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"Ladies and gentlemen, although this four-eyed viper is a little difficult to deal with, the material on its body is good, especially its poisonous elixir, which many medicine shops are rushing to buy.". After killing it, you can get at least several thousand Lingshi. I just don't know whether you want to cooperate or "Han Yufeng pretends to be neutral." Of course not! "" Gulong immediately stood up and said, "Didn't we agree last time?"? Let's have a competition to see who is the real burden! "Yes, so this time, it's better for us to make a move and let some rookies see how the masters play!" Xuanyu also followed with a sneer. Xiao Pang was furious and said, "No, why didn't I come first?"? Just a four-eyed viper, as long as a few high-level spells to solve, is a simple task! When they heard this, they were not angry to death. Isn't it a waste to throw a high-level spell, a hundred spirit stones, on a four-eyed viper that can be done by itself? Besides, the power of advanced spells is based on the magic of the friar who built the base. If the friar who built the base hits down, the four-eyed viper will not even have ash left, so how can he sell the material for money? So Han Yufeng on one side immediately said, "Younger Martial Brother Song, Younger Martial Brother Song, this four-eyed viper is too low in rank. It's not worth your spell.". How about this? This time, let the two brothers show their abilities first, and then let you go when you meet a more powerful one later. "Can you meet more powerful ones in the back?" The little fat man said foolishly. Of course, there are four or five levels of monsters on Blood Raven Ridge. If we stay here for a few more days, we will definitely meet at least three levels of monsters. Then we will see how you show your skills. Han Yufeng laughed. As she spoke,mobile racking systems, she winked at Gulong and Xuanyu, meaning, you see, I'm speaking for you. Gulong and Xuanyu also immediately returned a clear look, and then hurriedly said: "Well, well, it's getting late, let's deal with the four-eyed viper first!"! Keep an eye on it! Say that finish, do not wait for small fat and others to reply, they scurried to the front,heavy duty cantilever racks, and each showed the magic weapon. PS: Ask for a ticket! The twenty-ninth plot succeeded. The twenty-ninth plot succeeded. Gulong's magic weapon is a small golden sword, which can not fly, but can assist in performing the golden Taoism. Xuanyu's magic weapon is even more special. It is an earthy walking stick. Gulong and Xuanyu are both practitioners, Gulong is good at gold Taoism, the main attack, Xuanyu is good at earth Taoism, the main defense, two people attack and defend, cooperate for more than ten years, has been quite tacit understanding. Seeing that they were a hundred feet away from the four-eyed viper, they immediately stopped and first blessed themselves with protective Taoism, so as to be prepared. Then they quietly began to perform their different skills. Xuanyu stuck his cane on the ground and muttered at the same time, while Gulong threw the golden sword directly into the air, and then pinched out all kinds of methods with his fingers. Urged by the law, the golden sword grew against the wind, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a huge sword several feet long, more than two feet wide, wire mesh decking ,warehouse pallet racks, glittering and murderous. How can a four-eyed viper not be seen with such momentum? As soon as the golden sword came out, it immediately felt the great danger and immediately stood up, looking at the golden sword in the air warily, ready to attack or dodge at any time. At the same time, its big mouth began to open slowly, apparently ready to spray poison. But just then, Xuanyu was the first to start, only to hear him cry out: "The binding of the earth dragon!"! Open! With Xuanyu's loud cry, eight earth dragons, as thick as human bodies and made entirely of earth, suddenly appeared at the foot of the four-eyed viper. One end of them is connected to the earth, and the other end, under the command of Xuanyu, forms a large net, in which the four-eyed viper is directly tied. Faced with this sudden attack, the four-eyed viper was surprised and angry. It had just put all its energy on the golden sword in front of it, and had not mentioned that there were still people plotting against it. As a result, it was caught off guard and tied up at once. And the most uncomfortable thing for it is that two of the earth dragons are wrapped around its mouth with great intelligence, and the huge force makes its open mouth have to be closed again. In this way, it can't open its mouth even if it wants to spray poison. In fact, a few earth dragons are not a threat to the powerful four-eyed viper at all, as long as it struggles a few times, it can be completely freed. But unfortunately, Gulong obviously will not give it this opportunity. At the moment when the four-eyed viper was tied up, Gulong stretched his fingers forward and shouted, "Golden Sword, Thorn!" As soon as Gulong's voice fell, he saw a flash of golden light, and the great sword, like an arrow from the bow, shot straight at the head of the four-eyed viper. The four-eyed viper watched helplessly as the great sword arrived, but because his whole body was tied up and his mouth was forcibly closed, there was nothing he could do but close his eyes and wait for death. The crowd heard a splash, and most of the huge golden sword was inserted into the head of the four-eyed viper. The dark green and fishy blood spurted out in an instant, and the poor four-eyed viper did not even have time to scream, so he swallowed his last breath! Gulong and Xuanyu, who "Ye" won easily, were overjoyed. They just wanted to celebrate loudly, but suddenly felt a shock all over their bodies. A few small sharp needle-shaped objects penetrated their body protection techniques directly from behind, and pierced all the big holes in their bodies. After the important acupoints were sealed, Xuanyu and Gulongkong had a body of magic power, but they could no longer display it, and suddenly became ordinary people, and ordinary people suffered such a heavy blow, it was simply unbearable, so they both fell to the ground after a stuffy hum. Ah, who plotted against me? Gulong and Xuanyu screamed, then turned around with difficulty and looked. As a result, it was found that Han Yufeng, like a bird, was leaning on Xiao Pang's body, and the monkey was behind them, looking at the two people on the ground with a contemptuous face. Xiao Pang, on the other hand, had a smiling face. Only Han Yufeng pretended to be helpless and said to Gulong and Xuanyu, "I'm sorry, you two. I was not careful just now and I made a mistake." It turned out that what had just attacked them from behind was Han Yufeng's magic weapon, the shadowless flying needle that broke all kinds of body protection techniques. At the beginning,industrial racking systems, the plot against Xiaopang failed, but now it is used to attack Gulong and Xuanyu, but it is done all of a sudden.

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