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Crusher Hammer manufacturers Emploi Plein temps

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Crusher Hammer manufacturers Product Description Crusher Hammer: Suitable material: High chrome, bimetal composite, high manganese steel, high manganese insert alloy bar, high manganese welding, medium alloy, ceramic composite. Products NameHigh manganese Hammer ModelZanchen MaterialHigh manganese Weight10~200kg Service life(H)About:1000 Abrasion(G/T)10 Please note about Service life(H) and Abrasion(G/T), This is an average value and will be different in different application scenarios. We can provide you with various brands of crusher hammer head, also can customize and produce according to your working conditions. We can provides comprehensive material selection for you. Feature High manganese steel refers to high alloy steels containing more than 10% manganese. The biggest features of high-manganese steel are: The greater external compressive stress or impact load, the more conducive to the formation of hardened layer, so the higher the wear resistance of the casting; With the gradual wear of the hardened layer, new work hardened layers will continue to form under the influence of external compressive stress or impact loads. Therefore, it is suitable for making wearable spare parts that are subject to high impact load and wear for a long time, and is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, railways, electric power, coal and other broken grinding equipment. Chemical Component GradeChemical component% CSiMnCrSP ZG120Mn131.05~1.350.3~0.911~14-鈮?.06鈮?.04 ZG120Mn13Cr21.05~1.350.3~0.911~141.5~2.5鈮?.06鈮?.04 ZG120Mn17Cr21.05~1.350.3~0.916~191.5~2.5鈮?.06鈮?.04 1: Allowed to add microscale V, Ti, B and Re etc. 2: We can produce the other grade high manganese steel hammer according to customers鈥?requirments. Mechanical Property GradeStretch propertyHardness HB Yield strength ReH/MpaTensile strength Rm/MpaElongation at cross section %Shock absorption energyKu2J ZG120Mn13-鈮?85鈮?5鈮?18鈮?00 ZG120Mn13Cr2鈮?90鈮?35鈮?0-鈮?00 Let the crusher work more perfect! Make the following situation no longer appear. 1. Broken while working When material content control fails 2. Damage the equipment When the wearparts are broken during working 3. Product life is very short Low quality 4. Increase the work cost of workers. Wear too fast makes workers frequently replace parts. List of ingredients Below is our main industries we serve. Cement Plant, Steel works, Power plant, Glass recycling, Suger making, Metal Recycling, Mining & Quarry plant, Crusher Plant ( set machine), Construction waste treatment. Crusher parts we produce: Crusher hammer, Impact crusher blow bar, Jaw crusher jaw plate, Crusher liner, Grate plate, Mill linerCrusher Hammer manufacturers website:

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