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Difference between Short-path Distillation and Molecular Distillation-Shanghai DEA Emploi Plein temps

28 nov. 2022 à 2h23   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   245 vues Référence: 82
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Original Title: Difference between Short-path Distillation and Molecular Distillation-Shanghai DEA Short-path distillation, "short path" refers to a shorter distance, in a broad sense, the evaporator adopts the design scheme that the distance from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface is less than 300 MM, which can be called a short-path distiller. In terms of design structure, it can be divided into scraper short-path distiller, centrifugal short-path distiller and short-path distillers evolved from the condenser installation position of film evaporator improved by some manufacturers in recent years. At present, the most mature technology widely used is the scraper short-distance distiller, which is designed to consist of a vertical evaporation cylinder heated externally,winterization filtration, a central condenser and a rotating film scraper between the distiller and the condenser. The distillation process is as follows: the material is added from the top of the evaporator, and is continuously and uniformly distributed on the heating surface by the feed liquid distributor on the rotor, and then the film scraper scrapes the feed liquid into a very thin layer of turbulent liquid film, which is pushed downward in a spiral shape. In this process,jacketed glass reactor, the light components escaping from the heating surface are condensed into liquid on the built-in condenser through a very short route and almost without collision, and flow down the condenser tubes and discharged through the discharge tube at the bottom of the evaporator; the residual liquid, namely the heavy components, is collected in the circular channel under the heating area and then flows out through the discharge tube at the side. Molecular distillation, more precisely, the principle of molecular distillation, wiped film distillation ,wiped film evaporator, is different from the traditional distillation which relies on the principle of boiling point difference separation, but relies on the difference of mean free path of molecular motion of different substances to achieve separation. In the distillation process,Due to the strict distance requirement between the heating wall of short-path distillation and the condenser, the light molecules escaping from the liquid surface reach the condensing surface almost instantaneously, and the heating time of the light molecules in the vapor phase can be ignored in this process. The potential for thermal decomposition is minimized. Superior efficiency of mass transfer and heat transfer: DEA short-path distillation uses a mechanical film wiping system,molecular distillation systems, which is different from the uneven film formation defects of other falling film evaporators. In the short-path evaporator, the material film thickness is uniform and the flow characteristics are excellent. Because the area of the liquid level and the heating surface is almost equal, the efficiency of mass transfer and heat transfer is superior. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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