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Chop the dragon Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h43   Banque   Dakar   137 vues Référence: 404
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"He bites, too." Lvjiaojiao could not help whispering to herself. The tenant's doctor answered, and then casually rolled up a ball of cloth and stuffed it into the captive patient's mouth. "Well, I'll be careful. Their symptoms are like sheep's wind, but how can they get sick together?"? Is Epilepsy contagious? I'll needle in a few big points first. Then a needle was inserted into Renzhong acupoint. The doctor of the government is also extremely anxious, while washing and dressing the wound with water, he said: There are also several major acupoints such as Yongquan, Taichong and Neiguan. I'll help you right away. I've never heard that epilepsy is contagious! The two doctors scrambled to administer needles to a dozen convulsing captives. The two captives had just been needled, but they bounced off the ground and fell back heavily. With a sound, a mouthful of blood spurted out of their mouths, and the cloth gagged out of their mouths. The situation became more and more terrible. The two doctors were so frightened that they stood up and took two steps back and stood in front of the two prisoners who were vomiting blood. The doctor who came out of the guest room asked the official doctor in a trembling voice, "Epilepsy … …" Will you vomit blood. The government doctor's face was covered with blood and sweat: "I don't know.." I do not know Epilepsy custom said hair sheep hanging, heart, liver, kidney and other internal organs of blood and gas disorders, severe depression can cause hair sheep hanging, but the disease caused by blood and gas can not produce symptoms of internal bleeding, it is impossible to infect, so more than a dozen people together hair sheep hang, plus two people hair sheep hang to vomit blood so novel, big beyond the expectation of two doctors. Green Jiao saw this,ceramic igniter electrodes, pushed the door out of the corridor, and went to Lord He and said to him: "My Lord, the civilian woman has learned some medical skills. Can you help the two doctors?" Lord Ho was also in a daze. Hearing someone say that, he was really eager to hear it. No matter who it was, he just said, "Go, go.." Jack and Ann Long saw Lv Jiao go out and immediately followed her to see what they could do to help. They saw a gorgeous little girl with a blonde foreigner and a yellow-haired child walking into the atrium,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, and they gradually quieted down. The girl is too beautiful, the foreigner is too tall, the child's appearance is too righteous and awe-inspiring, these three people walk together to the extreme, we can not imagine that a foreigner will come out to save the Chinese people. The three of them arrived in the middle of the atrium, and Green Jiao immediately arranged for everyone to do something: "The shopkeeper." Quickly ask someone to carry two hundred catties of firewood out and pile it in the atrium. "Brother Captor, please line up these people in a circle, as if they were warming themselves by the fire, with their feet facing the fire and their heads facing outward." And take off all their shoes. "Two doctors, please prepare lit moxa sticks, prepare more moxa sticks, silver needles can be put away.." Everyone hurriedly split up to prepare for these things, Jack and Ann Long son also in the atrium to help the captors set up a circle, soon in the middle of the atrium a bonfire, captives are all tied up in a circle around the bonfire. The two doctors also had more than ten moxa sticks in their four hands. In acupuncture and moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine, alumina c799 ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, although they are all applied to acupoints, acupuncture and moxibustion are completely different methods. Needling is to insert silver needles into acupoints, while moxibustion is to use the heat ignited by moxa sticks to perform operations on acupoints. Moxa sticks are rolled with wormwood, which has a very strong special fragrance, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that wormwood can regulate qi and blood, expel cold and dampness, warm meridians and stop bleeding, prevent miscarriage and even exorcise evil spirits. In some places, wormwood is also used to make folk snacks. Green Jiaojiao looked ready for the scene, went to the side of the fire, put her hands together. The middle fingers, ring fingers, and tail fingers of her hands were crossed in the palms of her hands, and the two index fingers were folded together, pointing straight to the sky. Her hands were clasped together, and she shouted, "Yes!" The fire suddenly flared up, and a flaming flame rushed into the air, reflecting the red moonlight in the white night sky, and the red light formed a mask over the atrium of the inn. The crowd of onlookers were surprised to see the flames growing and the heat getting stronger and stronger. Lvjiaojiao is using the secret formula in Maoshan Taoism, and what her hands form is the first seal in the nine-character seal-the immovable fundamental seal. This handprint is driven by the word "Lin" and the Taoist mental method, which functions to calm the soul, form a boundary around the performer, and protect the surrounding space from being invaded by evil. When the nine-character seal is completed, the boundary will turn from defense to attack, creating a protective circle around the performer that spreads outward, thus dispelling the evil. Green Jiao's palms have been clinging to each other, constantly changing the posture of each other's handprints, enhancing the spiritual power of the boundary step by step. Every time Lvjiaojiao changed a handprint, she snapped out a secret formula: "Soldier!" "Dou!" "Zhe!" "All!" "Array!" "Column!" "Yes!" "Before!" After reading the nine characters, the nine seals were untied, and the green hands returned to their posture, and the fire was more prosperous than before. Although it was the cold night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the atrium was hotter than at noon in summer, and people began to wipe the sweat on their faces with their sleeves. Jack was surprised beyond description. The girl who had just been flirting with herself was now standing in the crowd like a goddess, manipulating the flames. In Jack's mind, Green Jiao was either an angel or a witch. Green Jiao Jiao went to the east of the circle, asked Jack and Anlong to hold down a man in the east, then called two doctors to come over and said to the doctor: "I first use a moxa stick to burn into the Yongquan point on the sole of my foot. After I burn into the Yongquan point, you two burn into the Tanzhong point in front of my chest and the Yintang point in front of my forehead in turn within one beat. The action should be faster, but not faster than me.." The government doctor asked Lu Jiaojiao, "There are seventeen methods of firing by thunder. Which one is the girl talking about?" The moxa stick is a straw stick like a cigar. During treatment, it is lit and heated at a fixed point on the corresponding acupoints of the patient. The acupoints are stimulated by temperature to achieve curative effect. There are more than a dozen methods of heating acupoints because of the different use of time and heat. Lu Jiaojiao smiled at the doctor and said, "It's not the methods you know. You aim at the acupoints and watch me do it.." Lvjiaojiao half crouched in front of a pair of bare feet, and the light of the fire was reflected from behind her, like a wonderful figure outlined in blood-red ink. She recited the incantation,Kamado bbq grill, then held her breath, picked up two lighted moxa sticks in each hand, and drew patterns slowly and like dancing in the air.

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Chop the dragon