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Beast Blood Boils _ Jingguan _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

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Liu can only feel in his heart that he is lucky to carry it to his grandmother's home. In order to covet an old war tree, the old swan waited here until he appeared, which made him a little depressed. According to Liu, a guy full of obscene thoughts, Mourinho probably had an affair with these bird-wing ballista brigades and the drow elves who manipulated the ancient trees of war before he took them in. The drow is a matrilineal social structure, and the main positions are all female elves. If it weren't for this, how could the swan handsome old man preach the doctrine of shamanism so brightly? The bird-wing ballista is really a good thing. No wonder you stayed here for so long. The shooting range of this thing is not easy to control, if it is too far. The serrated moon blade will float. But as long as it is used properly, it is absolutely a sharp weapon to defend. "I used to play the bird-wing ballista," Liu said with the eyes of an expert. "I was transferred by the Dorot's space magician Fran in time and space during the battle of defending the earth. Although the winding speed of this thing is relatively slow, if there is a strong man in charge of it. This kind of ancient weapon will have a very overbearing effect, and the dragon will also retreat. "If these babies were not good, I would not have stayed here for so long. I wonder if Mother Drow would regret it after I left." Mourinho snapped his fingers at the human magician in the distance. The magician nodded knowingly and went to the inner city of Misobrada with another follower, the human swordsman. It seemed that he had gone to inform Mourinho that he had decided to kidnap the elves. The chief priest of the swan turned to Liu and said with a smile, "My fire magician is already a wizard. Without this level,x60 line pipe, I really can't use the damn'Return Scroll '. Otherwise, it's really hard to take these treasures away this time. I still have to envy you. A magic transport array is more straightforward than anything else." "Give me a bird-wing ballista, and I'll study the structure and give it back to you." Liu shook his eyes and said that he had a prehistoric giant flea. Nedved's long bow only extracted one flea hamstring, and there were five flea hamstrings. The sister-in-law was alone, lonely and empty. Research? Ha ha, this elf weapon is said to be a unique internal gear structure,x52 line pipe, even if there are skilled craftsmen, I am afraid it is impossible to imitate, not to mention the prehistoric giant flea is not easy to find, I advise you not to move this idea. It doesn't matter. It's nothing to give you a bird-wing ballista. Mourinho looked at Lao Liu for a long time and smiled magnanimously: "With a large number of mineral deposits at the bottom, your Razor Hill blacksmith workshop will produce weapons and armor in the future. Just remember that I will take care of you today." Seeing my strength now, even the tone of my voice has changed. Liu shock can't help laughing in the bottom of my heart, don't know if the chief priest adults know that he has difeng giant to join, Feilengcui now has far beyond the conventional level of military research and development, but also will soon have mechanical Gao Cen to join, don't know the chief priest adults also reluctant to give a bird-wing ballista to himself. There are always unexpected factors that the Swan Priest failed to calculate. Maybe Mourinho will be able to know the coveted diamond-like cost performance of the Typhon Giant by staying in the Boer tribe for a few more days. What is more interesting to Liu is that if, as Master Puskas said, x52 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, the place where the dumb moon landed happens to be the Sanggan River, then if he occupies this floating city that can fly in the air, then who can threaten Feilengcui in the future? When the time comes, even if Mourinho tries his best to put the underground elves at the foot of the snow mountain, how can he hold me? Think about these, Liu shock feel is not very bad, anyway, those cheap oneself also occupy not all, to the old swan occupy also just, as for these fallen elves, the number of people again can how, also dare to risk the world's condemnation, in Beamon's territory, to a Beamon sacrifice war? Don't forget that the drow will give away eight hundred two-headed chimeras! With their huge bodies, carrying the takin warriors with boomerangs, even though they are a million miles away from the hawk-bull warriors in terms of long-distance running and mobility, they may not suffer losses in fixed defense, right? Although magic is not good, but with the strong physical power of these Chimera and the curved blade of the takin warrior, positional warfare is absolutely an insurmountable fortress, plus the three combinations of Gran, Flamingo and Pegasus, even if all the bat knights of the blood elves come up, what can they do? If the dark elves know that the air force of the surface world is so weak today, but also gave these two-headed chimeras to themselves, I wonder if they will regret vomiting blood? Liu shook viciously trying to figure out the expressions of these dark elves in the future, with a brilliant smile on his face. It's time for me to go. I have to take advantage of the absence of Mother Youyue to slip my feet quickly. Mourinho's cheerful voice interrupted Liu's shock. Liu shock along the eyes of the chief priest adult twist to see, see four two-headed chimera in the elf knight's drive, flapping huge meat wings, with a cable will be four bird wing ballista slowly unloaded from the air to the gate position, a war by the side of the bridge of an ancient tree issued a huge wooden groan. The root legs of two five thick wooden whiskers were pulling up the soil like radishes, and earthworms and centipedes were crawling around in panic in the wet soil. Fei Luo, who was chatting in the distance, was startled to look at the ancient war tree walking like a man, and the elf guards on the wall looked a little confused at the ancient war tree and the bird-wing ballista at the door. I wish you success in participating in the fall ceremony! Mourinho nodded to Liu and jumped nimbly onto the drawbridge. Hold on Liu shook his hand and shouted, "The magic coordinates of your return scroll must be in the mansion of the southwest province. Where can I find you to ask for the bird-wing ballista?"! Deliver the goods on site! Ten minutes later,uns s31803 sheet, the earth trembled with the cries and curses of the moon's mother. Fiction ^ txt-days. Don Chapter one hundred and fifty watcher audition. The dark elves who believe in meanness and conspiracy have been underground for more than ten thousand years in vain. Since the two Beamons stepped into the city of Menzobrada, in a short period of one day, even the Emperor Boro on the surface of the earth.

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Beast Blood Boils _ Jingguan _ txt Novel Paradise