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Curse Love Record 2 (Modern Paranormal Fantasy) Author: PS Forgot Emploi Temps partiel

20 févr. 2023 à 5h45   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   118 vues Référence: 348
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He bent the corner of his lips and raised a cold temperature: "Father, what is called, I failed him?" Yong Lingyin's throat began to dry up, but had to ask this question: "Shen, dead, in those days, it was you who hurt the double sacrifice." Are you out of your mind? Tiantuo, Baili Mengyan and Si Qianxu suddenly opened their eyes wide. For a moment, I felt that I had lost my sight, my hearing and my voice. I can't. I can't hear. Can't say. In my mind, there is only one sentence wandering: Did you kill the double sacrifice out of your wits. Did you kill the double sacrifice out of your wits. Did you kill the double sacrifice out of your wits. Is that you.. Yeah. Dead and unrestrained also ask oneself so. The man who was like a banished immortal, the gentle and powerful man, the man who loved him deeply, was he killed by himself? Repeatedly asked, asked, those memories, as if with this sentence like the end of the flood general surge, in an instant he was drowned, drowned in it. The nightmare of despair, the darkness that can't be broken away for the rest of my life. He laughed suddenly,titanium machining parts, softly and briefly, and then a succession of laughter squeezed out of his throat, broken and intermittent. Sorrow, and mourning, with its dark despair. Laughter, terrible, is also as sad as a ghost. I did it, I killed him. It's all my fault,car radiator cap, it's all me! I killed him. Words slipped out of the cracks of laughter, with such deep and sad guilt and self-reproach. A thousand years of time, can not destroy the heart-rending at that time. He reached out to cover his lips, and the laughter stopped. But there was the crimson that seeped out between his fingers, speckled, like flowers blooming wantonly. Stunned by the crazy appearance of the dead just now, the crowd exclaimed, and the blood gushed out of his mouth, dyed his lips as pale as water, and dyed the water-red clothes even more gorgeous. His body convulsed as if he were going to vomit all the blood in his body. Dead and unrestrained! The day pulls to turn pale with fright, grabs his hand hurriedly, sent demon force in. Yong Lingyin stood up anxiously and tried to approach, but was pointed at by a long silver-blue whip like stone but not iron. Baili Mengyan was holding an incandescent soul whip in her hand, and her whole body gave off a trembling, die cast light housing ,Magnetic Drain Plug, cold and horrible breath. Danfeng's eyes were covered with a piece of ice, and her voice was as cold as Hell Shura: "If anything happens to the old monster, I will bury you with him, Yong Lingyin." The last three words made the man, who was the head of the Zinnia Demon clan, feel a chill in his heart. The blood, together with the clothes of Baili Mengyan, was soon dyed red.  in an instant. The blazing soul whip with silver-blue light lay in front of him. He half knelt on the ground and poured his spiritual power into the body of the flower demon man. His incredibly beautiful face was stained with a heavy haze,deep draw stamping, which was so gloomy that it was creepy. Si Qianxu was also slightly surprised. The harpy woman stood up hurriedly and looked anxious. "Meng Yan, what are you doing?!" "Don't come over!" The young, cold warlock gave a fierce rebuke.

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Curse Love Record 2 (Modern Paranormal Fantasy) Author: PS Forgot