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Don't marry a rich family as long as you get a raise. Emploi Temps partiel

20 févr. 2023 à 5h35   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   129 vues Référence: 334
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"Back to Qinyuan?"? It's not easy to make a trip so far. Besides, you have to torment your roommate when you go back, so she has to ask you how to do it? Are you sure you want to tell her about today? Yan Chengxuan is good at guiding. Jiang Xue shook her head, she did not want to mention what happened during the day, not at all, but what if Manman asked? Yan Chengxuan sees Jiang Xue waver, make persistent efforts: "You fall asleep today, you see this is the middle of the night, sleep a few hours to dawn.". I'll take you back at dawn, okay? It seems that this is the only way, Jiang Xue looked at Yan Chengxuan some hesitation. Be good, be good, lie down! If you don't sleep, it will be dawn! Yan Chengxuan pressed Jiang Xue back to bed again and covered her with a blanket. Sleepy and tired and confused Jiang Xue, IQ completely offline, at the mercy of Yan Chengxuan, and then let him lie next to him, in a daze to sleep in the past. Yan Chengxuan leaning on his arm, lying on his side beside Jiang Xue, smiling so much that his face was full of love. Lesser Snow was really beautiful. With a fever and some difficulty in breathing, Jiang Xue's small mouth opened slightly, as if it could drip blood. Yan Chengxuan was so distracted that he approached Jiang Xue's ear and shouted softly,plastic cosmetic tubes, "Lesser Snow?"? Lesser Snow? No response. Snow, I kissed you! If you don't speak, I'll take it as a promise! Still no response, good boy! Yan Chengxuan propped up above Jiang Xue, slowly approaching Jiang Xue's lips, sticking up, gently tossing and turning. Jiang Xue felt uncomfortable and stuck out his tongue and licked it gently. This time, Yan Chengxuan only felt the blood all over his body rushing to one place, he looked down,eye cream packaging tube, and then looked at the burning Jiang Xue, cursing in a low voice. ***! You did this to yourself. Yan Chengxuan lay down beside Jiang Xue and dared not do it again. Early the next morning, Yan Chengxuan got up early and went downstairs to order Wang Ma to cook porridge. Oh, Master Xuan, were you tired last night? "Wang Ma's face was wrinkled with laughter." Yeah, I'm exhausted! Yan Chengxuan stretched and yawned again and again. Last night he watched Jiang Xue measure his temperature several times, and when he saw that he had not burned, he slept intermittently for a few hours. Take a rest when you are tired. Why do you get up so early! I must make you some soup. Wang Ma chuckled as she spoke. Yan Chengxuan got up early and his head crashed for a long time. Now he looked at Wang Ma's face with a smile of "I understand" before he reacted: "Wang Ma, what are you thinking about? I was tired of taking care of Xiaoxue last night. I know, I know, you are tired of taking care of Miss Xiaoxue! Oh, you don't have to tell me in detail, hot eyes! Wang Ma said and ran to the kitchen. Why are your eyes so hot? Yan Chengxuan kicked the sofa irritably and scratched his hair. There is Yan Lu in the company, there is Wang Ma at home, and there is his mother, cosmetic tube ,empty lotion tubes, the gossip woman, back to the mansion. Can he live a quiet life! Yan Chengxuan heard Wang Ma secretly calling in the kitchen again, sighed, and went upstairs. Yan Chengxuan gently sat on the edge of the bed, leaning against the head of the bed, looking at Jiang Xue, the corners of his mouth slowly turned up, how can someone not wash his face and make up so good-looking. Yan Chengxuan reached out and gently touched Jiang Xue's face, rubbing it back and forth, really slippery. Uh Jiang Xue moved. Yan Chengxuan was so frightened that he jumped to the ground, Jiang Xue was not in the state last night, and now if he woke up, he did not know what reaction he would have. Jiang Xue's small fan-like eyelashes trembled and opened his eyes. The line of sight left and right turns, sees Yan Chengxuan is standing at the bedside to smile at her, Jiang Xue also foolishly returned a brilliant smile. Morning, Lesser Snow! Yan Chengxuan was attracted by Jiang Xue's smiling face, holding the bed with both hands, bending down and looking close to Jiang Xue. Morning.. Jiang Xue suddenly reacted that it was not a dream, and suddenly sat up, bumping his head into Yan Chengxuan's nose. Ah Yan Chengxuan screamed, covered his nose and fell on the bed, face down, motionless. Yan Chengxuan? Jiang Xue knew he was in trouble and knelt on the bed and reached out his hand to gently push Cheng Xuan. Yan Chengxuan did not move. Yan Chengxuan? Push again, still motionless. Died? She just got hit and killed? Do you want to call 120 to save it? Or call 110 to surrender directly? Her life is over, isn't it? Thinking of being in prison later, Jiang Xue was in tears. Yan Chengxuan, who wanted to enjoy his fiancee's concern, saw that there was no movement for a long time. He covered his nose and raised his head. Seeing that Jiang Xue began to sob, he was too frightened to care about anything else. He sat up hurriedly and went to touch Jiang Xue's head: "Did it hurt?"? I rub it! "You're not dead?" Jiang Xue looked at Yan Chengxuan with tears in her eyes, and a drop of tears rolled down, which was very pitiful. Yan Chengxuan heart sour and soft, so concerned about him? Are you so afraid of his death? "I'm all right, I'm just playing with you!" Yan Chengxuan stretched out his hand to touch Jiang Xue's head and comforted him, secretly hating that he was joking with his mother and that he had scared everyone to cry. So I don't have to go to jail? Jiang Xue smiled through tears. ……” Uh? Didn't you feel sorry for him? "Fool!" Yan Chengxuan sighed, he really wanted to know how Jiang Xue grew up, how so, so silly and lovely. Can you wipe your nose? You have a nosebleed! Jiang Xue pointed to Yan Chengxuan's nose. Uh Yan Chengxuan stretched out his hand to wipe. ***, it's ***ing bleeding. He looked down again, and I don't know when the white sheets were dripping red. He wiped his nosebleed hand and thought of a scene, and the nosebleed became worse. What to do? What to do? Jiang Xue looked anxious and felt at a loss to reach out and touch Yan Chengxuan's arm. Yan Chengxuan was not clean in his mind at the moment, was touched by Jiang Xue's soft little hand, a tight body, hurriedly got up and ran to the bathroom, after a while, the sound of running water came from the bathroom. A long time. Jiang Xue suspected that Yan Chengxuan had lost too much blood and fainted in the bathroom, and was about to get up to have a look when Yan Chengxuan came out. Yan Chengxuan came out wrapped in a bath towel. His hair was wet and messy, his face was inexplicably satisfied, his lips were slightly raised, and he could not tell the evil charm. Jiang Xue glanced at the tight and strong upper body, covering half of the mermaid line,pump tube, his heart suddenly jumped, and hurriedly turned his face to the other side, not daring to look again. So what? I washed my nose and took a shower. And shamelessly solved it by the way.

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