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Ao Shi Jiu Tian Emploi Plein temps

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Speaking of this, Chu Feiling's voice was painful and trembling, as if he had returned to the cold snowy night eighteen years ago. And one side of Chu Yang listened, only to feel a burst of bitterness in the heart, can not help a sour nose, two lines of tears fell down. The two of us continued to run for our lives, and in order to distract our eyes, we jumped off the cliff with the stone in our arms. Chu Feiling gave a wry smile and said, "I didn't think there was no way out. I just jumped down a few dozen feet and was dragged. It turned out that the vines that had grown there over the years had formed a big net.." Saved the two of us, and then, on the cliff, found a rare treasure of heaven and earth, Fenghua Snow Lotus.. Part 5 Smiling Ao Zhong Tian Chapter 17 Meeting Gift Chapter 17 Meeting Ceremony "Fenghua Snow Lotus." Chu Yang muttered to himself unconsciously. "Yes, it is the Fenghua Saussurea involucrata. There are two Fenghua Saussurea involucrata, one black and one white, one Yin and one Yang. Yin and Yang complement each other. They can cure serious diseases, cure incurable diseases,heavy duty plastic pallet, increase strength and break through passes." "My wife and I each took half of it," said Chu Feiling. "All the injuries on my body healed overnight!"! And the skill is greatly advanced, both break through the second grade emperor level. "It was a blessing in disguise." Chu Yang sighed. A blessing in disguise. How interesting Chu Feiling gave a wry smile and said, "My husband and I felt that our wounds were healed, so we immediately went back. Along the way, we killed more than a dozen enemies who came to pursue us. We didn't even have time to ask for a confession, so we rushed to the ruined temple.." But.. "The child is gone." Chu Feiling's voice was extremely painful. Child It's gone. Chu Yang said to himself blankly,stackable plastic pallets, and suddenly felt that the hatred for his family and his parents who had abandoned him, which was deeply buried in his heart, disappeared at this moment. "The two of us were almost frantic and kept searching, even searching the wolf's nest and tiger's cave on several nearby mountains, but we didn't find anything." After a long time, I came back for three days. But in the past eighteen years, the poor child has been lying in the hearts of our husband and wife, just like a thorn growing in my heart. My wife misses her beloved son day and night, and looks haggard. In the past eighteen years, not only has she not entered the country, but she has fallen back from the second grade of the imperial rank to the first grade of the imperial rank, and has even fallen into a stubborn illness of heart cramps.. "The whole family made a mockery of it." My father-in-law and mother-in-law's family even treated me as enemies. All these years.. Chu Feiling sighed sadly: ".." How can these years be described by the word "sorrow." Chu Yang has been completely dull. There is no doubt that this man in front of us, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet supplier, this'sworn brother 'who has just come out of the oven. Is his own father! Chu Feiling sighed and turned his head, but when he saw Chu Yang with tears streaming down his face, he was stunned: "Brother, what's wrong with you?" "Whoo, whoo.." I'm so touched that I.. Chu Yang wiped a tear, revealing a smile that was uglier than crying. Chuyang heart a tangle! He now had a strong impulse to jump on him and hug him, telling the man who had suffered from the wind and frost all these years: I am your son! I am the son you lost eighteen years ago! But God damn it! But I can't! Especially.. The two had just become sworn brothers, and had been forced to do so by Chu Feiling. If I told him the truth now, I'm afraid the man I just got would die of shame before he could be surprised. Oh, my God, forcing yourself to become sworn brothers with your own son? Who can stand such a thing? More importantly.. I also shoulder the heavy responsibility, the responsibility of the Lord of Nine Swords, to save Xiaowu. If I recognize my ancestors now, I will continue to unify for three days. If I get to the bottom of this, I'm afraid my identity as the master of Jiu Jie Jian must be revealed. Of course you can trust your father and mother, but the problem is. Now the Chu family is not monolithic! In the family, who knows who has evil intentions? No matter who, in case of revealing his identity as the master of the Nine Robberies Sword, I'm afraid he will immediately implicate the entire Chu family to disappear! Recognized the son, but involved in the destruction of the family, this is not only not great joy, but also great sorrow! If there is no reason to say that they will stay in the next three days to develop, I am afraid that their father and mother will be able to swallow themselves alive. At least have to send a few masters to protect, but the master of the Chu family down, how can you hide from the eyes and ears of the nine dominant families? Isn't there no silver here? Chu Yang is entangled to death. Sword spirit, this heart colic. Is there any way to cure it? Chu Yang asked the sword spirit in his mind, with a worried face. Heart cramps? The sword spirit sniffed: "What is this big problem?"? It's just that the meridians are not smooth because of the depression of missing, that's all. "Then.." Can it be cured with the complete version of Jiuzhong Dan? Chu Yang asked expectantly. That's my mother, even if I can't recognize her for the time being, I have to let my mother be good. "Big Brother.." Don't you have to? The sword spirit screamed: "The incomplete version of Jiuzhong Dan has already cured this problem as well as it can be. If you use the complete version of Jiuzhong Dan, it is a waste of natural resources. It is a treasure that can improve a great realm.." You can't ruin your family like this any more. No matter how rich our family is, we can't stand your trouble. The sword spirit was about to cry with heartache: "This is the most precious elixir of the whole Nine Heavens!"! It's not the Chinese cabbage on the roadside! Even if the supreme level of the master, take can also have a big effect ah ah. "Promote a great realm?" Chu Yang's eyes lit up: "That's great. It's just right for my mother to increase her ability to protect herself." The sword spirit hit himself in the mouth with remorse. I'm so cheap! Why do you say this. "Promote a great realm.." Why didn't you say so? Chuyang wondered. That is the emperor level above the strong take to enhance the realm! As far as you are concerned, besides healing, I can only store the potency of the medicine again, otherwise you will only turn it into a lump of excrement! The sword spirit hummed angrily. "" Chu Yang excitedly raised his eyebrows, and suddenly remembered, well, how to promote the old man again,spill plastic pallet, otherwise, every day so dangerous, brother is really not at ease ah. Can I have two nine-fold pills? Chu Yang asked.

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