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Death list Emploi Plein temps

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Among the five killers, besides Fireworks Rand, Qin Lun has worked with his disciples Hansen, Shepherd Hill and Clown Grant once. These three people all left a deep impression on Qin Lun! After the first trial world, the disciple Hanson received special equipment similar to the death list. Hill even told him in the magic world that Hansen could deal with the captain of the Elf Guard with his bare hands, and probably had already got the bloodline items. Counting up, the disciple should be the first person to get the bloodline among the killers, a task world earlier than Qin Lun. Compared with the mercenary disciple Hanson, the shepherd may be slightly less effective, but his IQ is higher. In the magic world, Qin Lun wretched all the way to the end, almost completely devoured the harvest of Matthew's team. You know, Matthew has done enough preparation work for the magic world, and the harvest is even greater than the ordinary team. However, the shepherd relies on forbearance, finally kills the ghost warrior Michelle, and gets a soul-sucking bracelet that may surpass the dark gold and reach the sub-legendary quality. The degree of underbelly blackness makes Qin Lun feel sorry for himself. As for Clown Grant, his parasitic virus lineage is equivalent to the immortal body, with the "Clown Gift". No matter against any killer, the outcome is unpredictable. The fighting styles of him and Qin Lun are just mutually reinforcing, and the victory or defeat only depends on the right place at the right time. Qin Lun only used three task worlds to touch the professional threshold, which is amazing among the junior apostles. But he knew very well in his heart that several other killers in the previous task worlds,Inflatable water obstacle course, in fact, the harvest was no worse than his, and it was very likely that they also touched the professional threshold. In this way, Hill and Hansen's team invitation is worth savoring. Perhaps both of them, like Qin Lun, feel the importance of the team. Or perhaps these two people hope to use the power of other killers to complete the task of taking office directly in the next task world. After thinking about the cause and effect, Qin Lun raised his head and said to them with an indifferent expression: "I'm sorry, I don't have the idea of joining the team for the time being." "That's a disappointing answer!" Hill shook his glass and laughed without surprise,Inflatable water park factory, "Qin Lun, with your IQ, you should have seen it earlier.". It's hard for people like us to work with ordinary people. Eventually, we have to come together and form a team of prisoners. There's no harm in adapting ahead of time! Before Hill and I came here, we had already analyzed your current situation, and you should have touched the professional threshold. By combining the efforts of the three of us, the task of taking office is not difficult at all, and it can also lay the foundation for cooperation. Hansen said with a sneer, "but even without you, the two of us are enough.". If you're trying to blackmail us both, you're barking up the wrong tree! Yes, of the five killers, Fireworks Rand's mental state is not very stable. The remaining four people will be the core of the team in the future, you will join us sooner or later, why blackmail us for the sake of immediate interests! Hill looked into Qin Lun's eyes and smiled kindly. You've seen through it! Qin Lun could not help laughing, laughing a little, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable indoor park, but sighed, attitude turned serious, "I also think we will eventually form a team, but, to be honest, it is not yet time to form a team!" "Why?" Hill and Hansen's faces finally took on the color of surprise, although once again rejected by Qin Lun, but this time the two killers did not speak sarcastically. Qin Lun smiled without a word, but shook his finger, "You should know that intelligence is valuable, we have not yet formed a team, I will not tell you for free!" Hill frowned slightly and made a quick decision. "We don't have much money to prepare for the transfer.". If you have information we don't know, then say it, and Hansen and I will pay you according to the importance of the information! Hearing Hill's words, Qin Lun sighed to himself and wrote down a small favor from the female apostle Kelly. If Qin Lun has come all the way to the present, there is one aspect that really leads other killers, that is his unique personality charm. Why can Qin Lun get the favor of both Bellusius and Mafa Moriah, so that the two intelligent races are willing to invest in him. You should know that one of these two people is the foreign affairs elder of the demon clan, and the other is the captain of the guard of the moon night elves. They have very different personalities, and even their beliefs and ideas are quite different. He repeatedly took advantage of his dealings with the high apostles without provoking retaliation. Kelly, the deputy leader of the "Lost" sub-group, only dealt with him twice, and took the initiative to point him out, so that he got several free information, even at the risk of offending the elves, but also let his thieves track him down, hoping to pull him into the "Lost". These seemingly ordinary strange phenomena are actually where Qin Lun's ability lies. He is not deep in life, not as sophisticated as ordinary people, but he is proficient in psychology, delicate mind, excellent IQ, extremely restrained and not too greedy. People who deal with Qin Lun can easily find this and realize his great potential. Because only those who are smart and able to restrain their greed can survive in the unpredictable world and grow stronger and stronger. In addition, Qin Lun showed an indifferent attitude towards everything except his exuberant curiosity. People who understand quality, such as several other killers, know that this is a "dissector" who ignores life and has a ruthless character. However, people who do not understand the quality regard this kind of external performance as Qin Lun's clean body and simple temperament. The most important thing is that Qin Lun's character performance is not a disguise, but his most real embodiment. Only in this way can we attract so many people's attention at the same time. He not only got the investment of the demons and elves, but also got the friendship of the high apostles. Smart, rational, decisive, great potential, simple temperament, clean, not greedy in the face of temptation, not competitive with others, able to remember the benefits of others, this is simply the top ten young people of the century among the apostles, can you find a better investment target than him? Although the shepherd Hill also has the belief of hypocrisy and elegance, he is different from Qin Lun. After all,large inflatable water slide, Hill has been in the human society of the Earth Federation for decades. The smooth side of the character has been unable to change, similar to the old and refined Demon Clan Foreign Affairs Elder, who can see through him at a glance.

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