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Dressed as the president's ex-girlfriend. Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 5h00   Menuiser Métallique   Dakar   156 vues Référence: 251
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He kept answering the phone in his hands and looked up at the upstairs. She thought he would stand there for a long time before he whispered something to the phone. Then he stepped on the snow and turned to walk slowly like his own house. In the dark night, under the street lamp, the figure looks very lonely. Chu Chaoyang lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling, I do not know why, always can not sleep, after a long time, before turning to look at the bedside mobile phone. Heard that the range of mobile phone radiation is one meter, one meter away from the radiation will be much smaller, in the past she slept, mobile phones are far away from their own, I do not know when to start, mobile phones on their hands can reach. She watched for a moment, then gradually closed her eyes. She could feel that Du Jingming liked her, liked her very much, probably more than she had imagined. People are very sensitive. You can feel whether a person is sincere to you, unless he is pretending to be asleep. Chu Chaoyang is a very passive and slow personality, must others like her first, she will like others,Grey Marble Slab, if others do not like her, she will not take the initiative to approach. And what she can't refuse most is that others really like her. She knew that she was moved and enjoyed. She fell asleep unconsciously, sleeping very sweetly. In the morning, she was woken up by the ringing of her mobile phone. The contact person was Xie Muwen. Brother Xie? She finally sobered up a little. "Is it the midnight box office?" "Mmm." Xie Muwen's mood is not bad: "The midnight box office is 12000 yuan." In this film, he invested more than half of his savings in the past few years. Hsieh Mu-wen is 30 years old this year. Because of her good appearance, she became popular as a supporting actor in a martial arts film as soon as she entered the entertainment industry. After that, she played the leading actor in two costume dramas. Her acting career is going smoothly. Although he won the best actor award early, he is not a gifted actor. All his acting skills are learned and polished bit by bit in the process of acting. With a good script and team,Agate Slabs For Sale, his company is willing to praise him and finally win the best actor award. In fact, among the people who competed for the best actor in the same year as him, there were two well-known veteran actors, but the final best actor was him. Apart from the fact that his film was really good at that time and the box office was high, there was also the contribution of the company behind him. He is a very grateful person, so even though he has become the best actor, he has never thought of job-hopping in the face of other companies'high price poaching, which also leads to his savings over the years not as much as he looks. Moreover, this year's salary is not as exaggerated as it will be ten years later. Xie Muwen is very optimistic about the script, but he still has no confidence, and later with the participation of Chu Chaoyang, he has a little confidence, at least not to lose money on the line. After all, White Marble Mosaic ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, it is the first time to make a film investment, and it will not make money at one time, let alone the cold theme with such a small audience. Chu Chaoyang rubbed and sat up from the bed with a nasal voice: "1200000, so little?" She remembered that the midnight box office of Jiangshan Meiren Mou was 6800000. Hearing what she said, Xie Muwen smiled instead. Deep laughter reached her eardrum through her cell phone from her chest: "It's not low. After all, the cost is not high. It depends on today's first day box office." Although the film has invested tens of millions of yuan, most of it is paid to the actors, and the cost itself is not much. Like this year's several martial arts magic blockbusters "Silver Armor", "Assassin", "Sword God" and so on, all of them are hundreds of millions of yuan of big productions made by famous directors and actors. Compared with these big productions, such low-cost small productions as "Deep Pursuit" are too insignificant in them. Had it not been for the nameless addition, which brought a lot of heat and publicity to the film, I'm afraid fewer people would be watching it now. Oh Chu Chaoyang lifted the quilt to get up and went to the window to open the curtains. Has been very nervous box office Xie Muwen and Chu Chaoyang said, but the heart is not so nervous, perhaps Chu Chaoyang performance is too calm. Did I disturb your sleep? Chu Chaoyang put one leg on the balcony, pressed his leg, and bent down, "I usually get up at this time." "I'm too nervous," said Xie Muwen with a smile. You can't see it at all. You have a calm face. ” Xie Muwen laughed. By the way, what did the movie review say? Xie Muwen says: "The comment of the audience on the net is pretty good still, still have those who say to brush 2, film comment has not come out, still be too early now." Xie Muwen raised his wrist and looked at the time: "It's estimated to be nine o'clock." It's only seven o'clock. Call Chu Chaoyang so early and do such a rude thing, which shows how nervous Xie Muwen is about the box office. Also nervous is Wang Yue. When Wang Yue saw the box office, his heart was half set. Why? Because his last films, "a Dagger" and "Wilderness", had a total box office of 16,000. Yes, you read it right. It's not 160 million, but 16 thousand, which is 16 thousand. Can be called zero box office, the kind of loss of pants can not be worn. Otherwise, if he wants to make a movie, why can't he find an investor after preparing the script for several years? 1200000, not to mention the midnight box office, even the total box office broke his previous record. On the Internet, they are also brushing the midnight box office of "Deep Hunting". 1200000's midnight box office, see how nameless brain-damaged fans also blow nameless box office appeal! "Nameless box office appeal is 1200000, afraid not to laugh me to death!" "What about the appeal of hundreds of millions?"? Nameless fanboys, where are you? "I suspect that nameless popularity is also blown out, Berlin Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Award, even her fans do not buy it, hahahahaha,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, this is probably the biggest joke of the year!" "The midnight box office of Jiangshan Meiren Mou is nearly 70 million yuan. I thought that Deep Hunting would break 10 million yuan. I laughed to death. 1200000!" "The nameless box office myth is shattered!" "Let's go to sing well. What kind of play is it?" "Nameless, you let go of the movie circle, don't come to harm us to thank the movie king!"

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Dressed as the president's ex-girlfriend.