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When entering the celestial treasure of the Department of Stars, Qiankun Star Shuttle, Muyuan immediately noticed the incredible power of the abundant stars, which condensed many stars rolling in the void. He was extremely shocked by the open space and the number of stars. The stars of Zhou Tian hang high above the sky, and the spirit beasts of countless star powers run around. The dense starlight is like a big net, binding these rabbits and wolves, emitting amazing power. Above the ground, the mountains are high and the rivers are long, all things are competing, and the beautiful scenery everywhere is pleasing to the eye. Worthy of being a dragon clan, with a long history, this is a thing of heaven, much more powerful than my Yen Yang Shenguang Gourd. Nebula Xi did not hesitate to dial the time, with Muyuan two people together, leisurely hundred years of trance, Muyuan I do not know how many times under this seal hurt the vitality, and I do not know how many times to stand up again, finally completely the method of Xuanzang completely invaded. The rest is much simpler. The power of Xuanzang's n is greater as the number of simulated law arrays increases, and now the seal set by the masters of the four departments is even more mysterious, virtually adding to their own strength. Understanding the method of sealing turnover, Muyuan took out the mirror of Shura's destruction of the sky, and with a slight flash, he immediately broke into it, just like a cow, without any stagnation. The rain of stars in the sky, moistening things silently, broke in with the mirror light of Shura's mirror of destroying the sky Although understand the structure of the seal, but after all, with the seal of the magic realm is too big difference, wood yuan can only say that their access to freedom, want to break almost impossible, but now the nebula Xi mobilize the power of the sky, with the mirror light wandering, overwhelming, listen to the sound of "crackling" endless,Edible oil filling machine, flickering light group a little bit of flow, and finally collapsed A small group of green flames shrank in the center of the seal, like a candle in the wind, which seemed to go out at any time. With the scattered seals around, they suddenly rose sharply. A roll of blue flames quickly infected the power of the scattered seals, and all of them turned into green flames, which flew sharply and gathered again. Roar A roar is earth-shaking, the blue flame is like a pillar of fire burning in the sky, DN shaking in the sky. Trapped for a long time swallow dragon fairy, just born, then all the savings spread out, in one fell swoop to refine the body of immortality The green flames of dndn, one by one, like lnhu, rise and fall, and half the sky is green. Chapter 607 simulation of Biyan. Chapter 607 simulation of Biyan. Nebula Xi is now very glad that he did not make a move to obliterate the Dragon Fairy, and because he left him in the Star Department at the beginning, so now against Tianyunhuang, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,PET blowing machine, there are always some cards. At the beginning, the four dragons all grabbed a wisp of blue flame and wanted to understand the mystery, but it was because the two were too serious to understand in depth, not to mention that they could simulate the magic power of restraining their own race. "This guy, although at the beginning by Tianyunhuang abruptly strangled the promotion of the immortal body opportunity, in the moment of breaking the seal can instantly make up for it, is also a good luck." Swallowing dragon fairy two eyes are suffused with green dark light, two eyeballs drop to roll, looking at wood yuan and nebula Xi, cautious, and with a vague anger. "Don't look at me like this. I was forced by the Lord of the Four Parts, and I couldn't help it. Otherwise, you think I would give up such a natural beast as you so easily." Muyuan can also understand the other side's mind, he had borrowed its strength to defeat the dragon Niansheng, a change of hands and sold him to the dragon clan, who would be indignant. "Lord of the Dragon Clan?" Dragon Fairy stared at Nebula Xi, eyes flashing, "unexpectedly released me, what is the trick in the end?" "Nothing else, just borrow your strength." "I expect so, I'm hungry." The dragon swallowing immortal is also a shrewd character like a ghost. On second thought, he thought of one of the key orifices to release himself. He was bound to deal with the people of the dragon clan, and if he could let the Lord of a real dragon come forward, he would naturally deal with a great character. Now let's get some benefits first. Sealed for several years, the taste of the real dragon that haunted him made him hungry when he thought of it. Although Nebula Xi released the Dragon Fairy, it did not mean that she had any change in the face of the sky. Seeing his salivating appearance, she felt cold and wanted to fall out on the spot. In the nebula, swallow dragon fairy is just a means to deal with the cloud wasteland, if the road is impassable, the big deal is to fight into the dragon department with Lei Yunpo and Ying Yunyan, with the strength of three people, even if there is a whole tribe of the dragon department, it must be able to break "Even if there should be a dragon department and a thunder department, after all, it is not their own power, it is impossible to summon at any time and anywhere, but if you master the power of eating dragon blue flame, you will no longer be afraid to come to the Star Department to make trouble." See nebula surface is not good, wood yuan hurriedly sound. Nebula Xi eyes twinkle uncertain, this truth she did not understand, just see swallow dragon fairy such a pair of dragon clan appearance, things hurt its kind, involuntarily filled with anger. "You find a way." The purpose of two people is from the dragon swallow immortal body to push the practice of eating dragon blue flame, after all, although the dragon swallow immortal broke through the body of immortality, but this strength is still not enough to see, or to upgrade to the nebula Xi this level is enough Muyuan smiled, "I'll take you to a place where you can eat enough." At that moment, he stretched out his hand and carried the dragon swallowing fairy into the ring of stars. There are also three dragon kings who are firmly locked by the town magic stone in the star array of Zhou Tian. They are all powerful beings in the realm of blood rebirth. Muyuan naturally will not be stingy and let the dragon fairy eat. Long Niansheng naturally will not let him move, Mu yuan does not want to really face the violent state of Tianyunhuang. Into the Zhou Tianxing array, the Dragon Fairy was immediately transported to the place where the three Dragon Kings were suppressed. One side of the huge stone seal across the sky, the original simple and unadorned town magic stone is now falling out of thousands of brilliant light, dead to suppress the three dragon kings and dragon Niansheng below, can not move at all. The power of the town magic stone, far away spread out, although not aimed at swallowing dragon fairy,water filling machine, but also let him feel a burst of palpitations and chills. Originally because of the breakthrough of the immortal body and slightly proud of the swallow dragon fairy, the means of wood yuan once again feel awe, some small rebellious mind is also deeply buried at this moment.

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