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China Cnc Component manufacturers Emploi Contract

27 févr. 2023 à 1h34   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   76 vues Référence: 420
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China Cnc Component manufacturers Our Story 12 years of CNC machining experience. The company Haoze Technology was founded in 2010 by Kevin Wu. Kevin started the company from a small workshop with 5 CNC machines. After experiencing a difficult startup period, the business grows rapidly. Three years later, Haoze moved to a larger plant and added 10 milling machines and 1 lathes. In 2015, Kevin decided to enter foreign market. With the rapid expansion of international business, Haoze moved again to a new location with 1500m2. Currently, we have 27 CNC 3 axis milling machines, 1 CNC 5 axis machine, 2 lathes and 3 CNC mill-turn combination machines. We serve customers in many different industries including automative, medical device, aerospace, electrical equipment, biology, etc. As a ISO9001 certificate CNC machining manufacturing vendor, we not just provide high quality production service, but design enginerring solutions.China Cnc Component manufacturers website:

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