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Douluo Mainland _ Tang Emploi Plein temps

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Fortunately, Xiaowu gave full play to the connotation of poor shopping, only to see but not to buy, which did not let the two people's public wallets deflate. Prices in Soto are at least 30% higher than those in Notting City, especially in goods, but the quality is also better than that in Notting City. Of course, this is because Notting City is a border city, and if it is a small inland city, it is far from being comparable to Soto City. Xiao San, look at that. Xiao Wu suddenly cried out in surprise. Outside, she usually calls Tang San a mistress, only when there are only two people, she will call him brother. It is euphemistically called a secret between two people. Tang San didn't care about that either, so it was up to her. What kind of clothing store is it? Young lady, should we find a place to have lunch and go back? Tang San pointed to the sun in the middle of the coming day. Xiao Wu took him by the hand and said, "Look, look.". It seems to have something to do with the soul master. Tang San then looked in the direction of her finger and saw a shop not far away. The shop front was not big, but the sign hanging on the shop was different. The sign is engraved with a circular mark on which there are several special symbols. Ordinary people may not understand the meaning of these symbols, but Tang San and Xiao Wu know it. Because those marks are the same as the token of the Hall of Martial Soul. They are a sword, a hammer and a blue Tyrannosaurus Rex. Together, the three marks are the same as the master's special token of the Hall of Martial Soul. I don't know why it appeared on the sign of a shop. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 15 The Skill of the Millennium Soul Ring, White Tiger King Kong Change (5) "Go and see." Tang San took Xiaowu to the shop. The door of the shop was open, and it looked a little dark inside. When they walked in, a special energy wave immediately attracted their attention. This energy wave was very similar to that in the Hall of Martial Soul, but weaker. After the master's teaching, Tang San knew that this was because of the soul guide. The soul guide has the fluctuation of soul power. If it is not used to bind with its own soul power, the soul power will be released. Most Horcruxes do not have an attack function and can only do some simple assistance. Nevertheless, Horcruxes are extremely rare. All the Horcruxes that have been handed down can be said to be antiques, because the way they were made has been lost. There was only one person in the shop, there was no counter, and there were some items hanging on three walls, which looked very old and did not look valuable at all. The only one was sitting on a wooden recliner, shaking with his eyes closed. He looked about fifty years old, and though he was not young, he was very strong, and the reclining chair, which looked fairly strong, shook and rattled under his weight. The man has a distinctive face, with a slightly forward chin, broad cheekbones, a flat face, Marble Granite Price ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and a somewhat aquiline nose. If we have to use one thing to describe it, we can only say that his face is a bit like the sole of a shoe. Although his eyes were closed, he looked a little crafty. Face with a pair of black-framed crystal glasses, the frame is the kind of rigid square, how to look, there is a strange feeling. Tang San and Xiaowu did not wake him up when they entered the shop. He was still breathing evenly and shaking on the recliner. Xiao Wu looked around curiously, "Xiao San, are these all soul guides?" Tang San's eyes shifted from the middle-aged man to the objects hanging on the wall. To tell the truth, he said, "I don't know this either. Unless each one is tested with soul power, you can't see it with your eyes." As he spoke, he walked to the wall and his eyes fell on a crystal the size of a human head. The eyes suddenly froze a little. The crystal looks unremarkable, it is transparent, but there are large dark yellow impurities inside. Hang closest to the door. But it was this crystal that made Tang San's heart beat faster and his eyes shine. He never thought that he would see such a crystal in such a shop and such a location. Tang San's change was naturally discovered by Xiaowu, "Xiao San, what are you doing with this rotten crystal?"? I'm afraid it's not easy to find a worse one in the crystal. This crystal has no luster, poor transparency, and no color attached. Amethyst is the most precious. You're not going to buy such a thing, are you? To Xiaowu's surprise, Tang San nodded affirmatively, "I want to buy this crystal, but I don't know how much it costs." "Not expensive, a hundred gold soul coins." A languid, slightly magnetic huskiness rang out. I don't know if it's because the speaker has a big tongue, and his words are a little inarticulate. Fortunately, only Tang San and Xiaowu were here, and the shop was very quiet, so they could clearly distinguish what he was saying. Tang San didn't say anything, but Xiaowu turned around fiercely, "This broken crystal, but also a hundred gold soul coins, you might as well go to grab it." The middle-aged man on the recliner opened his eyes, but did not leave his seat. "One hundred gold soul coins are already the cheapest price here.". If you don't buy it, please go. Then he closed his eyes again. Xiaowu was furious and was about to go forward to argue, but was pulled by Tang San, "OK, I'll buy it." Over the past few years, Tang San also has a certain amount of savings, his usual expenses are very small, most of the income has been saved up. Especially after reaching the level of the Great Soul Master, the monthly subsidy from the Hall of Martial Soul has become ten golden soul coins, and now Tang San plus all the assets of Xiaowu, there are more than 700 golden soul coins. Mistress, are you all right? Xiaowu raised his hand and touched Tang San's forehead to make sure he had a fever. Tang San made a color to Xiaowu, then shook his head gently,grey marble slab, and wiped his right hand on the moonlit night of the twenty-four bridges around his waist. A money bag containing exactly one hundred gold soul coins appeared in his hands. Turned to the middle-aged man and handed it over. The middle-aged man did not open his eyes. "You don't have enough money." "This is a hundred gold soul coins," said Tang San. "But I want to sell two hundred gold soul coins for my crystal," said the middle-aged man in a faint voice.

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