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Cultivate immortals in the fairy world Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 4h53   Services financiers   Saint-Louis   54 vues Référence: 498
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"I think I have to re-examine your strength now. If everyone under you has that kind of extraordinary performance, I think you can really keep the six of us." Said Roth Hai, frowning. "I've always been a straight talker. One says one, two says two. If you can stay, you can stay." Li Chengzhu said falsely and truthfully. Luo Sihai is still waiting to be teased. Suddenly he frowned, then looked at Li Chengzhu with shock and surprise, and his face turned a little pale in an instant. Big Boss Li looked back with a smile. The fight was over. Presumably, Luo Sihai should also have found that someone was under pressure. I really underestimated you. Luo Sihai looked at Li Chengzhu with a solemn face. In the future, you will feel that you still look down on me now. Boss Li rubbed his hands. He stood up and looked at the old site of the Hehuan Sect. How do you know that? Luo Sihai suddenly felt a chill in his heart, and if he had guessed right, the man in front of him had been calculating himself four days ago. In an instant, all the doubts in Roth's mind were solved. Why did the young man leave himself and others when he had already said goodbye? Why did he not hesitate to reveal the peerless medicine of white jade body milk. Why had the young man, in the preceding three days, been prattling on and on about him, why had the boy,facial recognization camera, last night, allowed one of his brothers to come forward to challenge one of his own men, and to fight so hard for life and death. All of this, Luo Sihai understood that it was all to divert his attention, and later the intensity of the battle made his primordial spirit want to sense the distance and there was no way. How on earth do you know? Roth Hai's eyes narrowed,face recognition identification kiosk, and for the first time he felt that the young man in front of him, who was only an immortal, was so dangerous. This careless and powerless guy was also defined as a precise abacus by Roth Hai at this moment, but for the first time he saw his power. This abacus has already calculated itself. Luo Sihai wants to slap himself twice, pig! "The mountain people have their own tricks!" Li Chengzhu's lascivious expression at the moment is also so dangerous in the eyes of Luo Sihai. Don't tell me. You did it with your own strength. Four days ago, you were doing this. Today is just the time to close the net. I know the person who came. Xiu Wei is no worse than me. Four days ago, he was at least five hundred miles away. Not to mention you, even I can't feel it. Luo Sihai wanted to see a clue from Li Chengzhu's expression. But he was disappointed. Big Boss Li's face and eyes are only proud and wretched. You tell me first, how do you know that there are high-level immortals in the Hehuan Sect. The imperial guards, the Xianji Battalion, and the merchant corps came to Hehuanzong one after another. Don't tell me what the divine calculation is. Is there any secret I don't know? Li Chengzhu is also strange these days, touch screen kiosk ,temperature screening kiosk, the sky is far away from here, not to mention Shangdu, how can these three have received the news. Even if the immortal emperor is an old man, the primordial spirit can't cover so far. The three forces are all over the fairy world. See the day plunder to sense again somebody becomes the breath report of high-level immortal, what strange is this? Luo Sihai answered Li Chengzhu's words honestly. Depend on, fortunately that one Jinxian disciple became an immortal at the last moment. Someone peeped into the immortal, and then reported that Tiandu or the business group would send someone to come. It is estimated that it took a lot of time. Otherwise, the secret of the interdimensional time boundary may not be kept. Lord Li, can you tell me the reason now? Asked Roth Hai. What's the reason? Li Chengzhu pretended to be stupid. Roth was stunned. "How did you sense the reason why they would come four days ago? Don't tell me you sensed it yourself. I won't believe it." "Well, this." Li Chengzhu put his big hand on Luo Sihai's shoulder and raised his eyebrows. "Actually, I have no other skills. I am proficient in divination. Four days ago, Lao Tzu pinched his fingers and calculated that he would send someone to the business group.". ” Luo Sihai looked at Li Chengzhu with a wry smile. What kind of explanation is this? Otherwise, do you think they all have the cultivation of Da Luo Jinxian and are willing to be my family generals? In fact, I am convinced of my magic power of divination. They will follow me in the future. Where there is treasure, they will have any disaster. I can calculate it by pinching my fingers. How safe it is. Li Chengzhu winked and showed off the divination gesture imitated by the Seventh Martial Uncle, with his thumb on his middle finger, which had the temperament of a magic stick. Laowu undisguisedly cast his contemptuous eyes on Li Chengzhu, and the rough man saw that Big Boss Li was messing around, not to mention Luo Sihai? "Well, if Brother Li doesn't want to say it, I won't force him." "Hey, brother Luo doesn't have to mind too much. I just want to tell you that the strength I have is not as simple as you think." Li Chengzhu patted Luo Sihai comfortingly. "Go back and tell your immediate superior that I have the ability to know five hundred movements. He may believe that I can have the capital to sit on an equal footing with him. That one-year deadline can be easily won. Brother Luo, you have also been exempted from a punishment, haven't you?" "I hope so." Luo Sihai knew that it was unavoidable to go back and be punished this time, but through this incident, we can see that the boy in front of us definitely has the strength to hide. Second grade war handsome Luo Sihai suddenly thought of one thing, since this boy can sense the business group four days ago, then when he came, he also sensed it long ago? Luo Dashuai that is called a cold ah, the original whereabouts of their own and other people have long been in his hands. Fortunately, he was pleasant at that time and did not have any conflict with him. Since he could sense himself four days ago, this guy was still very leisurely when he came, and he must have already laid a dragnet, just waiting to capture his six people alive as soon as he started. Depend on,interactive kiosk price, this boy is really too mean, how to like to use sucker ah? "Luo Dashuai, go out with me to meet someone?"? You just said you knew him. Li Chengzhu sent out an invitation.

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Cultivate immortals in the fairy world