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Creation of the Star River of the Six Tracks Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h27   Banque   Dakar   145 vues Référence: 382
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The scientific research personnel who can come to the 7 party group are all top-notch, and there are also people who Galileo admires very much, Gu Heng, known as the "science geek", a young man of only 21 years old. He is the absolute person in charge of the current scientific research center of the overlord group, from the blood, should also be called Guxuan uncle, but can sit in this position, Gu Heng relies on the absolute real material. At the age of 10, he completed the two major disciplines of the Department of Energy and the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University. At the age of 15, he began to upgrade all the operating tools and weapon systems of Bawang Group in an all-round way, maintaining the service of 12 new types of equipment every year, and reducing energy consumption by 30%. Some people say that he brought alien technology, do not know how his head is long, in several academic forums, Galileo has communicated with Gu Heng, giving the impression that Galileo thinks he has talent in new materials and large-scale equipment,brushed stainless steel sheet, and Gu Heng is the kind of monster with no dead angle of knowledge. He was even able to participate in genetic engineering and improve the DNA mutation triggered by the dust of the sacred stone. In the project of creating semi-Protoss, the success rate was increased to the probability of one semi-Protoss in 700 people, which saved 30% of the cost compared with other groups. Some people say that Gu Xuan is the helmsman of Bawang Group, while Gu Heng is the engine of Bawang Group. He has made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Bawan Group in recent years, and he himself rarely appears on overseas land. Galileo would not have met him this time if he had not set up the Heart Core Fragment Research Center. Just like Galileo with bodyguards, Gu Heng naturally did not come alone. Zhang Lan,304 Stainless Steel Bar, the man who followed him, had seen him. It was in the third federal city of Gert that he followed Ye Changmian's hammer, the horrible mechanical body man, and once Joan's group member. With him guarding Gu Heng's side, this is probably the reason why Gu Xuan was relieved to let him come out. In fact, the 50 research groups that came this time did not have a combination of pure scientific researchers. More than half of them were combatants. The speed of setting up the laboratory was so fast that it was simply a militarized pattern. From this point of view, Hera's decision to set up a research Institute in the prison was the right thing to do, after all, so many top fighters from various groups, if not strictly managed, really want to start trouble in the frozen group, Hera is also uncontrollable. As the saying goes, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,mirror stainless steel sheet, a single spark can start a prairie fire. Think about the state of Zhang Lan to the Empire Group at the beginning. Now the Empire Group has become his world. Zhang Lan was woken up by a knock on the door during the desperate transformation of the urban platform in 13 districts. Darling, I can't sleep. I'm going out. Zhang Lanben just lay down in his clothes and got up to open the door. Mrs. Hera, it's 23:00.. Zhang Lan wanted to cry without tears. What's the matter? Hera didn't think so. According to normal physiological habits, human beings need to sleep at this time. Zhang Lan tried to explain. Yeah, so you've been sleeping for two hours? Hera said with a smile. Boss, it's only two hours, and I woke up before I dreamed. Zhang Lan protested. All right, all right! It's my fault that I asked you to enjoy the unique wonders of our frozen group! I only see it once a year! Hera looked very excited. Can I wait until next year? Zhang Lan wanted to cry without tears. No, no, no! Let's go! Hera dragged Zhang Lan out by force. They came to the glass house where they had just eaten, where they changed into ultra-thin tight warm clothes and put on all-glass masks. They shared a fishing rope from the platform to the outside of Xuanwu City. It was 50 meters high from the ground. Without other safety measures, Zhang Lan could only hold Hera's wasp waist tightly to prevent her from falling to her death. You are really a gentleman. Hera said with relief. It's common courtesy. Can a dignitary do better than me? Zhang Lan doesn't think so. But others do, must be very artificial, afraid I do not know they are good to me, but you do like to hide, do not want me to know, why? Said Hera curiously. Because politeness is instinct, and not being able to love you is reality. Hera, I can't love you. I'm sorry. Zhang Lan repeated the emphasis, fearing that Hera would have any illusions. Is it for Elian, the little girl, or for the girl with the heart fragment? Hera was not angry, but wanted an answer. "For Wu Xue, my second life is given by her. I should accompany her to the end. Men should keep their word. Those who go back on their words are scum." Zhang Lan insisted. But do you think you can touch her in this life? Gu Xuan will never agree, even if you kill all the world, it will not be as you wish. Hera helped Zhang Lan recognize the facts. But if I give up meeting her again, the whole world will be meaningless to me. The fundamental purpose of the operation is to find out the answer. Dancing snow is the answer that I am still alive. It doesn't matter if I can't solve the answer now. Don't forget to continue the operation. Zhang Lan gave a wry smile. As he spoke, the two men had fallen on the solid red snow. Silly boy, maybe it's your foolishness and the feeling of being labeled by others that makes me so fascinated? Come on, take you to see the beauty of Antarctica. As Hera spoke, her heels bumped against each other, and two skis popped out of the soles of her shoes, and two ski poles popped out of her hands. Holding the snow, Hera had skated out alone, as fast as an arrow from the bow. Zhang Lan had never skied before, but she had to follow closely, because the Xuanwu City behind her was pushing forward at a uniform speed of 30 kilometers per hour. As long as Zhang Lan stopped, she would be crushed into a pancake by this huge object and could only slide forward quickly. After crawling a few steps, Zhang Lan quickly mastered the skills and sped up to Hera's side. It's too far. We're too far from Xuanwu City. It's dangerous. Zhang Lan reminded that the data showed that they had left more than 2 kilometers. Is the world still dangerous with you? Hera smiled and continued to slide forward,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, leaning forward and accelerating down the slope of the roadside. Don't! Wait for me! Zhang Lan is really worried about catching up, because as long as Hera out of any danger, it is really a hundred mouths can not tell.

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Creation of the Star River of the Six Tracks