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Emperor tyrant Emploi Plein temps

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At this point, everyone held their breath and wanted to see what the legendary medicine man had buried with him, the furnace God, the elixir, the ancient medicine or the secret book of medicine? Finally, the coffin was opened. There was a skeleton lying in the coffin. It was a thin skeleton. The owner seemed to be a thin old man before his death. And the skeleton was bent. It seemed that he was curled up when he died. It was not like a grand burial. Seeing the bones, it was surprising that the bones were blackened, as if they had died of poisoning. Inside the coffin, apart from the thin black bones, there was only one thing more than three feet long, which looked like a long ruler. This three-long, palm-sized thing like a long ruler is made of wood. The whole long ruler is dark and has a clear texture. No one can say exactly what kind of wood it is made of. The right hand of the bones in the coffin held tightly the long ruler of ink, which was more than three feet long, as if it were extremely important. However, the buyers present were disappointed to see the thin and black body, and even more disappointed to see that the funerary object was only a long ruler. It seems that all the treasures of the legendary medicine man have been left to his descendants, and there are no peerless treasures buried with him. Seeing the situation inside the ancient coffin, some buyers said disappointedly. The medicine man may have died in an accident. There was also an old medicine man who saw that the bones were black and could not help guessing and said, "His whole body is black. He may have died when he was refining the medicine. It is very likely that he was refining the evil medicine, and the medicine will bite back." An ancient saint observed the ancient corpse carefully and nodded and said, "It is indeed possible. As a legendary medicine man,Nail machine manufacturer, this corpse has no divinity at all. There is no better explanation except unnatural death." The divinity of the corpse, this is the real strong person has, generally speaking, must be the holy, the emperor rank of the great man has the divinity. For example, when an emperor dies, even if his body decays, there is always a place that will not decay,wire nail making machine, such as a finger in his hand, a bone between his eyebrows, an eye, and so on. The place that will not decay means the most powerful part of his life! The bones of this divinity can still be sold at a high price, for example, the finger bones of a holy emperor, if refined into treasures, the power is absolutely not to be underestimated. (To be continued.) Chapter 265 a storm caused by a wooden ruler. The appraisers of Chenggu Pavilion were busy identifying the body and the wooden ruler more than three feet long! In fact, for them, there is nothing to identify this skeleton, which is characterized by a wooden ruler more than three feet long! However, for this wooden ruler, all the appraisers present in Chenggu Pavilion discussed for a long time, but did not discuss the specific results, nail manufacturing machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, they could not even identify what wood the wooden ruler was made of. You know, the appraiser of Chenggu Pavilion is absolutely authoritative, Chenggu Pavilion is one of the oldest auction houses, their appraiser is absolutely one of the people who have seen the most treasures in the world, but now the appraiser of Chenggu Pavilion can not determine what wood this wooden ruler is made of. When the coffin was opened, Li Qiye stared at the bones with a pair of eyes. After a long time, he stared at the wooden ruler more than three feet long. When he looked at the wooden ruler carefully, the deepest part of Li Qiye's eyes was a flash of light, which reminded him once again of a rumor of that era! After looking at the wooden ruler carefully, Li Qiye could not help thinking of another more distant and older legend, a legend about a race. It's a little strange, a little strange. At this time has been staying in the side of Li Qiye low-key incomparable Sikong Tiantian can not help but murmur. Li Qiye glanced at him and said lightly, "Where is the blame?" "This-" Sikong Tiangan laughed and finally said: "I have seen a lot of wood, whether it is the wood used to make coffins or the sacred wood used to refine treasures. But this wooden ruler is really a bit strange. I have never seen this kind of wood before." "There are many trees in the world, and it's normal that you haven't seen them." Chi Xiaodie shook his head and said. Sikong thought for a moment and said, "That's true. Who dares to say that he can know all the wood in the world?" At this point, he asked Li Qiye and said, "Brother Dao, what kind of advice do you have?" Li Qiye glanced at him and said, "It's hard to say. Anyway, it's not just ordinary wood." At this point, he already had an idea in his mind. What are you waiting for? Hurry up if you want to auction. It's a good end for everyone. Seeing that the appraiser of Chenggu Pavilion had discussed for a long time without any result, some buyers said unsatisfactorily. A lot of buyers protest in succession, say: "Be, make a price, a bit happier, patted good ending, do not waste the time of everybody." Finally, Chenggu Pavilion finally had a unified opinion, this wooden ruler was finally sent up, as for the bones, not in the auction, there is no divinity of the bones, after the results of the grave auction, are generally returned to the owner of the graveyard, or the descendants of the owner of the grave! "This is a magic ruler. You can have a look first." The auctioneer held the wooden ruler in both hands for public display. At this time, all the buyers present looked at the wooden ruler from the closest distance, all the buyers looked at the wooden ruler carefully, and some even smelled or even licked it, but there was no taste. When we looked carefully at the nearest distance, we found that the wooden ruler was carved with the pattern of ninety-nine little devils, each of which was different in shape and lifelike. Seeing the lifelike little devils carved all over the wooden ruler, the timid people are afraid that they will be frightened. Brother Zhu Yan, what kind of ghost is this? What side branch is it? Looking at this wooden ruler carefully, it was an ancient saint who asked a great man from the ghost clan who was present. Qiangdu, who was born in the clan of ghosts and immortals, looked at the wooden ruler carefully,Iron Nail Making Machine, shook his head and said, "I can't see it either. Although the clan of ghosts and immortals claims to have hundreds of clans, I've never seen or heard of such an image of a little devil. Or maybe it's just an image compiled by a ruler maker."

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