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Die with the boss [wear quickly] Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h46   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   112 vues Référence: 350
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Luo Cheng was watching him fall down, I do not know how to think of the last world of blue-haired silver-eyed little mermaid, and finally with his own knife in his chest, in his arms did not look alive. There was an immediate "buzz" in his brain, and before he had time to think, he rushed to the medical room with cheese dust in his arms. In the medical room, there was a military doctor accompanying the team. Seeing this, he was about to come over and give him a hand. Without saying a word, Luo Cheng drove the man out, closed the door, and put Si Chen into the medical cabin. While the medical cabin was busy analyzing the various body data of Si Chen, Luo Cheng leaned against the edge of the cabin and lit a cigarette, which dared to loosen the breath he had been holding. Soon after Si Chen fainted, he smelled the faint smell of pheromones on his body. Sixty percent of the members of the White Raven are alpha, and if it turns out that the Crown Prince of the Empire is an Omega who has been hiding his true gender for years, it will be a big deal. However, in the time of a cigarette, the high-function medical cabin quickly gave Si Chen a detailed physical examination report. Luo Cheng skipped a pile of data and looked at it. He was suffering from mild malnutrition and too much mental stress. Because of the mental stress, he had induced the estrus in advance,14 tube fitting, and had already appeared the symptoms of the early estrus-the unconscious escape of pheromones. Medical Intelligence's recommendations based on the report are: first, inject nutrients; second, combine with alpha or inject inhibitors (the latter is extremely not recommended); and most importantly, balance your diet and reduce your sugar intake. Luo Cheng scanned the whole report at a glance and found that none of the three suggestions could be done except the first one. As a heavy sweet lover, Si Chen has reached the point of replacing meals with sweets. It is better to starve him to death than to ask him not to eat sweets. Combine with alpha-well, it's impossible to think about it with your knees. Injection of suppressants-Si Chen is almost immune to suppressants. Since the last temporary marking, Luo Cheng doesn't know how he survived the subsequent estrus. Another temporary mark is not realistic,tube fitting manufacturer, it will make Si Chen addicted to his taste, and will lead to his later estrus, even the temporary mark can not calm the fever. That is to say, the next estrus of Si Chen can only be passed by the real combination with alpha. But this child can live to the present, I think it is impossible to rely on tolerance, there must be some way in hand, Luo Cheng passed the options one by one, found that there is no other way but to wait for him to wake up. As the commander in chief of the starship, Luocheng openly violated the rule of "no fire and no smoke" in the starship, shaking his legs anxiously and smoking three cigarettes against the medical cabin. After the nutrition injection, Si Chen's face, like gold paper, finally slowly became ruddy. But instead of waking up, he gradually frowned, stainless steel needle valve ,14 needle valve, his eyes  Chen dying struggle a few times, after recognizing the huge gap between the two, can only endure humiliation,brass tube fitting, stay still. When Luo Cheng finally withdrew from his mental net, almost two hours had passed, and both of them were soaked through as if they had just been fished out of the water. Si Chen raised his limp arm with difficulty and touched the swollen and painful gland in the back of his neck. His face suddenly became cold: "Did you mark it temporarily again?"

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Die with the boss [wear quickly]