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Butterfly Cemetery _ Cai Jun Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h49   Menuiser Bois   Fatick   232 vues Référence: 200
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Shang Xiaodie pressed White Dew hard, as if her chest was very painful. Could it be a heart attack? But White Dew has no problems in this respect. She is still very healthy at ordinary times and has never been to the hospital for a year. What's going on? Tell me? The little butterfly whispered in White Dew's ear, and White Dew's mouth did not know what to say, as if it were some kind of ancient incantation. Mary, too, went to the bed and asked, "How terrible!"! Is she bewitched? At this time, White Dew's pain was even worse, her whole body convulsed violently, and her stomach rose and fell like a fish, as if it would dismember itself at any time! The little butterfly finally could not hold her down and was hit to the ground by White Dew's hand. White Dew leaned out of bed and opened her mouth to vomit. Song You turned his head in disgust, and only Xiaodie got up from the ground, still holding White Dew's body. Bai showed his face to the floor, his throat kept agitating, and finally he spat out. A worm. A worm came out of White Dew's mouth! With a pool of blood on the floor, the thick insects wriggled ugly, and then there was a scream from Mary. Tian Qiaoer was also frightened to fall to the ground, Song You continued to block his eyes and dared not look. Who would have thought that worms would come out of a person's mouth? Worm-The little butterfly watched helplessly as the worm, like a small snake, got into the crevice of the floor,Gear Reduction Motor, leaving only a pool of stinking blood. White Dew finally calmed down and lay down on the bed again, but her face was as pale as death. Tian Qiaoer and Manli fled back to their beds, and Shang Xiaodie, not afraid, threw herself beside White Dew and asked softly, "What's the matter with you?"? Shall I take you to the hospital? White Dew's eyes dimmed and she opened her mouth to say something, but her voice was so soft that the butterfly could only put her ear to her mouth. "Schoolbag.." The warehouse on the ground floor. Give it back to you.. Butterfly Cemetery.. Butterfly Cemetery. Butterfly finally heard the whisper of White Dew,12v High Torque Motor, the last two "Butterfly Cemetery", let her heart down to the freezing point, is White Dew really went? By this time White Dew had closed her eyes and her breathing had stabilized. Xiaodie wiped the corners of her mouth with a tissue, and now she seemed to be all right. She sat beside White Dew for more than ten minutes until White Dew gradually fell asleep. Then, Shang Xiaodie took a mop from the water room and wiped the stains on the floor clean. It's past midnight. The girls' dormitory continued to be as silent as death. I hope White Dew can have a good sleep. As for the worm that came from her body, let it live and die underground. The little butterfly turned off the light and went back to the bunk. Fear came to her body like a tide. Maybe a person who has just been to the "Butterfly Cemetery" is lying in the same room. The night slowly devoured her, and the insects wriggled under the floor. June 9, 7:40 a.m. Jin Lingzi called again. Song You was the first to be woken up. She jumped up and pushed Xiaodie on the upper berth. With a pale and bloodless face, she shouted, "It's so noisy!"! Why did you call again? Can your little worm be quiet? Everyone can't sleep because of it! Jinlingzi shouted more and more vigorously. Xiaodie quickly took out the small box in the drawer and covered Jinlingzi in her arms and said, "I'm sorry." "Wow, you don't always like this, every time you nod and say sorry, but still wake us up every day, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,Vending Machine Motor, our patience is limited!" Shang Xiaodie was blindfolded by what she said, and Song You said a long list again. Next to her, Mary got up, rubbed her eyes and said, "Don't make any noise. Don't make any noise. Let's have a good talk." Tian Qiaoer, the "school beauty" on the opposite side, continued to lie on the upper berth, calmly looking at the mess in the dormitory. The little butterfly hugged the insect in the box and said, "Jin Ling, Jin Ling, sister, would you please stop calling?" She said it to her bosom several times in succession, as if she were pleading. Suddenly, Jin Lingzi really stopped crying and quietly fell in the box, as if he understood the master's words. Song You's lips trembled a few times, no longer make a sound, lie down and continue to sleep, the girls' dormitory restored quiet. The butterfly put the golden bell back in the drawer, put on her glasses and climbed down the bed gently, only to find that the bed of White Dew was empty. Has White Dew got up? Shang Xiaodie dared to touch her bed, which was already cold, and it seemed that she had already left the dormitory. And White Dew's carry-on bag is also missing, where on earth did it go? What happened last night is still fresh in my memory. White Dew must have gone to some special place. As for whether it is the legendary "Butterfly Cemetery", only God knows! By the way, she still remembered that before White Dew went to bed, she had whispered to her: "Schoolbag.." The warehouse on the ground floor. Give it to you. What does that mean? Give her back her bag? Ground floor warehouse? Did White Dew put the red schoolbag back again? My heart tightened slightly, and I looked back at the other three girls in the dormitory, still immersed in sleep. Xiaodie put on a coat, took her mobile phone, and walked out of the dormitory gently. Quietly came to the corridor on the ground floor, the door of the small warehouse was still unclosed, she pushed the door in and turned on the light. The red schoolbag immediately plunged into the eyeball. Yes, it's still lying on the table, the mysterious schoolbag from Ghost Creek. It evaporated from here the day before yesterday afternoon. Shang Xiaodie took a deep breath and opened the dark red schoolbag. Sure enough, there are traces of being turned over inside, but it seems that there is nothing missing: English textbooks, classroom notes, "Desolate Village Apartment", napkins.. She opened the book of class notes first. Suddenly, something red popped out of the page. In the middle page of the notebook, there were four huge scarlet letters written on a whole page. *** Butterfly Gong Tomb Those four words again! The little butterfly's eyes seemed to be pricked, and she rubbed them for fear that they were her own hallucinations. But the four words "Butterfly Cemetery" are still very real, almost occupying the whole paper, arranged from top to bottom according to the traditional Chinese writing method, just like the inscription on the tombstone. Moreover,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, writing these four characters is red ink, each stroke is very thick, obviously written with a brush.

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