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Auto Brake Systems manufacturers Emploi Plein temps

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Auto Brake Systems manufacturers The Role of Brake Disc The brake disc is generally a hat-shaped disc made of ductile iron, it is also rotating when the car is traveling. The brake caliper clamps the brake disc to produce braking force. The brake block clamps the brake disc when pressing on the brake, it plays a role in decelerating or stopping. Product Introduction Common smooth brake discs Common smooth brake disc, it is produced according to the original plant size. It has superior braking performance and is mostly used in the rear wheel of a car or the front wheel of a mini car. Ventilated brake discs Good ventilation and cooling effect. It can quickly lower the high temperature and prolong the life of the brake disc. High-end drilling brake discs It allows hot air to dissipate quickly and can reduce the high temperature generated in vehicle braking, at the same time, it also scraps off the aging surface layer on the brake pad to ensure that the brake pad is in the best friction state. High-end scribing brake discs Scribing trough can effectively reduce the high temperature generated in vehicle braking, at the same time, it can remove the dust generated by the friction between brake pads and brake discs in time, improve the friction between brake discs and brake pads, and maintain maximum braking. High-end drilling scribing brake discs Drilling and scribing can make the hot air dissipate faster and reduce the high temperature generated in vehicle braking, the dust generated by friction between brake pads and brake discs can be removed in time, and the aging surface layer on the brake pad can be scraped away to ensure the best friction state of brake pad. Alloy aluminum cover plate brake discs It is a lightweight design for high-end cars. The cover plate uses alloy aluminum. It has the characteristic of light weight and high strength. The alloy aluminum cover plate can quickly dissipate heat to avoid the risk of tire bursting caused by the wheel hub temperature when the car is driving. Make vehicles safer and more energy efficient. The structure of the drum brake is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, and the advantage is that the brake force is strong, and it is mostly used in the rear wheels of small cars and trucks. Product advantages Using high carbon equivalent high-strength cast iron, add a variety of self-developed alloy components, after a reasonable ratio, the stability of the materials can be effectively ensured, which can improve product performance by 25%. The casting equipment adopts Germany's advanced automatic assembly line, and the finishing equipment adopts Japanese MAZAK and South Korea's DOOSAN CNC lathe. With the characteristics of efficient heat dissipation, super wear resistance and ultra-low noise, it has perfectly passed the bench high temperature performance test of 600 degrees Celsius. The whole process of manufacturing brake discs/brake hub series products is strictly in accordance with ISO9001/TS16949 quality management system standards, and each brake disc/brake hub has undergone 100% dynamic balance testing to minimize brake shaking and lateral run-out. The black electrostatic spray coating has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, etc. It can protect the brake disc end face very well. Jeonet coating has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, scratch resistance, friction resistance, etc. It can protect the surface layer of the brake disc very well. Advanced casting technology equipment Pneumatic typing and laser typing are used on the sides of the end caps of the processing of Masuma. Each product is engraved with the type, specifications, manufacture date and logo. 1. German automatic casting insulation production line 2. New SuZhou foundry hydrostatic pressure line 3. Automatic sand mixing line Automatic intelligent manufacturing process Masuma brake disc manufacturing unit is an automated flexible intelligent production line consisting of a vertical CNC machining center, intelligent manipulator and CNC vertical lathe. Realize the brake disc from the rough casting to the finished product of the automatic, high-precision, high-efficiency processing operations, the use of new spraying technology environmentally friendly spray coating, product performance is stable, the parameters and indicators are comparable to OE standards. Surface treatment cleaning line: The new process of surface spraying pre -processing is used to carry out multi-process cleaning treatment to ensure that the surface of the workpiece meets the requirements before spraying.Automatic grasping spraying and transplanting equipment: automatic grasping spraying technology is adopted to improve spraying efficiency and effectively control the thickness of the surface coating of the workpiece.Spraying process baking line: the temperature of the oven is accurately controlled within 3 degrees, and the precision treatment process is adopted according to different surface treatment requirements. Characteristics of the Jeonet coating 1. The product does not contain toxic substances such as Cr6+, heavy metals; 2. Heavy anti-corrosion coating system provides superior anti-corrosion function through bimetallic corrosion protection, and can resist salt spray; 3. The special acid and alkali resistant anti-corrosion system is suitable for the heavy anti-corrosion needs of automobile standard parts; 4. Oil resistance, solvent resistance; 5. Stamping resistance, impact resistance, scratch resistance, friction resistance; 6. No hydrogen embrittlement is suitable for heavy anti-corrosion of high-strength standard parts. Raw material formulation process improvement Rare alloying elements (Cu, Ni, Cr, Mo, Sn, etc.) are added, the ratio of raw materials is improved to refine the pearlite, refine graphite, and improve the uniformity of the resistance of the brake pads. 1. Improve the thermal stability of high temperature. 2. Resistance to thermal deformation. 3. Resist brittleness. Strict quality control Masuma products implement strict quality control. The multiple sets of brake disc inspection equipment are introduced to ensure the high quality and stability of products. The company adopts German SCHENCK dynamic balance equipment, the accuracy of the equipment exceeds the OEM standard, and the dynamic balance value is less than 1000g路mm; The automatic detection measuring instrument can simulate the end surface of each brake disc in high-speed operation to achieve the standard uniformly to ensure that the brakes do not shake. Intelligent brake disc phosphor flaw detection can detect intrinsic quality and ensures consistency inside and outside the product. Anatomical drawing of the product Common problems with brake disc running-in The brake disc that has just been replaced needs to be run-in to remove the oil stains and coatings on the surface by: driving at a speed of less than 30 miles, tapping the brake, the oil stains on the brake surface will be eliminated, and then driving at a speed of about 100 miles to check the coordination of the braking system; Minimize the number of sharp brakes during use to prevent the temperature of the disc from rising sharply due to sharp braking, generating thermal decline and even causing sintering points, resulting in weakening and shaking of the braking effect; When the brake surface is not used for a long time, the brake surface will produce red rust, this will not affect the performance of the brake disc, just need to drive at a low speed to step on the brake about 60 times, the red rust will naturally fall off; if there is black rust on the brake surface, it is more stubborn and will make the brake disc have a difference in thickness. If the brake cannot be worn off after stepping on the brake, it is recommended to replace the brake disc to prevent insufficient braking power at a critical moment; Brake disc is an important safety component, it is recommended to check the working condition of the brake system frequently, if there is abrasion, deformation, sintering, etc., it is recommended to replace it immediately. Brake disc installation precautions 1. Before installation, the brake disc shaft head installation flange should be cleaned and rusted to prevent shaking caused by unqualified run-out; 2. Clean the anti-rust oil and coating on the surface of the brake disc to prevent the brakes from slipping; 4, After installation, play a table below and test whether the run-out and DTV are qualified, the standard value of the run-out is 0.1mm. In order to reduce the brake shaking, it is best to minimize the amount of brake disc run-out; 5. It is recommended to replace the brake pads at the same time when replacing the brake discs.Auto Brake Systems manufacturers website:

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