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Bai Lian Cheng Yao + Peerless Evil Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h13   Sécurité & Sureté   Saint-Louis   81 vues Référence: 519
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Who knew that when I arrived at the cemetery, I actually saw someone other than Elder Tong, and it was an acquaintance-the melancholy axe. He was quite surprised to see me. "Spider?!"! When did you come back? We and the blood sticker were worried to death. Our spies outside sent back the news that the shadow was jointly wanted by the three guilds. Where is he? After going to White Tiger Peak and Green Dragon Hill, I went to Xuanwu Iceland. I haven't come down yet, and my whereabouts are unknown. You're supposed to be with him. Did something happen? What's the matter? Do you need our axe? I looked at the anxious axe and thought it was very funny. In fact, we had only met several times. It was really rare that he was so kind to me. Axe, didn't I say? I want to go to the four holy beasts to do the task, the shadow is to accompany me to go, this he is wanted because of my reasons. But it's all right now. Thank you for closing. Heart. "Oh.". So I'm relieved. The axe hesitated for a moment and asked me curiously, "Spider, did you finish your task smoothly?" I looked at his expression and sniggered, this guy, obviously curious to death about my task, but he didn't dare to ask me, so he had to ask me in a roundabout way. In that case, I will accompany you to act. Thought I showed a seemingly sincere smile: "Ah, although hung up a few times, but finally completed the task,uns s32750 sheet, also let." I have a deep understanding of the strength of the Holy Beast. In order to compete for the Holy Spirit suit in the future, I will step up my training. "Yes, Spider, where are you going to practice?"? The leveling points of the demon fox clan are almost full. The territory of our axe gang is still empty. Why don't you come to our place Let's practice! Axe's kind advice. I waved my hand, "I have found a place to practice outside, and this time I came back to hand over the task with Elder Tong." "Oh, then I'll go." The axe saw that I had to hand over the task,uns s31803 sheet, and it was not convenient to stay here out of politeness, so he left. After the axe left, Elder Tong stroked his beard indecently and smiled very treacherously. "Spider friend, you lied again. What task do you have for me?" Hand it in? "Hey, Elder Tong, how can he leave if I don't say so?"? I'm going to the nether world. Please ask Elder Tong to guard it for me. With that, I stuffed two bottles of good wine. To Elder Tong. Elder Tong smiled so hard that he couldn't find the wine. "Well, I'll show you at the door. This time I'll go to the nether world and get some black dragon blood for me. I heard that It tastes better than nectar. I want to taste it. "No problem!" Opening the passage, I quickly arrived outside the temple of the nether world. As soon as I contacted the shadow, this guy actually stayed in the Adventurer's Guild. What fun is that, except for a bunch of them? Boring NPC has nothing, but he asked me to go and see, and refused to say what he was doing, x52 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, said to say again, really, God. Although he complained, his feet moved quickly towards the Adventurers'Union. As soon as he entered the hall of the Adventurer's Guild, he saw the shadow and Tong Xi standing in a task inquiry. In front of the machine, the shadow held his chin thoughtfully, while Tong Xi did not know what he was saying, causing the shadow to nod frequently. Shadow, Tong Xi, what are you doing here?! I also leaned over curiously to hear what the two of them were up to. Spider, you're here! The shadow couldn't wait to pull me to the front of the inquiry machine, pointing to the words above: "I just checked, inside the monster of level 70." These kinds of corpses are the most valuable. I have found out where they gather. Then we can go there to practice. Not only are we experienced, but we can also earn money Money. On the other hand, there are a lot of good things in the blacksmith shop in the nether world. "The shadow said so excitedly that he almost danced with joy." Did you go to that shop, too? "Well, Tong Xi took me there. It's a pity that silver can't be exchanged for ghost money. Otherwise, I'll buy dozens of pieces of him and take them back to resell!" Said the shadow YY. …… Dozens of pieces.. Shadow, so you are so rich. "I looked at the shadow maliciously.". "Uh.." Shadow crazy sweat, how to accidentally spill the beans? What a failure. "Uh.." I saved some money to buy a house and get married. Yes, the house price in our place is so expensive that it scares people to death. "Oh.." Unexpectedly, this guy is thinking very far ah, even the money for marriage is ready, "then we take the time to practice, we have waves." It took a lot of time. "Spider, shall we get married after you graduate?" The shadow asked me as he walked out with me. I gave him a strange look. "Shadow, have you ever seen me get married so young?"? As soon as I graduated, I stepped into the ranks of yellow-faced women. Your heart is really black! I don't want to be a housewife so early. I haven't had enough fun yet! How can it be early? Many girls in our country get married at the age of 20, and the legal age in our country is 20. You are totally in line with it. Besides, after you get married, You can also play. I can ask the nanny to take care of you. I sweat crazily, how does the shadow sound not like marrying a wife, but like adopting an orphan. "Well, what you say is what you say." I answered helplessly. Then you can't go back on your word. "The shadow grinned and rubbed my hair like a pet, this guy." Playing all the way, we arrived at one of the selected leveling points, the gathering place of the long right mountain. In fact, the bodies of several flying monsters are also very valuable, but the efficiency of fighting flying monsters is too low to be suitable for level training. The shadow explained to me, "This is long." On the right side of the mountain is a monster with a human body and a pig's head. "Pigsy?!" I was surprised to say that if this kind of appearance, it is really not pleasing. What? "The shadow looked at me helplessly." It is much uglier than Zhu Bajie in Journey to the West. There is a circle of mane on his neck, which is much uglier. Ugly. "Shit!" I scolded in a low voice,a333 grade 6 pipe, in my memory, the ugliest monster I have ever seen is the red bird, is this monster uglier than the red bird?! Really?.

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Bai Lian Cheng Yao + Peerless Evil