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Blood gladiolus heart Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h44   Gardiennage   Dakar   99 vues Référence: 227
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On the morning of the second day, Qi Youluo, who had come back to pay his respects, and Wen Jun's peerless appearance in China caused a sensation in Baokang City and Meichun Bing's family is well-off, and his family background is from a famous family. He was the second Jinshi in the sixth year of Gaokui Xianzhi, and he was the first in Baokang. A person who won the honor of "Jinshi Di", Wen Jun himself, although not enrolled in school, is not qualified to wear a Confucian shirt, but Tao It is difficult for Mr. Xue to learn from others, but he can't stop Wen Jun's profound knowledge, one by one, and laments that the younger generation can Fear. The scholar Lin Kuangsheng Huangfujie is extremely talented. How can his disciples be so bad? So Wen Jun became the reward of the elders. Object, his inquiry gentle, such as Zhilan Gongshu's demeanor, has become the protagonist of admiration in the streets and lanes. At that time, the lucky students in the school, because the court valued literature and despised martial arts, took stereotyped articles as the criteria for selecting scholars. All of them were so skinny that they buried their heads in eating eight-legged leaves. Compared with Wen Jun's magnificent figure of more than seven feet, they looked like little devils. Meet Jin Gang, out of proportion, the beauty of love is there, to say that love is a beauty who has talent but is a sick ghost. I'm afraid I won't. There are many beauties who love heroes. Wen Jun went in and out of Baokang to pay a visit, and secretly lifted it. Niuniu can't say no. This kind of handsome man, Doctor Wei, is not married yet. Why don't you catch him as soon as possible? No wonder Those parents whose daughters have just grown up in my family run to Mei's house vigorously. A day of busy social intercourse, Wenjun does not care, Mei Chunbing can not stand, if not Wenjun in the ancient cave to take royal jelly Make him a drink. He can't handle it. In the afternoon, the servant came to report,liquid bottle filling machine, "Dong Yanping, the master of the jade ape, came back to pay his respects to Mr. Mei." It is known to all that Mei Wenjun, the little overlord, beat the Dongfang brothers so angrily that he ran away from home. All for this matter in the heart of guilt, Cuiyuan host home in the building high courtyard deep, extremely Feng and the outside world, round do not leave outside this. And the host is rarely at home, these years, the two sides have never been in the past, only on the way to meet,juice filling machine, slightly nodded and asked. Just fine. Yesterday, the father and son of the Mei family came to pay their respects. The owner of Cuiyuan happened not to be at home, so the father and son left a post to pay their respects Back, I didn't expect him to come back suddenly. Wen Jun had already found out the root of the master of Cuiyuan, and had fought for his life to the Oriental brothers. He knew that the two brothers had He left with the devils of Yinshan Mountain, so he came to visit him. He knew that Dongfang was an old Jianghu, so he was very careful to avoid exposure. Zang, slightly dressed, came out with his father, and Dongfang Ping came on foot with a healthy servant and a full face of spring breeze. The father and son bowed to each other to welcome the guests. Mei Chunbing said with a smile, "Ying Changgong moved the jade in his wish, and the splendor gave birth to splendor. Later, it was not clear." Please forgive me for paying your respects. Dongfang Pingbiao's word is Yingchang, so Chunbing called him Yingchang Gong. Wen Jun also came forward to salute him and said respectfully, "Dongfang Dongbo Wan An, my little nephew Wen Jun, I have been greeting you for a long time, old." Bo Hai Han. The light in Dongfang Ping's eyes had already gone. He bowed back, lifted his beard and smiled. He looked at Wen Jun and said. "Brother Chunbing," he said, Beverage packing machine ,PET bottle Mold, "congratulations. Your son has been missing for more than four years. He has suddenly returned safely. He looks like five trees facing the wind. It's gratifying." Congratulations. "My good nephew," he said to Wen Jun, "if it weren't for the eyes on your face, I wouldn't dare to be outside. Recognize each other. Smiling, Chunbing let the guest sit down in the court. Wenjun stood beside him. The servant went into the book to drink tea. Chunbing opened the conversation box. "The eldest son returned home a few days ago," he said. "How can I pay my respects to the Supreme Mansion? Brother Shiyu has not returned from the mansion. If you can't wait, My elder brother is not stingy to move the jade to live in a humble abode, and he is ashamed of himself. "The brothers rushed back from Jingzhou and learned that Lang An had returned to his hometown, so they came to congratulate him." Then he said to Wen Jun, "Xian!" Nephew, you haven't been happy for many years. "My little nephew traveled all over the world and went to academies all over the country to pay his respects to famous scholars. Unfortunately, he stayed here for four years, but he still failed in his studies.". Easy to teach The old man laughed. "You disappeared suddenly four years ago. How worried are you? My good nephew, if you can return home safely, so can I." Peace of mind. My nephew and I were ignorant at that time, and I hurt my two brothers, Ying Qun, by mistake. Thanks for not investigating. My little nephew Ming felt ugly, but he didn't know Ying. How are the two brothers now. ” With a deep sigh, Dongfang Ping said sadly, "The two of them have been away from home for years, and so far they have heard a lot of news, and now they are born." Death is hard to predict. It's so worrying. I know people all over the world, but no one knows their message. It's also strange. The second time for the little girl to marry Bian to Jingzhou line, I can't think of that I have seen them in Hanzhong instead, strange is the time To this day, they have not returned home. Wen Jun did not make a sound, he could not reveal the inside story, but Chunbing said: "Congratulations to my brother, it is said that the order yuan Xing will be far away in Jingzhou, and I don't know which son Lang has such a good fortune? "That's the Xu family in Changhu, Jingzhou. My daughter is living in the home of her relatives and friends in Jingzhou. My brother will come to Jingzhou at the beginning of next month." At the end of the ceremony, the wedding date was originally set for the tenth day of the day before yesterday, but Xu's in-laws, in order to take advantage of Xiao Xiao, had a big storm because of their grandson. Had to postpone the wedding ceremony to the beginning of next month, brother for this matter, greatly upset. As soon as he said this, Wen Jun's heart was beating wildly. There was no doubt that Dongfang Yu would become his adopted sister-in-law, because Sun Fa The big storm, obviously refers to the foster sister Yanzhi, can it be said that she caused any trouble? Listen to the tone of Dongfang Ping, it is not his two brothers who make waves, then, it is the Kunlun faction. Play tricks in it? Remembering the attack on the holy path of the sword, he had expected five or six minutes, but he was irritable for a while and wanted to insert it. Wings flew to the long lake to see what was going on. Fortunately, Dongfang Ping did not pay attention to his expression, and continued to say: "The world's most famous people, Bibi." Yes, this kind of person is really disgusting, but my future son-in-law is satisfied with today, and the in-laws are also big and small. It's beyond reproach, but his three friends and four friends are all famous and famous people. But people really dare not today. Learn from it. Chunbing said with a straight face, "My friend is not like that. It's worse to pay attention to him. My brother can rest assured." "Of course, my brother can rest assured, but he just feels uncomfortable when he sees it." Three people also said some common things, Dongfang Ping got up to leave, Wenjun father and son sent out of the hospital, Dongfang patted Wen. "My good nephew," said Jun on the shoulder, "we live next to each other, and we seldom get close to each other. If you have time, please come to my house to help me. The friendship between you and me, now my children are far away from the knee,water bottling line, very lonely, come when you are free! My good nephew. "When my nephew is free, he should pay his respects and say hello to his aunt."

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