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Collected Works of Shen Cong-Novels Volume 3 Emploi Plein temps

28 nov. 2022 à 2h49   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   210 vues Référence: 93
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This man follows the tone of the child, the person that is doing father is amiable air, say: "Good, good, I go out to look.". (He turns around and smiles with Jin Shengjun.) Children are really troublesome. Today, the second child is ill. He has a fever and a dry mouth. He can't get up. It's not easy to be a father. Jin Shengjun can't say anything. He looked at the family situation of the college graduate and understood all the infatuation that he usually wanted a woman to fall in love. He thought that this person might also be a wife because of love, and that this wife could have such a good character, while taking care of four children and reading new books. But he did not understand why a college graduate, a professional person, a family would be so chaotic. And seeing that men don't look like useless people, why can't we make a family more decent? The man, seeing that Jin Shengjun did not speak, thought that Jin Shengjun was going upstairs to work, so he stood sideways at the corner of the pavilion on the second floor to let Jin Shengjun. Let's talk about it later. As long as it doesn't interfere with Mr. Jinsheng's work, since we live in the same place, we'll have a lot of time to talk. "Well,Industrial pallet rack, we'll talk later." Don't you have to carry your own water? "She seemed so busy that she might as well do it herself.". This place is convenient for pouring water. Ha ha. Goodbye. By this time, Jin Shengjun had gone upstairs to the room, and the man went straight to the kitchen water pipe by the stairs. After a while, I heard the sound of pouring water into the pot. After a while, I heard the heavy sound of going up the stairs. Jin Shengjun sat down at the table and heard the sound. It seemed that he suddenly associated the sound with the University of Law and Politics. It was very incongruous. He felt that he was a useless person. In his dream life, he also felt that it was a thing that he dared not bear. Others, however, are brave enough to take on everything,Drive in racking system, and should have a rich life as a tough man. Because of a conversation on the stairs, the man bought the orange for the child from outside, and soon sat down on the edge of the bed in Jin Shengjun's room. Only then did he know that the man's surname was Lu and his wife's surname was Jin. After talking for nearly a minute, which was almost childish, everyone seemed to be very suitable and rare, especially Jin Shengjun, who found many reasons to strengthen this new friendship from the man's side. Therefore, Jin Shengjun knew that although the man had graduated from the highest institution of higher learning in the country, he was now only working as a clerk in an office with a monthly salary of 60 yuan in Shanghai, while his wife had become the mother of his children since she came out of the Women's Normal School. Year after year, his son Yiduo only spent his days as a mother. The man went, and Jin Shengjun experienced the melancholy of the man's life in his imagination. The man surnamed Lu said that he went to the office every day to copy some official documents, make monthly reports, and chat with his colleagues. It was an extremely ridiculous depiction of life. In terms of men, it made Jin Shengjun feel another kind of fascination, radio shuttle racking ,Steel racking system, and he could only use a wry smile as a knowing answer.You just write it down, put it in the background, and laugh at this era. This age is a revolution. Love can be laughed at. Whether life is serious or a game depends on people. I think we can neither be serious nor play with it, so it's bad. Jin Shengjun knew that these two people were childish, and when he heard the woman talking, he realized that today,long span shelving, before his future, the family was having a little disturbance again. He said, "Are you quarreling again?"? I really want to know how two people who are usually very compatible can make the air in a room tense.

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