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Chen Qingyun is the second person in the world. Emploi Plein temps

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"Well.." Convalescing. You know I.. No, why comfort me? Brother Song, you.. Promise me.. Take care of the green water? "I will," said Song Qingshan. With a comforting smile, she stretched out her left hand and said, "Brother Song.." Hold my hand.. Brother Song. Song Qingshan could not bear to disappoint her, he stretched out his hand and clenched her left hand! Now, two people she loved all her life, Zhou Lvshui and Song Qingshan, are by her side. How can it not comfort her? She smiled sadly, and murmured, "The green hills are always here.." Green water flows.. But as soon as her murmur fell, she shook her head and died! The woman whose life was full of misfortune finally passed away, and she left the world lonely. Zhou Lvshui shouted, "Niang.." What happened to you He shook Suo Hun Chang'e's body suddenly, but she would never know. Song Qingshan held Suohun Chang'e's hand and burst into tears. He did not let go of Suohun Chang'e's cold hand! He murmured. "The green hills are always there." Green water flows.. Zhou Lvshui's cry filled the room, and his voice was sad and touching. At this moment, the fairy witch also pushed the door and asked in surprise, "Brother Song, Master Zhou.." Song Qingshan answered sadly, "I'm dead!" "Dead?" Died The fairy witch murmured. Song Qingshan burst into tears and said, "Yes, she's dead." In the same way, she brought the misfortune of her life into the afterlife. Tianxian witch also rolled down two tears for the death of Suohun Chang'e, looking at Zhou Lvshui crying her heart out, but she could not bear it. She walked up to Zhou Lvshui and said, "Lvshui, people can't come back to life after death. Don't be too sad.." "I killed my mother," cried Zhou Lvshui. I killed her. Zhou Lvshui,interactive digital whiteboard, you are a beast. He hit himself wildly on the head, chest and face. Seeing this, Song Qingshan gritted his teeth and shouted, "Zhou Lvshui, are you crazy?" This suddenly a drink, sound like Jiao Lei, Zhou Lvshui a stunned, staring at Song Qingshan. Song Qingshan gritted his teeth to hold back his sadness and said, "Zhou Lvshui, your mother's life was lost at the hands of a demon. You don't want revenge,interactive touch screens education, but you still cry. Do you deserve to be called a man?" Zhou Lvshui became strong from the extreme pain. He gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, I want revenge!" Before the words were out, he shook his body and suddenly went to the door. Seeing this, Song Qingshan shouted, "Zhou Lvshui, what are you doing?" He shot himself and cut off Zhou Lvshui's way. Zhou Lvshui looked at Song Qingshan in horror and shouted, "I'm going to take revenge!" "Now?" "Yes, now." As soon as Song Qingshan's face changed, he said, "Zhou Lvshui, with the courage of his blood, is just giving away his life. It's precious that you can repent. Besides, it's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge." Zhou Lvshui gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, it's never too late for a gentleman to take revenge. I won't kill the devil. I swear I won't be a man. If he hadn't lied to me, would Zhou Lvshui be here today?" He glanced at Song Qingshan and said apologetically, "I beg your forgiveness because I played with Song Meizhen. I hope you will forgive me." Song Qingshan smiled and said, "Now that the rain has cleared up, it's good for love to suffer a little twists and turns, smartboards for business ,smartboards in classrooms, but I hope you will love her well in the future." "I will, old-timer," said Zhou Lvshui. Song Meizhen is a good woman, in fact, I love her. I will never make her sad again. The fairy witch said, "Zhou Lvshui, you are wrong to call the'elder '. You should call your father-in-law." When Zhou Lvshui heard this, his face turned red, and the fairy witch urged him, "Hurry up and see the ceremony." Zhou Lvshui had no choice but to bow down and say, "My son-in-law is knocking on my father-in-law's door." Song Qingshan laughed heartily. He picked up Zhou Lvshui with both hands and said, "All right, all right. Get up." The fairy witch smiled warmly, which made most of the tragic atmosphere laugh away. Song Qingshan glanced at the body of Suo Hun Chang'e and said, "We'd better go out to take care of the aftermath for the time being.". ” By this time outside the door, Yang Shichuan had washed his face, changed his clothes, put on a hat, and changed back to his original appearance. After Song Qingshan's treatment, Song Meizhen recovered from her illness and stood at the door with Yang Shichuan. Song Qingshan, Zhou Lvshui and the fairy witch pushed the door and went out. As soon as Song Meizhen saw Zhou Lvshui, she blurted out, "Brother Zhou.." Zhou Lvshui saw Song Meizhen with tears in her eyes, and he felt that he was really sorry for her! Ignoring the crowd, he suddenly threw his arms around Song Meizhen and shouted, "Sister Jane, forgive me!" She fell on Zhou Lvshui's shoulder and wept with joy. After the storm and the rain, the young girl, who suffered from the trauma of love, finally became United with Zhou Lvshui forever. Three days later, they buried Suo Hun Chang'e, a woman who had been in love before her death, in the backyard garden. Song Qingshan and others, in front of her grave, for a long time, Song Qingshan's words of mourning, as mentioned before, also inserted a few flowers for her! Song Qingshan paid his respects for a long time. Then he sighed and asked Zhou Lvshui, "Lvshui, do the demons live here?" "Yes." "Do you know the place?" "I know." "Can you get into his house?" Asked Song Qingshan. "Yes." Song Qingshan said, "Well, let's get even with the devil now!" "Good!" Song Qingshan glanced at him and said, "As far as I know, the demon may not have quit here yet. Now it is not difficult for me, the fairy witch, Yang Shichuan and your power to destroy him." The words fall, turn around and run to the entrance. At this time, Song Qingshan, Yang Shichuan, the fairy witch, also followed closely behind Zhou Lvshui. This moment, a tense atmosphere, surging in everyone's heart! Besides, before Zhou Lvshui came to Shiyan, he glanced slightly and said, "There is only one place where the demon lives. As long as he doesn't leave now, we can go there and start." At this moment, Song Qingshan and the fairy witch, followed closely behind Zhou Lvshui, felt nervous. Suddenly, the sound of a mournful sneer, suddenly broke the air to spread! The voice suddenly came,75 inch smart board, so that the people present, frightened, Zhou Lvshui secret way a bad!.

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