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Burial place Xuanjing Emploi Plein temps

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When Hua Yang heard me say this, he was obviously very happy. He patted me on the shoulder and said to me with a smile, "It's really an old classmate. It's settled. I'll help you arrange it.". Now let's go out and have a good walk. I've heard of the name of the West Lake in Hangzhou for a long time. I didn't have time to come here before. Today is a rare opportunity. You can be a free tour guide for me for one day. Take me around first. Haha. Then he pushed me out of the hotel and ran to the West Lake Scenic Area. The next day, I came to the hospital early to see Jenny and a Bao. He also told them in detail what he had learned from Huayang about the "Ghost Land Inscription" on the ancient scroll in our hands. Jenny, they were all very excited after hearing this. Then I told them about my plan to go back to my alma mater with Hua Yang in the near future to visit Professor Cheng, whom I hadn't seen for many years, and to learn about the "domain inscription" from him. After listening, everyone expressed great support. Four days later, after Huayang's meeting in Hangzhou, I went back to our alma mater with him to visit Professor Cheng Zhongyi. But before we arrived at Professor Cheng's research Institute, Hua Yang suddenly received an urgent phone call. Listen to Hua Yang to say only: "Ah, I am Hua Yang, oh, Li Ke, how, what disappeared, how disappeared,outdoor whirlpool tub, report a case to the police?"? How did this happen? Okay, okay, I'll be right there. "What's the matter?"? Is it urgent? I asked. Hua Yang put down the phone with an anxious look. He looked at me and said, "Yes, just now Li Ke from the Institute called to say that Professor Cheng Zhongyi suddenly disappeared after last night.". Now let me rush to the Institute at once. "Huh?"? How did this happen? I was surprised, too,outdoor whirlpool, and murmured. Half an hour later, we arrived at the office building of the Institute of Archaeology where Professor Cheng worked. The office building of the Institute is a two-story building structure, with two offices in the north and south, and an old building with a corridor in the middle, which is estimated to be the product of the sixties and seventies. When Hua Yang and I arrived at an office on the north side of the second floor, Hua Yang introduced me to his colleague, Li Ke, who had just called him. Li Ke looks about twenty-four or twenty-five years old. She is quiet, delicate and beautiful. It is said that she is a talented graduate of Tsinghua University and a right-hand assistant of Professor Cheng. Under the introduction of Hua Yang, Li Ke shook hands with me to welcome me. Because of the sudden and urgent situation, we didn't bother to exchange a few words and immediately cut to the point. When did you find out that Professor Cheng was missing? Hua Yang asked with a frown. Last night, oh, garden jacuzzi tub ,whirlpool bathtub, or to be exact, it was this morning that Professor Cheng was officially found missing. Li Ke paused for a moment and then went on to say, "After work last night, all the other people in the Institute went home. Only Professor Cheng and Xiao Zhang, the data entry clerk, remained in the Institute.". Professor Cheng seemed to be sorting out those'ghost inscriptions' materials, while Xiao Zhang stayed in the office because he still had some manuscripts to enter. Later, I heard Xiao Zhang recall that when she went back after entering the data at about 8:30 in the evening, she saw Professor Cheng working in her office. But this morning, when everyone came to work, they found that Professor Cheng, who usually came to the Institute very early, did not come. And he didn't tell anyone in advance that he wasn't coming today. Later, when Professor Cheng made an appointment to meet two guests from other places today, he still did not show up. So someone called him, but no one answered the phone. When I called Professor Cheng's home, his family said that he had never been back last night. Only then did everyone realize the seriousness of the problem, so someone called the police. When Huayang and I heard what Li Ke said, we basically understood what had happened. Hua Yang frowned and said to himself, "It's strange. Where has Professor Cheng gone?". He is a very strict and meticulous person. If something urgent happens, he will at least call someone else or leave a note in the office. It's impossible to leave so quietly. ” As soon as I heard Hua Yang say this, I asked casually, "Did something happen so suddenly that Professor Cheng didn't have a chance to call or leave a note?"? By the way, like being kidnapped or hijacked or something. When Hua Yang heard me say this, he thought a little and then replied, "It should be impossible.". Although Professor Cheng has a little research funds on hand, he is an old scholar after all, not a rich and noble person. If someone wants to kidnap someone, they can't kidnap him. After listening to Hua Yang's words, Li Ke nodded and said, "Yes, kidnappers usually have two purposes to kidnap and take hostages.". One is for revenge, the other is for money. Professor Cheng is usually kind and aloof from worldly affairs. He is unlikely to have any enemies. Moreover, as Huayang said, he is not a rich man. There is no huge wealth in his family. How can someone kidnap him? "Yes, if I have to say that Professor Cheng has any wealth, I think it's only the profound archaeological knowledge in his mind." Hua Yang went on to say. But as soon as he said this, he seemed to realize something and opened his eyes wide. After listening to Hua Yang, I immediately realized this problem,outdoor endless pool, so I said first: "Yes, did the kidnappers kidnap Professor Cheng for the purpose of using Professor Cheng's profound archaeological knowledge?"? Use him to identify national treasures or find ancient relics. When Hua Yang heard me say this, they all nodded their heads to show that they agreed with my conjecture.

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Burial place Xuanjing