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Ao Shi Jiu Tian Emploi Plein temps

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Wu Qianqian is also a stunning beauty, and the orchid heart is pure, talented and resourceful, and now it is also a temporary choice. However, only Mo Qingwu in Chuyang's heart, the great regret of his previous life, let Chuyang's heart directly tied into a knot. In addition to Mo Qingwu, I'm afraid this world, no one can unlock the love lock of Chuyang! From the beginning to the end, Chu Yang had never thought that there would be any ending with Wu Qianqian. Not even such an idea has ever arisen. As for others, there should not be. In another carriage, Tiebutian looked gloomy and sighed deeply with self-pity in his heart. Sure enough, there was someone in Chuyang's heart. In this case, let this matter be buried here, is also the best choice? Besides, even if there is no one else in Chuyang's heart, what can we do? As the king of a country, can you still marry him? Tie Butian relieved himself in his heart, as if he had figured it out and decided. But the eyes are quietly dropped two strings of tears, the pillow soaked a piece. She gently reached out and wiped the tears away, but the tears gushed out again,L Methylfolate Factory, as if they were endless. Just let me cry for once. While he's still around. Although he didn't know. Is an unspeakable silence, this silence, Chuyang obviously feel full of depression, it seems that the next moment do not know when it will break out. After a long time, Tie Butian's tired voice came from one side and said, "The body of the throne of Chu has recovered so quickly." Chu Yang laughed and said, "It's just rough skin and thick flesh." Now that the misunderstanding of Tie Butian has been uncovered, Chuyang will naturally not be indifferent to each other any more. Uh Last night,Heme Iron Polypeptide, I threw the black clothes of the throne of Chu into the fire and burned them. Tie Butian said slowly, "But after burning it, I feel something is wrong. Emperor Chu, there is nothing in your clothes that is hard to give up, is there?"? Or a very important secret? "Something hard to give up?"? A very important secret? Chu Yang was stunned. "What do you mean by that, Your Majesty?" Asked the second monk. "Oh, since there is none, I am relieved." Tie Butian said with a smile, "Because when I burned that dress, there was clearly a lot of smell of burning off the hair. If it was only from the throne, there wouldn't be so much.." Ha ha, so I worry too much. Chu Yang smiled and said, "Your Majesty may not know that my clothes are stained with too much blood, or that there are fragments of the flesh and blood of the enemy's broken bodies. Burning them naturally has that kind of taste." Tie Butian laughed and said, "Well, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, maybe I haven't experienced it." Doubt in the heart, the smell of flesh and blood burned, and that is not the same ah. But there was no further discussion on the subject. The throne of Chu.. You and I don't belong to the monarch and my subjects, nor to my colleagues. Tie Butian weighed his words carefully and said, "The throne of Chu has a great future, and it will never be confined to this small next three days. So.." Dare to ask, in the heart of the emperor of Chu, what kind of position is I, the emperor of Tieyun? Tiebutian said slowly, but in his tone, there was a vague urgency. How interesting Chu Yang awkwardly touched his nose and smiled, feeling that the question was really hard to answer. Tie Butian waited quietly without urging. I really don't know what to say to Your Majesty. Chu Yang said with a Frank smile, "You and I were destined to have a cooperative relationship from the very beginning.". Our goal is to beat the fifth gentle. And the communication between us is also based on this foundation. "But I admire Chuyang for your majesty.". During this period of time, in countless times of cooperation, I also have a good impression on Your Majesty. And it's a tacit understanding. Chu Yang pondered, said: "Such a situation, said is a brother, Chu did not dare to climb, but said a friend, but it is entirely possible." "Friends.." A friend? The voice of iron mending the sky was very low, and seemed to be at a loss. Chapter 397 she is unique! Chapter 397 she is unique! "Friends.." A friend? The voice of iron mending the sky was very low, and seemed to be at a loss. Then he chuckled and said, "I have never forgotten having such a friend as the throne of Chu in my life.". Who is lucky enough to have a true friend in the life of the emperors? "Your Majesty said so." Chu Yang laughed and said, "Actually, it's not just emperors. Even ordinary people don't have many true friends in their lives.". Even, some people will not treat him sincerely in their life, and he will not treat anyone sincerely. Such a man is even more pitiful than the emperor. "Ha ha." Tie Butian laughed from the bottom of his heart and said, "Listen to the meaning of the throne of Chu. The emperor is very pitiful." "It is pitiful." Chu Yang said earnestly, "The height is too high to be cold. The emperor is like this. While sitting in that seat and accepting the supreme glory of the world, he is also doomed to a lifetime of loneliness!" As soon as the words came out, Tiebutian suddenly lost his voice. After a long time, he heard a long sigh from the carriage. A low and inaudible voice said faintly, "Emperor.." Lonely Lonely Friend How interesting The two shadows also issued a sigh, in the voice, I do not know whether to sigh for themselves, or for others, in short, the meaning is complex and difficult to understand. In another carriage, Tiebutian looked blankly at the top of the carriage, and for a long time, his eyes did not turn. Friend! Hehe, friend! It's not bad. You fight hundreds of battles for me, you are resourceful for me, you kill for me like crazy, you risk life and death for me. It turned out that I was a friend. I am full of tenderness for you, I am deeply rooted in love for you, I am afraid of you, I will do everything for you. I will be innocent for you. Do everything I can,Theobromine Powder, give everything I have, even the country.. It turns out that we are.. Friend! Tie Butian's heart is sour and unspeakable. At this moment, there is an impulse to cry loudly. The bitterness and despair in her heart made her want to pull out her sword immediately and commit suicide in front of Chuyang.

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