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Chasing Miser's Wife: Daddy's Coming, Son's Running Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 7h16   Coiffeur à domicile   Dara   268 vues Référence: 166
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Chapter 1920 I don't have much time. Is that what you want to tell me today? Are you married? Ou Zhekai smiled, picked up the marriage certificate on the table, twitched coldly at the corners of his mouth, and roared, "Do you still believe that a man who wants to kill you will love you?"? Sui, are you crazy? “……” Su Liang's eardrum hurts, biting his lip and shaking his head gently, "I know he doesn't love me, he just wants mint to have a mommy, but I don't have much time, I don't want to waste any more on meaningless things.." Stay by Qi Xiangyang's side, for her daughter and for herself. "You will not be short of time, I will not let you have nothing to do, you still have decades to accompany mint, so there is no need to compromise!" Ou Zhekai roared out of control, picked up the marriage certificate on the table, and clenched it into a ball without looking at it, wishing he could tear it into pieces and throw it into the trash can! "Ou Zhekai!" Su Liang caught a glimpse of his movements, nervously grabbed the two red books from his hand, held them in the palm of his hand with heartache, carefully unfolded them, and flattened the folds with his finger pulp. Ou Zhekai, you are crazy! Even if you tear up the marriage certificate, it will change the fact that we are married! Found that the small book left a crease, distressed eyes are red,touch screen kiosk, staring at him, angry. To Ou Zhekai's desperate eyes, Su Liang suddenly stopped, eyes flashed a trace of apology. "I'm not worth it." "It's up to me to decide whether it's worth it or not!" Ou Zhekai roared, his eyes stained with hostility, lifted his feet and kicked over the table, with a crackling sound in his ears. What I care about is never whether you are together or not, nor whose daughter mint is, nor whether you are married or not. Ou Zhekai stepped back to the edge of the sofa and smiled coldly. Sui,smart interactive whiteboard, look at you now. You want to find me desperately for two broken books. Do you really just regard this marriage as a deal? For the mint, really just for the mint? Ou Zhekai madly destroyed everything at hand, even the LCD screen on the wall did not let go, the whole high-end private room, was smashed into a hole in a twinkling of an eye, with a pair of red eyes, staring coldly at the stunned Su Liang. Step by step toward her, iron arms tightly around her shoulders, a low head, the pot caught her lips. "Pow-" The crisp slap hurt the eardrum, Ou Zhekai's handsome face was heavily hit to one side by her, the white skin was printed with obvious palm prints, and the bloodshot eyes were moving with hostility, locking her. Seeing the resistance and disdain in her eyes, he grabbed her arm and suddenly picked up Su Liang and threw him straight onto the sofa, turning over his tall body and pressing it up. The big hand tore the clothes on her body roughly, and the anger was mixed with deep feelings and desires. “……” Su Liang looked at his hysterical appearance, interactive whiteboard prices ,interactive kiosk price, pulling together the eyebrows slowly spread out, not even the slightest struggle, lying quietly, with a pair of calm eyes, looking at him. The skirt was torn open, revealing a large area of beautiful skin, and the coolness from her body made her shrink unconsciously. Fingers forced into the leather sofa, the pores of the whole body are open, resisting his touch, clenching his lips to prevent any sound. Tears fall down the corners of my eyes. “……” The man on the body obviously froze, the red eyes slowly restored to Pure Brightness, see the messy picture under the body, Zheng Zheng. Chapter 1921 to live is the possibility of redemption. Half ring, he bowed his head and gently kissed her eyes, with a trace of heartache, "I'm sorry." The tall body suddenly turned over and lay on the other side of the wide sofa, pulling open his collar and gasping for breath. Su Liang quickly sat up from the sofa, reached out and held his skirt tightly, and shrank into the corner of the sofa, with the red marks he had scratched on his wrists. Broken dress can not hide the charming scenery on her body, Su Liang forced to close the big coat, trembling fingers one by one buttoned, tears have been falling. Every drop, like smashing into Ou Zhekai's heart, is heavy and suffocating. He knew that she had always regarded him as a benefactor, but he did not know that she cared about this kindness to such an extent that if he really did it, she would obey and not resist? Ou Zhekai took out a cigarette from his suit jacket, lit it slowly, put it between his fingers, took a gentle puff, and exhaled a circle of blue and white smoke. Lingering in his handsome face, uncertain temper, there is an impenetrable mystery everywhere. "Does he know about the crystal poison?" “……” Su Liang shook, looked up at him, half rang, and shook his head gently. You're not going to tell him? "Ou Zhekai's hand holding the cigarette, clearly turned to look at her, the strength of the fingertips was so heavy that the cigarette butt was almost crushed." I've accepted the fact that I don't want to bear the sympathetic eyes anymore. Especially his. Su Liang tightened his grip on his coat. Ou Zhekai spent such a long time, can try the way to try, sometimes accept also need courage, she does not want to hold the hope to wait for the moment of despair. ……” Ou Zhekai looked at her calm face and her eyes flashed. "According to the news found by Ou Jia, Ghost Doctor DQ is hidden in Suye Group. All the pharmaceutical chain industries under Suye Group are developed by Ghost Doctor. With this live sign, Suye Group can dominate the whole industry chain in a short time. Do you understand what I mean?" “……” "Ghost doctor DQ has never failed, I have released the news on the exclusive channel of DQ, but in recent years, DQ has disappeared, sent people to the night group to inquire about the news and did not respond, if the rumor is true, Qi Xiangyang may be the only person who can find DQ." “……” Looking at Su Liang's slow response, Ou Zhekai turned over and sat up, crushed out the cigarette butt, walked to her side, took her hand and walked, "Since you can't give up on him, you have to try to live,touch screen digital signage, live to have the possibility of redemption!" “…… Pain. “……” Ou Zhekai stopped, looked back and saw her pale face, and his hand suddenly loosened.

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