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Don't be so proud Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h31   Plombier   Saint-Louis   165 vues Référence: 177
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She braved the heavy rain to come from H city, he rushed to the railway station from Gu Ping county, the heavy rain was torrential, he rolled up his trouser legs to carry her through the alleys where the water was knee-deep; she mistakenly believed Chen Han and waited for him at the bus stop in a mess, he rode a bicycle to pick her up and went back to her apartment; she was so poor that he wrote the password of the card on a piece of paper, and drew a sultry little love above the password; He and she went to the flower and bird market to buy two small turtles, she named Xiaoxi Xiaozhou, he put on a cold face disagreed, the next day before work to remind her not to forget to feed Xiaoxi Xiaozhou; She wanted to eat noodles with bean paste. He searched for the best way to make noodles with bean paste on his mobile phone. He tasted the finished product first. Before she ate it, he poured it all into the trash can. Finally, they sat on the sofa and ate takeout. He said to her, "We will invite an aunt in the future." "Well, then you have to work hard to make money. Aunt is very expensive now." "Mmm." "I will work hard, too." "It's not your turn to work hard." …… "Feelings are ups and downs, the world is upside down, a heart is cold, and less and less touched.." I want to go to the wind with you again, to go to the wind. Holding He Zhizhou in his arms, Shen Xi's tears came out unconsciously,ultrasonic cutting machine, leaving a shallow trace above He Zhizhou's white shirt. She thought, no matter what the future, she had the best moment of love at this time; this summer vacation was also the happiest summer for her, because she met the most beautiful person in her most brilliant youth. Youth must pass away, she did not know whether love would change in the fleeting time, but these are not important. Youth is just right, time is not old. The love she has should not be timid, even if it is only a warm and quiet feeling,ultrasonic dispersion machine, it is fresh, bright, solid and reassuring. It is also brave, but it is not blind to the impulse of the heart, but full of invincible trust and energy. So no matter what the future looks like, she is brave enough to believe that she and he can go on. Love can make people better. So even if the parting, there will be no heart-rending pain; even if he has nothing to do with her in the future, she also hopes that he will become more eye-catching and shining; even if everything tomorrow is unknown, she has no worries about gains and losses. She loved him and he loved her, and that was enough. It's all just a simple Enjoy loving. …… At the end of the summer vacation, Shen Xi was transported back from H City by Shen Jianguo. On the first day of school, the school gate was full of cars. Shen Jianguo managed to grab a parking space and shook hands with the school guards to thank them. Shen Xi was unloaded from the car, and then all kinds of big bags and small bags. Holding a small parasol, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, she complained to Shen Jianguo: "Daddy, why do you want to go to school?" From elementary school to university, every time school starts to ask, I thought it was not his turn to send this time, but the result was still cheating! Shen Jianguo imitated Shen Xi: "Why should I send you to school?" "Because my boyfriend can't send me for the time being!" Shen Xi has a pitiful look. Fine Shen Jianguo compromise, he lost Shen Xi a light bag, then tigerishly carrying a large suitcase to walk in front. Shen Xi, wearing a simple white shirt and jeans with suspenders, followed him. Just a few steps later, his cell phone rang in his pocket. It was He Zhizhou who called. He asked her how she was getting on. Shen Xi did not have time to chat with him, but she wanted to complain, the object of Tucao is a strong man who does not keep his word, has already discussed the beginning of school to help her get things, the result is not even seen. He Zhizhou said lightly, "I told him not to come." "What!" He Zhizhou came to a more ruthless: "I will not let my brother take care of my wife." Hum! Shen Xi hung up his cell phone. On the other side, the strong man did not come, but was late. They have fewer classes in their senior year, which does not mean that they have no classes. He Zhizhou can apply for special treatment without regular classes. He had to be dragged by the counselor to move the book. The counselor of their department has never had any moral integrity. He said, "Your class will send the most handsome one." The most handsome, everyone ignores Zhao XX, Lin XX in the class. Both of them voted for the strong man Zhou Chen. In a word, the strong man went to the library valiantly to carry books for the goblins. As soon as I came and went, I was late. About He Zhizhou's theory of "not letting brothers take care of girlfriends". After strong man knows, immediately excited: "This does not matter, I break off brotherly relations with eldest brother another day, minute!" Monkey: Sure enough, there is no moral integrity. —— He Zhizhou completed all the formalities to fly to the United States on August 28th. As for S & N's Bolin project, the whole project is divided into five groups, and Group B of He Zhizhou is the best completed and the smoothest progress. He Zhizhou did not pay the liquidated damages. Shen Xi also met with the boss of Bolin. The boss said with heartache and helplessness: "I still expect Zhizhou to return to China and continue to join S & N. Although I am a businessman, I will not be so shallow that I only consider the immediate interests.". I'll give him a favor and return it to me when he returns home. Then the parting, Shen Xi thought the parting would be terrible. Even if it is not terrible, it is inseparable, just like the song "Parting Station". What "when you tightly hold my hand, repeatedly said treasure treasure", the fact is that she held a cup of He Zhizhou bought her Frappuccino; what "when you look deeply into my eyes" He Zhizhou directly patted her head; finally she did not "keep calling call", but stood in a large group of people can not say a word. Is this the airport of departure? Only after all, there is a touch of reluctance. She told herself that this was not a big deal, that the temporary separation was not the end, but a new beginning. Zhong Jingyue was present, so was Grandpa He, and the strong man and the monkey came over. With so many people around, she couldn't show too much reluctance until he Zhizhou was about to pass the security check, and she wanted to hug him. She couldn't reach out, and then He Zhizhou turned around and hugged her. He whispered in her ear,ultrasonic welding transducer, "Take care of yourself. I'll be back." She nodded in his arms, afraid to speak for fear that she would cry as soon as she opened her mouth. Finally, she quietly reached out and drew a small love heart on his back. She gave him a little heart and told him to take good care of himself.

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