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Bulk Capsule Toy Emploi Intérimaire

27 févr. 2023 à 1h34   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   76 vues Référence: 421
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Bulk Capsule Toy Plastic Egg Toy Capsules Product Details Name锛歅lastic egg toy capsules Material锛歊ubber/plastic Series锛歁SL3 Product size锛?x4 - 8x8 cm Product weight锛欰bout 40g Color锛欳olorful Packing锛歅E bag Player age锛歄ver 3 years old Use: Alone or pack into capsule Our plastic egg toy capsules are mainly plastic or rubber toys. Their main components are resin. It is a material with high molecular synthetic resin as the main raw material, adding auxiliary materials or additives, which is thermoformed under specified temperature and pressure and remains unchanged after cooling. According to different molds, it can be thermoplastic into different animal shapes, characters or vegetables and fruits. At the same time, the toner of the required color can be added to the raw materials according to the color matching for mixing, heating, and then put into the mold for forming. The formed toys can be cleaned, packaged and delivered after standing and cooling. Our plastic egg toy capsules are made of raw materials that meet the requirements of environmental protection. Babies can use them at ease. Our toys are made of soft plastic or rubber. There are no sharp edges on the surface of the toys. Don't be afraid of scratching the baby. Our plastic egg toy capsules can be given to people individually or as gifts for egg twisting machines. They have a variety of sizes to match egg twisting machines with a variety of diameters. Both adults and children have no resistance to toys. The twist game is suitable for anyone over the age of 3. The process of this game is the most attractive, and the toy is the reward after enjoying the process.Bulk Capsule Toy website:

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