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Bound stone Emploi Plein temps

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"I understand," she interrupted, sobbing. "I understand, my mother, my father, Aunt Fang.. I want to live, I must live! I did not speak, my heart was blocked very uncomfortable, silently helping her wipe her tears. Fuyun hurriedly pushed me away: "No, no, dirty your clothes." I smiled. "It's all right." The floating cloud wiped away his tears, buried his head and whispered, "Sister, can you sing?"? Aunt Fang often sings to me. "Yes." I laughed. Two tigers, two tigers, Run fast, run fast; One has no ears, One without a tail, It's strange, it's strange. "Sister is fooling people!" Floating clouds smile, weak smile with sadness, but began to pretend to be strong. This doesn't count. Sing a good song. "Yes!"! Sing a duet! I turned around and saw Qianmei standing beside her with a girl,tin beneficiation plant, standing with her waist akimbo, looking like a group of female bandits. Only then did the floating clouds come to their senses and quickly lowered their swollen crying eyes. I cleared my throat and covered up the cloud. "Well, I'll sing again. Don't laugh at me." In fact, I am not very good at singing, but I have a friend who sings bel canto told me that beautiful singing is not for the euphemistic voice, but for the emotion it contains. Only the song that sings one's own heart is the most touching to others. In fact, I have my own songs I want to sing, and I always sing them to myself over and over again. Only the moon before spring is full of affection,Carbon in Pulp, and it is still a flower that leaves people. But really sing out, sing yourself to others, I do not know why, but my heart is very calm. The name of the song is "Qin injury". It always reminds people of a broken string, moaning to the moon over and over again. Looking at the candlelight Flashing sadness Who's waiting? Will I go? No more talking Light the incense to make a wish. Find the lost heart for a long time. A long way to the end of the world Lonely face Smile in the distance Light the incense to make a wish. Waiting for the lost heart for a long time. The sound of the piano is leisurely Float You're singing Ao Gu Na Ya Lei Ya Ao Gu Na Ya Lei Ya Ao Gu Na Ya A Ya A Ya A Ao Gu Na Ya Mei Ya A Na Ya A” At that time, the courtyard was quiet, the breeze was gentle, the sound of fine sand, the girl's steps were shaking gently, the earrings were tinkling, and the bitter winter as if there was no end to it finally returned. The sky is blue, the clouds are rolling, and the notes are scattered with the wind. After that, Qianmei Fuyun never wanted to hear me sing again. They said jokingly that I was tone-deaf, and they didn't want to hear such a voice any more; only Fuyun said honestly that she didn't want to hear it either, gold CIP machine ,Portable gold trommel, because the song was very sad and plaintive, like a crying flower. In fact, everyone knows and fears that this seemingly calm period is brewing what kind of storm, such a sad song, no one wants to listen to. Shrug your shoulders, don't make the golden cup empty to the moon, and be happy when you are happy in life. The days go on. 116 Me and Love The next night, when I was ready to change my clothes and go to bed, Qianmei suddenly sent a girl to call me. I thought something was wrong, so I put on my clothes and went with him. Stepping into her backyard, she saw that the lights were as bright as day, and there were hundreds of lanterns hanging in the yard. I was stunned. Qianmei jumped out with a smile and said something with a ghost smile, but I didn't hear a word clearly. Light The lantern. Floating water light.. I looked at Qianmei in a twinkling of an eye and felt like a lump in my throat: "." I, I.. Qian Mei poked me with her elbow: "As for it?"? I'm so happy. "This is.." I pointed to the winding courtyard. Qian Mei glanced at me, hesitated for a moment, and said, "My girls are beautiful." I nodded. "Beautiful." Qianmei pulled me back and forth in the lantern, everyone was elated, only I was in a trance. First moisten the inkstone to write orchid leaves, then move the evening lamp to paint pine plum.. Copying eyebrows and eyes, early to fade the lead, the stone bridge of the stream, who is still standing waiting for me. I felt that all this was like the beginning of a sweet plot, the devil with a lamp in the dark. Are these numerous and extremely exquisite palace lanterns made by a few maids? The more I looked, the more flustered I was. I left early and said I was really tired. I would come back tomorrow. Qianmei stared at me for a long time and finally let me go. I pushed open the door of the temple in a muddle and stepped out of half a foot. Suddenly, a fierce wind hit my neck. I was startled. I immediately woke up, but I had no time to reflect. There was a chill in my neck, a flash of firefly light, and a dagger was shot out and flying over my head. As soon as I turned my head, I saw Liuli pinching a man's neck with one hand, and his eyes were full of murderous look. Don't- "I exclaimed.". My exclamation failed to cover a crisp sound. Liuli crushed the man's throat with one hand. His body flashed, only to hear another scream behind me. I turned around and saw Liuli turn around. The man behind him immediately fell to the ground, twitched a few times, and then did not move. There was a spring under his body, gushing red blood. Panic. My eyes widened and I pointed at him. "You, how could you." Liuli's cold eyes glanced at me and raised his bloody finger to my neck. "You're hurt." "How can you." "My job is to protect you," he interrupted. "If you have any complaints, you can choose to terminate the protection, as long as you make up your mind." His eyes drifted, he smiled softly, and he moved away. Ah- "Qianmei and the girls heard the sound and came out to find out, only to see that I was standing next to two corpses.". Qian Mei rushed over and anxiously pulled me and asked, "Zhu Yan, how are you?" You're hurt! As soon as I reached out my hand and touched my neck, the knife cut my flesh, and as soon as I touched my hand, it took up blood. But at this time, "Pa" a light sound,mineral flotation, I and Qianmei heard, a thing fell from my body. Moyu? Lock love The jade lock fell to the ground, and there were two points of red blood on the ground.

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