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Bitch treatment expert [wear quickly] Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 6h38   Peintre   Saint-Louis   159 vues Référence: 156
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Song, come on, fly, you pair of trash!!!! Love my song! Today is also a day to eat fat and vomit!!!! You and promise are a pair of pure 24k dog men and women made in heaven!!! Ma Jianguo. Even if he is naked, he will protect you. This is absolutely true love. Marry him quickly! You two must not come out to harm others again! Ew! As far as you are good and weak, am I alone? I think since Shi Ge broke up with Promise, Promise and Tang Xia's love is not derailed, right? Grilled Flammulina velutipes Oh, you are alone. The audio that promised to wait for Shige can still be found on the Internet. Shige did not beg him to chase him. He pretended to be deeply in love on the surface, but secretly went to bed with the so-called good brother. He also admitted that he had not loved Shige for six years. Six years of derailment is not derailment? You are so weak. Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae Loquat Paste arranges every word of Flammulina velutipes! It is strongly suspected that "only you are excellent" is the trumpet of dog men and women! …… Tang Xia was so angry that she jumped to her feet. She poked the screen heavily with her finger and quit the "You are excellent" microblog. It was still uncomfortable to think about it. She simply uninstalled the microblog. Out of sight, out of mind. Don't worry, the net friend is forgetful, as long as there are other big stories, your matter will soon be over. Jiang Wen comforted her. As soon as Tang Xia was on the hot search today, she immediately came to see her. Shi Ge left Huayue, Dong Keke was terminated, and Jiang Wen's popularity was still in the middle and lower reaches. A few weeks ago, her agent said that it had been decided that she would be eliminated in the next program. Since the broker is unreliable, she can only rely on herself. Most of the people she knows are not as good as her. The only one who is stronger is Tang Xia. Although Tang Xia is not famous now, she has also acted as the female number one in movies and TV dramas. Jiang Wen continues to say "and the netizen comes to scold you,outdoor ficus tree, your heat also went up.". Isn't "Princess Raiders" on early next month? As long as you play well, are you afraid you won't explode? She paused. "Or are you not confident in your acting?" "Of course I'm confident!" When Jiang Wen mentioned her acting skills, Tang Xia thought of last night's song. She seemed eager to prove something. Her smooth nails were heavily embedded in her palm. "I made all the films this time. The director also praised me for saving a lot of money for the crew." "That's not the end." Jiang Wen smiled mysteriously. "The audience doesn't care about gossip. What they want is a wonderful play. When the play is broadcast, your acting skills crush the song. What are you worried about?" She has not seen the film of "Dream Back to the Flourishing Tang Dynasty", and she is sure that when the song and a group of TV emperors act as a party, once the play is broadcast, it will definitely be sprayed into a sieve by the audience. So what if it's pitiful? Shi Ge still has no acting skills. Will she improve her acting skills? "No." …… Yes Tang Xia took a deep breath,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, "last night was just a coincidence, and when the play was broadcast, she showed her true colors!" Jiang Wen didn't understand, "What happened?" "Nothing.". You sit down for a while and I'll go to the kitchen to see if the meal is ready. Tang Xia got up and went to the kitchen. At the door, she saw Promise holding a spoon in a daze. The boiling soup made the glass lid click. She said, "Promise, the soup is ready." Promise suddenly come to his senses, he quickly turned off the fire, back reluctantly pull the corner of the lips, "hungry?"? The meal will be ready soon. Tang Xia noticed that he looked wrong and frowned, "You were just thinking about the song, right?" “……” Promise was hit in the heart, and his face turned white. He was really thinking about the time song. From the accident to the present, what he thought most was not how he would be reviled, silk olive tree ,artificial plant wall panels, not what influence Tang Xia would have, but the look in his eyes. Broken, desperate, no longer have his eyes. He squeezed the spoon. "I'm sorry for her." "What are you sorry for her?" Tang Xia gritted his teeth. "She came to the door with a reporter, obviously prepared.". Promise, she has been playing with you, you can quickly put away your overflowing love. Promise did not answer, he opened the soup pot, to the outside of the soup, "quickly wash your hands, immediately meal." "Humph." Tang Xia discontented "hum" sound, shook hands to go to the bathroom. On the other side, comforting phone calls came in one after another, and she had no way to concentrate on the code words, so she had to turn them off. Now that the drama is over, she and Xu Yaling have asked for half a month's leave, one is for a few days of postgraduate preliminary examination, the other is to prepare for the next story. Now the story line in the book has changed because of her intervention, but the general direction will not be wrong. Tang Xia will start writing the film script next year. The story is very wonderful. At the beginning, the song was conceived behind closed doors for three months. I don't know how much weight my hair lost before I wrote it. She had to come up with a story that was better than the one she had thought of before. In other words, she now wants to defeat herself in the past. Song turned on the computer and began to write the outline, which was written until the evening, until her stomach kept growling, she realized that she had not eaten for a day. She saved the document and took her cell phone to order takeout, but after looking around, she couldn't find the beef noodles she ate last night. Last night's beef noodle soup was sweet, the noodles were strong and refreshing, and there was a lot of beef! As soon as Shi Ge thought about it, she was so greedy that she went out armed to the teeth, wearing a hat and scarf. It was still raining today, and there were few people on the road. When the song arrived, because it was more than ten o'clock in the evening, there were only a few guests in the shop, and the barbecue stand next to it was very lively. Shi Ge still ordered beef noodles in clear soup without scallions. She is now one of the protagonists of the scandal. She gathered her scarf and chose the innermost position. In the middle of eating, someone came again. The boss was very familiar with the visitor. As soon as he came in, the boss greeted him cheerfully, "Teacher Tang, it's so late today." "Mmm." A deep voice with a warm smile. Teacher Tang? The man from yesterday? When the song finds time to look up. Not far away, I saw a thin tall and straight man standing at the counter, the man turned his back to her, she could only see him in a gray windbreaker, and he was holding a transparent umbrella with a long handle, she remembered yesterday was a red umbrella. Although only the back, but when the song can see the man at most 26, seven years old,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, nearby is the university town, the boss called him a teacher, is it a university counselor? It can't be a university lecturer. So young.

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