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Be unique in the world Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 6h27   Ressources humaines   Saint-Louis   165 vues Référence: 210
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It is also a rare opportunity for Ye Xu to see the remains of such a battle, which can not help but enhance his vision and insight, but also allow him to have a deeper understanding of the road and the magical power of the Tao! Before long, Ye Xu arrived at his destination. The magnificent platform he had "seen" stood in the misty void, opening up a unique time and space that people could see from a distance, but it was extremely difficult to fly into it. Without the strength of the God King, he could not do it! In addition to the brand of yuanshi Heavenly King, there is also a figure left by the ancestral gods, which is also extremely strong and can keep pace with yuanshi Heavenly King. The figures of the two men have been here for millions of years, but their breath and momentum have not diminished at all, as if they had just left. Unfortunately, these two beings should not have arrived here at the same time, but did not fight. Ye Xu sighed, in the heart very much hoped that pulls out these two existence from the grave, lets them fight, lets oneself observe. He noticed that outside the altar, there were a lot of overbearing breath, watching from a distance, but it was the demon God in the tomb of heaven, a total of more than ten, the breath was extremely powerful, some even more overbearing than Ye Xu himself, extremely terrible. But even such a strong demon God, also just watch from a distance, try to figure out the two ancient existence left behind the road breath, understand the mood and road of the predecessors. It's not that they don't want to enter the altar,Inflatable meltdown, watch and comprehend closely, but that not everyone can go to watch and comprehend the brand of the Great Way of the Heavenly King of yuanshi, which is impossible for the Demon God in the Heavenly Tomb. Because these demon gods are born gods, they practice in the tomb of heaven, and the aura they absorb is deeply infected with the demon nature. When they meet the brand of the Great Way of the Heavenly King of yuanshi, they will be purified by the demon nature and wash away their magical powers, leading to the loss of all their cultivation! yuanshi Heavenly King is no small matter, the strongest Emperor of Heaven through the ages, and the brand of the road left by his emperor is not what the God King can contend with! For the God King of Heaven,Inflatable water obstacle course, it is also impossible to enter the altar, because the ancestral gods have been there, leaving their own figure. If they go, they will certainly be assimilated by the brand of the road left by the ancestral gods, eliminating their cultivation and shattering their mood! Only the emperor and the demon emperor are qualified to enter there, but they will also be crushed by the shadow and breath left by the two ancient beings, which is not worth the loss. Ye Xu paused for a moment, then his figure flashed into a streamer and went straight to the altar. Someone else went to die. A demon God with a chicken head and a phoenix tail suddenly found Ye Xu's figure. He giggled and said, "This boy is not weak, but he is asking for his own death. He will surely die later and fall into the endless abyss!" "Most of them are demons born in the other heavens outside the Great Luo Heaven. They are so bold that they don't know whether they are alive or dead. Don't remind them." Another demon God, tall and burly, with a mane all over his face and shaped like a black boar, chuckled and said, "When this boy dies later, let's salvage his corpse. With his corpse, we can also refine one or two magic weapons!" "Eh?"? The boy is close to the altar. Why isn't he dead yet? A demon God was surprised. Ye Xu was getting closer and closer to the altar, and he felt two completely different roads rolling over him at the same time. He immediately ran the Pan Wang Kai Tian Jing, and his body shook. He saw two strong roads, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Jumping castle with slide, one pouring into his body, the other into his primordial spirit. Suddenly, the road between heaven and earth roared, shaking through the sky, tens of millions of miles away, and everywhere sounded the sound of the road! His whole body is shining, penetrating the void, like a God and demon coming out of the ancient time and space, half of them are gods, half of them are demons, proving the eternal and present, giving people a very shocking feeling! The next moment, Ye Xu fell on the altar, facing the two strongest beings in the past and present. Chapter 930 the Orthodoxy of Heaven and Earth. Ye Xu stood on the altar, which was the place where the Heavenly King of yuanshi offered sacrifices to heaven. The place chosen was wonderful. It should be the center of Daluotian, not only the center of the earth, but also the center of the four poles. Below the altar was an endless abyss, and Ye Xu could not see clearly what was in the abyss. The altar was far less calm than it looked outside, and as soon as Ye Xu came here, he felt two different avenues swaying on the altar, competing with each other. Ye Xu is in the center of the two kinds of breath, but there is no sense of cramping, but the two kinds of road in his perfect combination. His physical body corresponds to the path of the ancestral deity, and his primordial deity senses the thirty-three days of the primordial heavenly king and blends with the path of the primordial heavenly king. He is like a demigod, quietly in the middle of two peerless beings. The shadow of the Heavenly King of yuanshi stands in the center of the altar, looking up at the sky, with thousands of verve on his head, turning into a word of "sacrifice", and a feeling of sorrowful remembrance arises spontaneously. Ancestor God, on the other hand, stood outside the altar, seemingly disdaining to mount the altar. His purple hair was flying, domineering and energetic, which was diametrically opposed to the momentum of yuanshi Heavenly King. "The word'sacrifice 'of the Heavenly King of yuanshi is really wonderful." Ye Xu looked up at the word "sacrifice" composed of verve, which seemed to reveal the mystery of witchcraft and witchcraft treasures, so that the more he studied, the more he gained, as if it contained endless knowledge! He did not look much, but his eyes fell on the body of the ancestral God, only to see the most ancient demon God, but the whole body charm is not exposed, the body charm is condensed to the extreme, like an iron plate. Although there is no trace of the road, but the ancestral God gives people a sense of unfathomable mountains, as if he is the road, the body has its own heaven and earth to open up, its own world. The Great Way refines the true body, takes itself as the Tao, proves the Tao with the body, creates the world in the body, and forms the Great Way itself. Ancestor God is really awesome! Why, there is a word at the foot of the ancestral God! Ye Xu suddenly saw at the foot of the ancestral God, there was a "seal" word, but the handwriting was blood-red, but it was written in his own blood, domineering publicity, like the ancestral God himself. A word of sacrifice,large inflatable water slide, a word of sealing, the heavenly king of yuan Shi and the ancestral gods, what on earth are they doing?

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