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Deviant litigation Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h45   Gardiennage   Gandiaye   143 vues Référence: 192
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The policeman looked up at him and came to accompany him back to the interrogation room. Blackhead says heartily: "You are a good person, I have an opportunity to thank you certainly." The policeman gave him a sidelong glance and said, "Don't bother people any more. To honestly explain the problem is to thank me." That night, the blackhead was transferred to the detention center. The detention center is different from the Public Security Bureau. Before entering the number room, the blackheads were searched inside and outside, and the belts and shoelaces were confiscated. The blackhead was secretly glad that he had the foresight to hide the material in advance. Room No. Is 20 square meters in size. Against one wall is a big Kang. The people who come in are like fish in a sardine can. They are neatly placed along the Kang one by one. The black head saw that there was still a gap at the end of the Kang, so he squeezed up, and before he could lie down, he was punched in the back. Boy, lie here without asking. Is this where you lie? You think it's on your wife's hot Kang. The blackhead looked and saw that it was the hand of a man lying against the side wall. The man had a big waist, a bald head and a fat face. At first, the blackhead thought that his head had been shaved. He looked twice more, only to find that he had no hair, beard, or eyebrows. He was a natural light gourd. Later, the blackhead learned that his name was the big monk. Go, go, go, push over there. The big monk pointed to the other end of the Kang. Blackhead says: "There is no place over there." Then I have a place here? Damn it,smart board for conference room, why don't you just sleep in my arms? The fire of the black head went straight to the top door, thinking that he had just come in and could not cause trouble, so he forced the fire down, climbed down from the Kang, slipped his eyes twice on the Kang, but did not find a place to live. In a twinkling of an eye, there were some small wooden bundles under the edge of the Kang,smartboard for business, so the blackhead had to sit on the small bundles, leaning back against the Kang, ready to make do with it all night. In the dim light, the blackhead felt that someone was patting him gently. He looked back and saw a thin man with a head only as big as a fist looking at him with pity. He pointed to a small gap beside him and motioned for him to come up. The black head sat on the small bundle so that his waist was sore and his legs were wooden, and he could not care much more. He climbed up to the Kang and lay down on the side of the small thin man. Lying down, but unable to sleep, the air was filled with foot odor, breath odor, body odor, and the sound of snoring, grinding teeth and dreaming in the dark. All this made him feel as if he had returned to the prison life of more than ten years ago. ***, how can I have such a fate with the prison in my life? I came in again in a muddle. He cursed himself and gradually fell asleep. Two heavy slaps on his head startled him out of his deep sleep. At daybreak, the great monk stood on top of his head, digital interactive whiteboard ,65 inch smart board, grinning grimly. The blackhead sat up in a muddled way, and when he saw the big monk's scarlet nose, he realized that he had been awakened by him. Go, empty the bucket. The people in the room were not allowed to go to the toilet at night, and there was a big iron bucket in the corner of the room for the detainees to drown at night. Blackhead did not move, other people's eyes are staring at him, blackhead look at the monk, asked: "Why don't you go down?" Without saying a word, the big monk waved his hand and slapped him. The black head pretended to protect his head. As soon as he lifted his left arm, the hard elbow of his arm just hit the big monk's forearm. The big monk suffered a dark loss. He grinned with pain, and his whole arm was not working. He stared at the blackhead fiercely, and the blackhead looked at him calmly, like a cock in a fight. Forget it, I'll go. He slid down the Kang, picked up the urine bucket and walked out. Just as he was about to go out, someone stretched out his legs. The little thin man tripped over a dog and ate shit. The urine bucket fell over, and the smelly urine splashed on his body, face and head. All the people in the room laughed. The black head did not laugh, so he could not laugh. The little thin man shouted loudly, and after the guard came to find out what was going on, he opened the door and let the little thin man go out to wash. The little thin man hurried to the washroom and came back wet and shivering with cold. Breakfast began. As soon as the whistle sounded and the door of the house opened, the people in the house crowded around it. Blackheads and little thin people were surrounded outside the crowd. By the time they reached the front of the bowl, there was no mixed flour porridge and steamed bread at all. The black head looked at the big monk sitting on the edge of the Kang, holding two steamed bread heads in his hands and carrying a basin of porridge triumphantly. He understood the hidden button. He quietly climbed up the Kang and closed his eyes to rest. The big monk threw a bite of the steamed bread to the little thin man: "You poured the bucket of urine in the morning, reward you." The little thin man picked up the steamed bread from the ground, blew off the dust on it, and swallowed it in two or three mouthfuls. At the beginning of lunch, the big monk directed other people to surround the black head, so that he could not get close to the bucket of mixed flour porridge and the bowl of steamed bread. The blackhead simply ignored the people who intentionally surrounded the bucket, and he did not leave the Kang until the people dispersed. When the sallow faced man sleeping next to the big monk respectfully handed the two steamed bread and the full porridge basin to the big monk, the black head stretched out his hand and grabbed the steamed bread from the yellow face and ate it. The big monk and the yellow face were stunned. The big monk flew into a rage and threw the porridge basin at the black head. The black head dodged. The porridge basin hit the Kang, and the mixed porridge splashed all over the Kang. As if nothing had happened, the black head finished eating two steamed bread. Seeing that the yellow face was reluctant but helpless, he handed his share of steamed bread to the big monk. The big monk was about to reach out to pick it up. The black head reached out and the steamed bread was in his hand again. Yellow face is urgent, stretch out a hand to grab, black head twists his hand, cut his arm to the back, ask: "If you eat, I give you, if you are filial to him, I enjoyed myself." Yellow face nods repeatedly: "I myself eat." The black head returned the steamed bread to him, and the yellow face quickly stuffed it into his mouth. The big monk was so angry that he suddenly rushed at the black head. The black head lay down and put his foot on the big monk's stomach. The big monk flew out of his body and fell on the foot of the Kang. It happened to hit another person. The person who was hit whined, but the big monk was not hurt. "Blackhead Hei Hei sneers to say:" This is the first action,interactive digital whiteboard, the rabbit kicks chicken. This move was originally called the rabbit kicking the eagle, the black head did not want him to be the eagle when he was the rabbit, so he temporarily changed the name of this move to the rabbit kicking the chicken.

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