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Be infatuated with Berlin Emploi Plein temps

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Fan Xi smiled, or that sentence, "because I am beautiful, natural beauty is hard to give up." , 40 | 9.17 | Home Through the scientific design of Nils, the groundwater at the bottom of the mountain was directly led up the mountain, and the children no longer had to run a kilometer to fetch water. Mark always shouted, "Nils is our Bible. You don't need to understand it, just worship it.". That's true. His head is like a memory, a plug-in given by God, and even the people who hang out with him are lucky. At noon, when the sun was shining, Fan Xi finished his class and tidied up the platform. At that moment, Jamil came with a group of middle-aged men, each holding food and tea in their hands. Walking up to Nils, Jamil put his hand on his chest and bent down to greet him, saying, "These are all people from our village. After dinner, you can take them all with you." Nils returned the salute with an expression on his face that was neither humble nor arrogant. The desks and chairs were removed, the carpet was laid on the floor, the food was placed in the middle, and everyone sat down in a circle. Fan Xi smoked aside, Nan Yan ran over, rubbed his hands,interactive flat panel display, and was about to sit down, but Jamil suddenly said, "Women can't eat at the same table with us." Nan Yan got up awkwardly. She was timid and naturally dared not say anything. Fan Xi could not bear to see it and sneered, "I have to sit down today?" Jamil shook his head. "Then I can't eat this meal." She turned to look at Nils, who did not make a sound, but motioned with her eyes to go out first. Fan Xi flicked the cigarette butt to his feet, and Nils looked up at her with a warning in his eyes. Fan Xi said nothing and stood up, but when he passed Jamil, he kicked the post with a snap. Her strength was not small,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and she immediately kicked a hole in the fragile door, and the beam shook, and a large lump of ash fell right into their food. She squinted her eyes and swept condescendingly over these smelly men with terminal straight cancer, noble as an inviolable goddess. Several Afghans had never seen such a ferocious woman in their lives, and they all looked at each other. Mark said to Jamil, "Village chief, can I give you a suggestion?" Jamil nodded. Mark said, "You can mess with anyone, but don't mess with this devil." “……” Walking outside, Nan Yan caught up with him and said, "fancy, thank you for taking it out on me." Fan Xi shook his head. "It's not for you. There's no need to flatter yourself." Nan Yan knew that her face was cold and her heart was warm, so she did not argue, but she was very grateful to her in her heart. Fan Xi has always been cold, do not like to set the relationship with people, so Nan Yan and she took a few words, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,75 smart board, can not go on. Hot sun, but the wind is also strong, so a blow, but also do not feel hot. Fan Xi stood on the hillside and looked into the distance. At the foot of the mountain, there is a large poppy field, which is the time for flowers to bloom, a sea of red flowers, rippling like a wave. Beautiful, but full of poisonous flowers. She stood watching for a while and took out her cell phone from her pocket. In this broken place, she couldn't get on the Internet without a signal, and she couldn't even make a phone call. She took a selfie, but it was so close that her face was only half. I'll take it for you. Fan Xi looked up, and it was Mark. He handed over his cell phone and said thank you. Mark looked at the camera, then at her, and asked, "Do you want to pose?" As soon as Fan Xi raises the eyebrow, the domineering side leaks the tunnel, "so long as in the lens has me, any movement is the posture." Mark had nothing to say but to give her thumbs up. He took a picture of a person smiling and a scarf fluttering in the wind. She was right, and a casual pose was enough to make people fall. Mark shook his hand and couldn't help taking another picture of her before returning the phone to her. What are you doing here when you don't eat with those people? Then Mark remembered his purpose and said, "I left you a plate of food. Would you like to eat some?" Fan Xi didn't even lift his eyes. Mark knew she was still angry and said, "The boss can't help it. We're doing business with Jamil. We have to make do with them." "Mark." He hum when he heard her call him. I'm not mad at you. You don't have to explain. “……” Mark said, "Then go to dinner.". Aren't you hungry after a busy morning? She turned her head. "Let Nils come.". ” Mark sighed. "What's the matter with you two?"? Just talk to each other. Why are you competing with each other like this? Fan Xi snorted, "who looks at him?" Mark said, "We're not blind. We're all watching.". If you don't look at each other, who is full and always argues when nothing happens? She doesn't talk. Mark hesitated to speak, but when he thought about it, he couldn't hold back the gossip. "Fancy, in fact, Nils is a warm man." Warm man? Fan Xi burst out laughing, except that the place is hot, where else is warm? "I don't see it.". I think he's a mountain, an iceberg. Mark couldn't help explaining to his boss, "Well, that's the wrong way you're getting along with him!"! You have to be nice and gentle to him, and the iceberg will melt. Fan Xi looked up at him and said, "I think you melted." Embarrassed by her, Mark scratched his head and said, "I'm serious." Fan Xi hum, "I know." Know but still do not go, to wait here for Nils to make do with her, Mark looked at her is helpless, had to go back to help her message. The wind filed in and made his ears hurt. Fan Xi was so annoyed that he simply pulled down the scarf of Baotou. A big curly hair, blown by the wind, black hair reflects the blue sky and white clouds behind, the visual contrast is very strong. There was a sound of footsteps behind her, and her heart swayed to know that Nils was coming. Nils walked over to her and stood side by side with her, each of them silent for a moment. Fan Xi wanted to light a cigarette, but the wind was too strong to light it, so he simply stopped. Nils glanced at her, took a lighter out of his pocket, walked up to her, and blocked the fierce wind with his body. Smoke finally lit,65 inch smart board, Fan Xi took a deep breath, just opened his mouth, the smoke was blown away by the wind.

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