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Eat beautiful food Emploi Plein temps

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Xue Pinger led Xuanyue to the guest room and opened the door to invite him in. Martial Uncle, I'll have someone bring you some tea later. The sheets and bedding are all new. You can have a rest first. "Good." "Oh, yes, Uncle, you said you wanted to make it clear to Sister Wen, but she's been busy in the kitchen and you can't see her. Do you want me to help?" "How can I help?" "I asked her to go to the dome to see the stars in the evening. Uncle, you can wait there first." Xuanyue felt that this was also a good way, he came to apologize to her in advance, but she had been busy in the kitchen, he could not go to the kitchen to find her. Even if he went and she ignored him and stared at him, he couldn't take her away in front of the kitchen. Then I'll trouble Pinger. "No trouble." Pinger smiled, thinking that she would do anything to help her get Wen Lan away from Brother Gu. After dinner, Wen Lan helped Wu and his wife clean up the kitchen,Magnesium Oxide MgO, then put out the fire and took the two children back to their residence. After a tiring day, the two little guys returned to their residence and climbed into bed without washing their faces. Wen Lan can not, although she is also very tired, but still want to take a bath first and then go to bed. Filled with hot water to the bathroom, a beautiful bath,dap diammonium phosphate, just came out to see someone knocking at the door. Wen Lan hurried to open it. It's Gu Ziyu. Brother Gu! "I'm sorry to come to you at this time after a busy day." "What's the matter?" "I think you have been in the water for two days. I haven't shown you around yet. Today the weather is good and there are no clouds. I want to show you our water dome and the stars in the sky." "Look at the stars?" Wen Lan thought that she had not gone to any place to enjoy the scenery and see the blue sky and white clouds for such a long time in the Southern Dynasty. It's rare for Big Brother Gu to have this heart. It's really great. I like to see the stars best. Wen Lan put down the clothes he had changed and followed Gu Ziyu to the dome sky, which Pinger said was the dome. The flower shadow said: Show you the stars tonight! Chapter 83: The Upper Dome The dome, in fact, is an open space with water in the sky. But this open space is not an ordinary open space, it is on a cliff, the way to climb up is not easy to walk, but once climbed up, there is a hole in the sky. With the help of Gu Ziyu, Wen Lan went up to the dome without any effort. As soon as she went up, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, she was attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of her. The stars in the sky were as close as crystals, as if she could reach out and pick two. This place is so beautiful. It's so simple. It's like being in another world. Wen Lan stretched out her hand and let the stars twinkle between her fingers. She really likes this place. He raised his head and waved his arms, happy as a child. Gu Ziyu sees her happy he is also very happy, he imitates her appearance to also reach out to look at the star through the finger gap. He used to come up alone to see the stars in the sky, but today was the happiest time for him. Sure enough, beautiful things need to be shared with others, especially with a woman he still likes. Have you ever heard of the myth of the stars? Gu Ziyu asked Wen Lan. What kind of myth. "Legend has it that the stars in the sky are controlled by the Lord of the Stars. What the Lord of the Stars does every day is to decide which star falls and which star is born." "The myth of the Southern Dynasty?" Gu Ziyu smiled. He reached out and patted Wen Lan on the head. "It seems that you haven't heard of it. This legend is actually about life and death. When a star falls, there is a death." "But it's all a lie, isn't it?" Wen Lan pointed to the stars in the sky and said tentatively to Gu Ziyu, "Brother Gu, do you believe that one day human beings will fly to a planet and walk on it to explore?" “……” Wen Lan thought that she might have talked about an area that Gu Ziyu could not cover. In order not to let Gu Ziyu treat her as a neuropathy, she quickly changed the subject. "I heard that some people can watch the stars. Looking at the changes of the chart, they can know a lot of things that others can't know. Is there really such a person?" "There should be. There are many talented people in the world." "Do you think a person who knows constellations is a talented person?" Wen Lan became interested and wanted to show off his ability to fool people in front of Gu Ziyu. "Constellation?"? What is a constellation? Sure enough, Wen Lan snickered in his heart, and then made an old pedant's appearance, giving Gu Ziyu a brief explanation of what he knew about the constellation of fur. Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, what the water to the constellation of earth to the constellation, what the patron saint of lucky color, a lot of talk in a mess. Gu Ziyu was stunned. Miss Wen knows a lot. "It was taught by an expert, and I won't tell anyone easily." "Bragging again." Suddenly a voice came from behind a boulder in the distance. Then a huge figure came out of the shadow of the boulder. It was Xuanyue. As soon as Gu Ziyu saw Xuanyue, he hurriedly greeted him, "Martial Uncle Xuanyue!" "Mmm." Xuanyue gently followed Gu Ziyu's forehead and cast her eyes on Wen Lan. Wen Lan also saluted, "Hello, Martial Uncle!" "Why do you call me Martial Uncle?" Xuanyue asked with a smile and a very kind attitude. This attitude makes Wen Lan a little confused. Is this the hunter who bit her? Is it the big commander who sent Qingfeng to let her get out of Shangjing? The gap between the former and the latter is not generally big. Forget it, who let him be Gu Ziyu's elder, this elder always has to have a good image. So Wen Lan saluted again, "I'm here as a cook now, and naturally I want to call you uncle according to the rules here." "Martial Uncle wants to hear your opinions about constellations. I wonder if you can?" Heh! He'll want to hear who just said she was bragging? Wen Lan rolled her eyes in her heart,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, but her attitude toward him was still there. She gave another salute and replied, "I just heard that I was here to take care of my eldest brother. Martial Uncle, you are well-informed. How can I show off my incompetence in front of you?" "Do you work less?" Xuanyue smiled and bent down slightly to look at Wen Lan's face through the starlight.

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"That's not what I said." Pei Yu said seriously, "I am not only Xiao's daughter-in-law, but also Pei's daughter. In terms of human relations, I don't want to have a good reputation, but I can't hurt your face, and I can't live up to the teachings of my mother's family.". At the beginning of everything, always try to do better. If I really don't have that ability, I will retreat myself. Her long eyelashes flashed and she gave him an example. "I've seen the empress twice, and I remember what you told me. I tell the truth about everything. Although I can't make the empress look at me differently, at least I won't make her resent it. That's the advantage of being prepared.". There are a lot of disputes between women. If some people follow the example of Mrs. Cui and come to the queen to scold me, the queen will listen to them many times. Even if she doesn't believe them, she will have some doubts. Therefore, it is better not to leave a handle to others as far as possible, so as to avoid the situation of unintentionally offending people. As Xiao Cuo listened to her, he kept staring at her with a smile. I don't know how pleasant she looks when she's serious or serious. Listen to me like this? I must be careful when I talk to you in the future, and I can't fool you. He said How often do you lie to me? She was a little embarrassed when the words came out of her mouth without thinking-when he lied to her, it was at night and at the time of intimacy. In broad daylight, why is she saying this? Uh She scratched her cheek gently, anxious to change the subject and resolve the embarrassment of the moment. "You interrupted me again.". Anyway, don't worry about it. It's my business. Push her again, "you go to change clothes quickly." Xiao Cuo could not help laughing, knowing that she had delved into her unintentional words,rapid sand filters, she must have blushed with embarrassment and put a pile of posts in front of her as if nothing had happened, "No matter you, can I help you?" "Is it?" Pei Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, smiling to the fundus, "that's great." Xiao Cuo read the posts one by one, and in the process, he classified them into three piles, leaving only one alone. He placed before her a pile of the middling quantity. "When the women of these families come to visit,Mechanical fine screen, if they are congenial to each other, don't worry about making friends with them; if they have no intention of displeasing you, don't keep them in your heart.". Those who are in charge are all people who have been on the battlefield or have done errands together. Their temperament is worse than mine, so we can't expect their women to be as polite as you. "Well, remember." Pei Yu nodded earnestly and weighed it in his hand. "These are the families that need to be treated with sincerity." "Yes." Pei Yu looked at the post and counted it carefully. There were more than a dozen. He let her treat each other with sincerity, must have the friendship to share the storm hand in hand at the critical moment. Xiao Cuo pointed to the smallest stack again. Just as he was about to speak, Pinellia asked for instructions at the door, "Hou Ye, madam, would you like to set the table?" "Shall we eat later?" Pei Yu asked for the meaning of Xiao Cuo. Xiao Cuo nodded his head and said to Pinellia, "We'll talk about it later." Pinellia is said to be gone. Xiao Cuo continued the previous topic, "This is the good family of grandparents and fathers, who will send New Year's gifts on New Year's Day.". To my place, contacts are limited to these superficial efforts, not far, disc air diffuser ,Belt Filter Press, not near, we will not count on them when things happen, if they ask for help when things happen, they will hang out. The reason for this is that after his parents died, no one extended a helping hand to the three brothers, one by one hiding far away to watch. Pei Yu nodded, "I know." Most of the remaining details of family status, on the contrary, had no origin or friendship. He patiently told her: "These people, who have only met a few times, or who have benefited from me or Han Yuelin, have given gifts on New Year's Day in recent years, and the house has returned the gifts according to the same rules.". We should wait and see, and maybe we can find something useful in the future. It's my business. If you want to hold a banquet with more people, you can post them to make up the number. Pei Yu laughed, "well, I remember it all." She pointed to the post he had left alone and looked at it. "It's the Yang family of Xingguo Gong." "The family had a good relationship with the Xiao family and the Cui family in the early years, and now they are on the side of the Cui family.". When you meet the women of this family, you treat them with whatever attitude they have, and you don't have to tolerate being offended. "Yes." Pei Yu pondered for a moment and asked, "There should be a lot of families like this, right?" She got these, are with Xiao Fu contacts, then do not contact or hostile people, there should be a lot. Yes, I'll make a list for you. "Then I'll grind ink for you." Pen, ink, paper and inkstone are prepared on the Kang table. Go to one side. Xiao Cuo took the ink ingot. "How can you do such a thing with your little strength?" Pei Yu curled his lips, "Others have no power to tie a chicken, but I have no power to grind ink-what is this like?" Xiao Cuo laughed. I could see that she had completely adapted to the way he spoke. Pei Yu also laughed and moved to his left side. Xiao Cuo grinds the ink, picks up the pen to write, writes at the same time, at the same time leisurely tells her these to guard against the family status and the Cui family has what kind of origin. Pei Yu approached him, listening attentively and watching him write. Men's handwriting, strong and powerful, penetrating the back of the paper, with strength of character must be done, of course, he is no exception. For her convenience, he wrote to her in official script. Pei Yu likes to look at his handwriting, and he likes to look at the way he writes. He lowered his eyebrows, looked calm, held the pen gracefully, pressed the paper with clear joints, and had long fingers. Like a person, in fact, is a very deadly thing: how to look at, all feel that he is charming eyes; how to look at, all feel that what he does is pleasing to the eye. Xiao Cuo noticed that people around him had been staring at his hands and handwriting,rotary vacuum disc filters, so he pressed the rice paper with a paperweight and took her in his arms with his left arm, so that she could see more clearly. Pei Yu snuggled up to him. Xiao Cuo found her hand again and felt that her fingertips were slightly cool. He loosely put them into his palm and could not help scolding her: "What kind of body are you?"? Your hands and feet are always cold. Please ask Dr. Gu to take a look at it. It needs to be adjusted. "Yes." Pei Yu chuckled and reminded him, "Let's get down to business."