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Avenue of Stars of Rebirth Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h19   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   116 vues Référence: 326
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Gu Anqi is a careful person, will look at people's ideas, but also according to some small body language of others, guess each other's real ideas. As long as the other party gives her a little hint, she can quickly react and analyze what to do next. Not all the questions are love dramas, there are also plots of deception, Gu Anqi must think clearly how to say, how to do. What to say and what not to say. Where is the line of which sentence to say, and in what tone to say it? It all needs to be taken care of. Perhaps the people who participate in the selection will feel that they are under great pressure in this respect, the work is very complicated, must find a way to let Gu Anqi say the lines on the paper, but the real pressure should be Gu Anqi. Not all actors are so good at giving you tips, many of them are extremely covert, or even do not know how to give, making it extremely embarrassing. At this time, Gu Anqi not only has to find ways to induce the other side's lines, but also has to be distracted to analyze what the other side is thinking, guess, and cooperate with each other. In this test, she guessed not only the heart of the co-actor, but also the heart of Shao Wenting, who was detecting the problem. After a few games in a row, it's really a little nerve-racking, and this kind of action really consumes too much brain cells. Shao Wenting is the author of this question, so sometimes we have to think according to his thinking mode. If,Service Sink Faucets, if she was Shao Wenting, what would she do? Gu Anqi plays more and more handy, several in a row are hit in one fell swoop, but also missed a lot, after all, she is not omnipotent small Ding Dang, everything can be predicted. She was given too little advice, and it was really difficult for her to cooperate. The speed of the play was very fast, and soon it was the turn of the last two grand finale objects-Qiao Zhiyuan and Su Yifan. Qiao Zhiyuan stepped onto the stage and drew one of the remaining two notes. Gu Anqi looked at his expression carefully and saw that his face turned from blue to white. The hand holding the paper was tightly clenched and refused to relax at all. Qiao Zhiyuan looked a little dignified,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he looked at Shao Wenting on the platform, as if he wanted to ask for some answers, but found that Shao Wenting's expression as before, without the slightest change, simply can not see what he was thinking. Why? Why did he draw this question? Qiao Zhiyuan frowned, not knowing how to start. He didn't know, he didn't know if he was really ready to "recreate" that "play." Are you ready? Gu Anqi looked at Qiao Zhiyuan and said gently, not hearing any impatience at all. I'm ready. Let's do it. Qiao Zhiyuan took a deep breath and said. Gu Anqi raised her lips slightly and smiled meaningfully. Qiao Zhiyuan, although I don't understand what topic you drew, but let your heart shake so much, then your play has collapsed from the beginning. Acting is about the combination of essence, spirit and spirit. Mental strength is not concentrated, breath is unstable, even if how to play, as long as on the stage, it will only be a good fool of the empty shelf. Qiao Zhiyuan is in a trance at the moment, even his own best state can not be taken out, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, how can he win?  but definitely not much. Her heart is very small, can accommodate only a little bit, perhaps Qiao Zhiyuan was good to her,Flush valve price, is indeed some touched her, but to her completely "fall in love" with him, it is not possible.

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