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Big president, little wife! Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h44   Menuiser Métallique   Fatick   154 vues Référence: 226
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Hailan almost couldn't help swearing. How can Yunshan have the nerve to use this kind of brain-damaged and bloody means only in TV series? Yunshan's tears fell down, as if injured, "Sister, I am your sister, ah, I just want to make up with you, you." "Yunshan-" Wei Zhijie, who came to find Yunshan, suddenly saw this scene and became angry in an instant! 1006. No Chapter 1006 Hailan is actually the mistress? He rushed over to hold Yunshan and looked at Hailan angrily. "Hailan, how can you do it to Yunshan? She's your sister!"! How could you do that to her?! In Wei Zhijie's opinion, it was Hailan who bullied Yunshan. Because just now he saw that Hailan pushed Yunshan away, and Yunshan's face was so pale and pitiful that tears came out, so it was not Hailan who bullied her! I didn't expect Hailan to become so scheming and terrible. Wei Zhijie thought that the blackening of Hailan was all because of him. He helped Yunshan up and scolded Hailan angrily. Hailan, if you have any resentment, just come to me! What is it that you always bully Yunshan? Yunshan didn't do anything wrong. Why do you always target her? And we have long ended, I love the person is Yunshan, I do not love you, why do you always do not let us go? Hailan, I didn't expect you to become like this, you really let me down! But I tell you,plastic bottle making machine, no matter how you pester, I will not choose you, I do not love you, do you hear, so please give up! Wei Zhijie's voice was so loud that it attracted people around him. And everyone heard what he said. Suddenly a lot of people are staring at them to watch the fun, everyone recognized the three of them, that is, the three protagonists who made a lot of noise some time ago. They have always thought that Wei Zhijie and Yunshan are guilty,juice filling machine, but after listening to Wei Zhijie's words, it seems that Hailan is not very innocent. Hailan glanced around and saw Wen Jingheng coming with a sharp breath. She looked back at Wei Zhijie lightly, "Mr. Wei, I think you misunderstood, don't say I like you, I don't even care to look at you more?" Wei Zhijie's face stagnated. "In that case, why do you always bully Yunshan?" He said in shame? Yunshan and I really love each other, but you are jealous and hate her, hurt her again and again, are these all false? "I'm jealous of her?" As if hearing an international joke, Hailan said, "Why should I be jealous of her because of you?"? Wei Zhijie, you think too highly of yourself. Wei Zhijie was even more embarrassed by what she said, and he was going to ignore it. He wants everyone to see the true face of the sea blue! He can't let Yunshan suffer the misunderstanding of the world any more. He wanted to tell everyone that he and Yunshan were true love and that they had not betrayed Hailan. Hailan, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,PET blow moulding machine, Yunshan and I didn't want to tell the truth and hurt you. But now that you have become like this, I can't stand it any more. To tell you the truth, the only person I love is Yunshan. I was forced to be with you at the beginning. Now that Yunshan and I are together, we have also suffered the abuse of the world. Would you please stay away from us? "Zhijie brother, you do not say, please do not say, sister will be more sad.". Let's go, don't say it. Yunshan prayed to hold him, crying that is a sad and pitiful, compromise. Coupled with Wei Zhijie's unbearable expression on Hailan, it really makes everyone wonder if Hailan is actually the mistress? Could it be that she took away her sister's lover and was dumped now, so she bullied her sister with a grudge? After all, Yunshan is crying so pitifully. Wei Zhijie dares to say in public that the sea blue is not right, that should be the sea blue is not right. 1007. No Chapter 1007 she is my wife. Rumors are like this, as long as both sides stick to their own opinions, people will not see right and wrong. Even if the evidence of Wei Zhijie's derailment is appropriate, as long as he bites back the sea blue, the masses who do not know the truth will have doubts. At least at this moment, the people watching the scene of bustle had doubts. Wen Jingheng, who had been silent all the time, suddenly opened his mouth in a low and cold voice, "Mr. Wei, what is the misunderstanding that makes you think my wife is jealous of this young lady because of you?"? What is the misunderstanding that makes you think my wife likes you and has been pestering you? I'm really confused. How can you be so bloody? I don't think my wife needs to be jealous of you, does she? Suddenly heard Wen Jingheng's words, Wei Zhijie froze, Yunshan also froze! Many people present were stunned. What is Wen Jingheng talking about, his wife? Who Wei Zhijie is even more incredible, "Hailan is your wife?!" Wen Jingheng put his arm around Hailan's shoulder with a cold look. "Yes, she is my wife.". We love each other. I really don't understand why she pestered you. Are you married? Impossible! Wei Zhijie's ugly face retorted, he did not know why he wanted to retort, "I just broke up with Hailan, how did you get married?" Yes, why did Director Wen marry Hailan? Why don't they know any news? Wen Jingheng smiled, "You failed Hailan. She gave up on you on the day of the engagement banquet.". Such a good woman, you do not know how to cherish, but I know! I respect her, love her, cherish her, and wish I could marry her soon. So we got married recently, and I think if I can understand my heart, it's not a problem how long we know each other before we get married. Hai Lan also looked at Wei Zhijie lightly and said, "Now do you believe that I have no feelings for you and no interest in pestering you?"? Wei Zhijie, I'm really curious, which eye did you see me pestering you? Wei Zhijie's face became very ugly in an instant. Hailan is really married to Wen Jingheng! They got married like this. The woman he dumped, the woman he thought would be sad for a long time because of him, married in a twinkling of an eye. That man or Wen Jingheng,bottle blowing machine, the whole C city business and political circles want to curry favor with the man ah! If she had found another man, he would not have felt anything, but it turned out to be Wen Jingheng. It had to make him feel that he had been slapped in the face.

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