. People who were attracted by the smell of food were also moved by the sound of the flute at that moment, standing and watching. That's a picture. Under the stout old peach tree, a bonfire was burning. In the crimson light of the fire, a young man in black played a piccolo horizontally. The night wind blew, and the fire shook his clothes and flew up. But the man was blowing with concentration. Half of his face was as white as the jade flute in his hand. His eyes closed gently, and the flowing light overflowed. The clear sound of the flute flowed out quietly. It is a painting, warm but cold. At that moment, the greedy man only saw the painting and the young man playing the flute, but could not see the fragrant roast chicken and the delicate fruit at all. The sound of the flute finally stopped, and the white jade piccolo slowly left the young man's lips. That's nice. A gentle exclamation woke up the young man who was still sinking in his thoughts. The boy suddenly turned his head and saw the girl in white ten feet away. At that moment, the girl in white also saw the sadness and loneliness in the eyes of the teenager. Although it was only a moment, Agate Stone Price ,Calacatta Nano Glass, it made her remember deeply. The young man gathered up his thoughts and looked at the man in front of him. He was about twelve or thirteen years old. He was dressed in a long white dress, but there was no loose belt around his waist. His long black hair was not tied up, and it was straight down like a fountain of ink flowing down in front of and behind him. The long hair curtain covered his whole forehead, showing a pair of eyes as clear as water and as bright as stars. Look should also be said to be a child, but the flow between the eyebrows is the girl's Qingyun, although the clothes are loose, but the whole body shows a free and easy that does not belong to her age. The two men looked at each other quietly, without words, looking at each other and weighing each other. What kind of music are you playing? It sounds good. After a while, the girl in white opened her mouth first. Qing Ping Diao. Teenagers or be moved by the girl's smiling eyes, very generous answer, "the former mother." Mother plays it for me every year on this day. "Before?"? She's not playing now? The girl raised her eyebrows doubtfully. She. It's gone. The boy paused and answered. Eh? The girl blinked, and then understood, easily jumped a few steps closer, "It doesn't matter, anyway, you can blow it." Eyes a slip, saw the fragrant roast chicken, immediately swallowed saliva, "or." Why don't you give me your roast chicken and I'll play it for you later? Staring straight at the roast chicken, he was afraid that the roast chicken would fly as soon as he moved his eyes. The boy could not help smiling when he saw her like that, and his mood became relaxed. He looked at her playfully and said, "Can you play the piano?" 'Of Course. "The girl answered, and her eyes slipped to the red, white and green fruits on the young fur blanket. Her already bright eyes were brighter and hotter than the bonfire at the moment." If you put this Bitai fruit, beauty roll, plum cake, pear crisp again.. If you give me something to eat, I'll play it for you every year on this day. The girl made a promise very readily, but there was another idea in her heart: I can't play, go back to find my brother to learn, and where will you go to find me after tonight, good brother, nod quickly, I'm hungry.. "Good." The boy really nodded, but the little flash in his dark eyes revealed his smile. Ah Good brother, you are really my savior! With a cheer, the girl jumped to the boy's side, and her hand could not wait to reach out to the pear crisp. You Some of the teenagers were frightened by her eating, which was really. "You can eat slowly." He kindly suggested that she might choke to death if she was not careful. Alas. It's really delicious. I haven't eaten these for a long time. I really miss them. The girl spoke in her busy schedule. These things you.. Like to eat? The boy lowered his black eyes and asked in a light tone. Of course The girl nodded repeatedly, "especially Bitaiguo, every time." Uh I ate it all by myself. There were so many things in his mouth that his words were vague. The young man held the flute tightly and looked up at the girl who was eating too much. His clear eyes were looking at him. They were clear and transparent, just like the snow water flowing down from the top of Jiulun Mountain, without a trace of dirt and haze. Smile and let go. It's so late. Why are you out alone? "Oh.." That, because I have no money, no food to eat and no place to live, so I take the mountain road, can sleep on the tree with wild fruit mountain flavor to eat,Grey Marble Slab, unexpectedly I am still alive and well. How interesting Father. Affinity brother must be surprised, Hee Hee. The girl was excited as she ate and talked, as if she had done something great.

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