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However, the idea of helping before was dispelled, and if Xue Qingshan could not even cope with a child, it was not worth his attention. How could Xue Qingshan not see Xue's thoughts. In his eyes, this old immortal is a master who does not see rabbits and does not scatter eagles. He receives the benefits he brings to the clan, but never knows how to give him something good. If any clan has a clan school, the clan does not subsidize one or two. On the contrary, he worked for nothing all day long, and every time a family in the clan brought some grain casually, the patriarch called him over and asked him to accept it. To be generous at the expense of others and to spend the money of other people's names is unkind to others and meaningless to oneself! Xue Qingshan sneered in his heart, but on his face he made a respectful petition and invited all the people, such as Zheng Lizheng, the head of the Xue clan, into the room. Chief Xue and Zheng Li were sitting cross-legged on the Kang, one on the left and one on the right, while the others were sitting on stools below. Yang and Zhou were busy pouring tea, and even Xue Taoer was sent to call Xue to hurry home. Chief Xue and Zheng Lizheng both had the habit of smoking dry tobacco, so they sat down and took out the dry tobacco pouch. Xue Qingshan hurriedly took a bag of tobacco leaves from his mother Zhao's hand and gave them cigarettes. "This is my father's own kind," he said. "It's very precious at ordinary times. Uncle Li and Uncle Li can taste it." "Your father's tobacco is good, but it's too little." After lighting, Zheng Li took a deep breath and said with a smile. Xue Qingshan replied, "If Uncle Li Zheng likes it, I'll put on some clothes with you when I leave later. Don't dislike it." These were all polite words, and everyone knew each other. Zheng Li nodded with a smile and went straight to the subject: "What is Shanzi going to do to invite a few of our old guys over this time?" Looking at Zheng Li's smiling face, Xue Qingshan scolded the old fox in his heart. Things will be like this,12 needle valve, this surname Zheng did not do anything inside, he is absolutely not believe. But it is precisely so, today he will even Zheng Lizheng are invited, after all, he is Yuqing village, and surnamed Zheng, also avoid being said to be shielded. Including several villagers present today, Xue Qingshan is thinking about inviting, Zheng surname,14 needle valve, Xue surname, and two people with mixed surnames in the village, but they are all popular in the village. Is there one thing that needs to be decided by several elders, or wait for my father, he is in the field, and he will be back soon. Just as Xue was talking, he came back. After he came in, there was a burst of greetings before he sat down to get to the point. It's a shame to talk about it. Recently, some things in my family have made everyone laugh. As soon as I heard that this was the beginning, except for Chief Xue and Zheng Lizheng, all the people present were somewhat embarrassed. After all, this was someone else's family affair. Although this family affair had come to people's faces, it was not the same thing to talk about it in private as to talk about it on the table. In fact, to put it bluntly, it's all because of poverty. In the past, our family would not be like this. We sent one baby, but the other one didn't. An old man named Xue Lianhe, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, who was also surnamed Xue and was of the same generation as Xue, sighed, "Lian Xing, don't say that. Your family is also in trouble." Xue sighed with a wry smile, "It's difficult. No one is difficult. This light is all on the surface.". But no matter how difficult it is, if you want your baby to be promising, you have to offer it. If you don't offer it, it will become a difficult problem. With a trembling hand, he took out a tobacco pouch from his waist, lit it and took a puff. Then he added, "The palms and backs of my hands are all fleshy. It hurts me to give up any one of them.". In fact, this matter was mentioned last year, and I have been procrastinating, because I am afraid that the baby will feel uncomfortable. It's not easy for a farmer like us to provide for a scholar. It's not easy for the family to provide for Shanzi. Although he didn't pass the exam several times, he did something for the village and all of us. For so many years, our family has been dealing with people in the village, and everyone has seen it in their eyes. They don't mention it when they are far away. They just say that the private school in Shanzi, as long as it is a villager, the family is not well off, and the bundle is late or even less, our family never mentions it. Why? It's because it's not easy for us country people to make a living. We face the loess and turn our backs to the sky. If God doesn't give us a little face, the whole family will suffer from famine. After a year's hard work, some of them don't even have enough taxes to pay. In fact, I said that I was not afraid of the laughter of several elder brothers and brothers. I worked hard for Shanzi to study in those years, thinking that if I could really pass the exam, it would be OK to exempt my family from taxes. ” This words point to stop, it seems to be light to say a few words, there is no more in-depth, but it is said that people have mixed feelings. Xue is telling the truth, or the truth that suits people's reality, that's why it's so complicated. Finally someone stood up to speak for that thing before, "Lian Xing elder brother, you quickly don't say, your behavior we still can't trust?"? When there was a rumor in the village, we told the children at home that brother Lian Xing was not that kind of person. Grandfathers, and those who don't love their grandchildren. "Yes, yes, everyone can understand. Who is not difficult?" Seeing that everyone was echoing Xue's words, only Zheng didn't say anything. Zheng Li's eyes flashed and he said with a smile, "Everyone in the village is watching Shanzi's contribution to our village. Everyone knows Shanzi's benevolence and righteousness, and everyone thinks about it.". There's just one thing I don't know if I should say as an elder. "Uncle Li Zheng, you are Li Zheng of our village. There is nothing inappropriate to say." Zheng Lizheng nodded: "By rights, this is your family's business, and I shouldn't be an outsider to interrupt.". But Lian Xing said before that the palm and the back of the hand are all meat. He suddenly sighed and said in all earnestness, "Shanzi, don't forget how you lost your second child. All of us here can understand it because we have lived for decades and have never seen anything in our life. We are afraid that outsiders can't understand it." This makes Xue Qingshan look ugly on the spot, but since he can arrange this one, it is not without countermeasures. He immediately said, "Uncle Li Zheng is right, so I discussed it with my father and planned to give the two children a chance.". Let two people have a competition, the excellent one will go to school, and the unsuccessful one will study at home with me for another two years, and we will talk about it later when we have a chance. Hearing this, the people present looked at each other and did not have too many opinions. Especially with the foreshadowing before, Xue Qingshan's words seem to be reasonable,ball valve manufacturer, so people have nothing to pick. After all, no family is rich, and money does not come from the river.

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