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The Jurchens wreaked havoc all over the world, and tens of millions of people died directly or indirectly at their hands. In fact, most of the Chinese soldiers who could walk all the way here without hesitation had their own painful memories hidden in their hearts. Most of those who can reach the top of the army are middle-aged or even close to old age. How easy is it to start over and fantasize about the day when they or the people around them leave the army? Ning Yi's words poked into people's hearts, many people were touched, he patted his buttocks and stood up. Besides, from now on, don't call your fellow countrymen brothers or brothers. Although they are cordial, they are too personal. He said, "From today on, let's unify and call them comrades." The western horizon swallowed up half of the red sun, and the remaining sunlight showed a more brilliant and magnificent, and the red light climbed up the sky and burned the clouds. At the rear of the palace, Zong Han and Shi Yema, who left with the army in the mountains, Xi Yin and Qin Shaoqian, who were far away from Jiange, and even Linan City and even Jin, thousands of miles away, could all see the huge red sun running through the world clearly. How small people are. But it is also such a small thing that will perform one scene after another of ups and downs, joys and sorrows on this vast land, and even at some moments, send out the vast light that is not inferior to the magnificent red sun, which is what human beings want to leave behind in this world.. Chapter 984 turning point (6). In the evening, the red sun turned into stars all over the sky, and then into clouds billowing in the daytime. By April, the news that Zong Han's troops had fled in panic after the great victory at Qiaoqiao in the southwest had spread one after another in various places in the south of the Yangtze River and the Central Plains. A war that can be said to determine the trend of the world has now shown a trend that is not in line with most people's expectations. The fighting power and tenacity of the Chinese Army have shocked many people's eyes. Some people are stunned, some are frightened, some are inspired by such results, and some are wary of them. But no matter what attitude and mood they hold, as long as they are slightly qualified to dance on the stage of the world,artificial grass panels, no one can be indifferent to them, but it is irrefutable. Even thousands of miles apart, Liangshan above the two troops is also a burst of excitement, wild bandits to vote, even in Zhu Biao, Liu Chengzong led by the Chinese army and Wang Shanyue, Xue Changgong led by the light between the army, but also because of the victory caused two small-scale friction and fighting, people do not know whether to laugh or cry. Wanyan Chang, who was far away in Baoding, strengthened his defense against the Central Plains because of the excitement on Liangshan Mountain. He was on guard against these people in Shandong who were inspired by the war situation in the southwest and took risks to do something big. Farther away, within the Jin state, a large-scale influence was brewing. In the cloud, after the first round of news spread, it was not made public, silk ficus tree ,faux grass wall, but only spread quietly among some of the big families in Jin. After learning about the defeat of the West Route Army, part of the Kaiguo clan of Dajin pulled out the Han slaves at home, killed a number of them, and then went to the Yamen to pay a fine. As for the tragic news of the retreat of the West Route Army, it will take more time to come back from the southwest thousands of miles away. At that time, a huge wave will appear inside the Jin. Jin Di. When the cavalry crossed the undulating hills and turned towards the small basin on one side of the mountains, Lou Shuwan lifted the curtain in the middle of the carriage and saw the black smoke and embers faintly below. Flames raged through villages and wheat fields, and nearby troops had come to save what could be saved in a chaotic place. The closer the horses got, the more clearly they could hear the cry in the wind. …… Animal. She clenched her fist and swore so. This is a scene in March. Had it not been for what began to happen in the spring of that year, Lou Shuwan might have been more encouraged by the intelligence of the Southwest War. But at this moment, Jindi was troubled by the sudden attack and was in trouble for a while. The winter snow melted in the second month of the lunar calendar, and the battle for land in Shanxi, led by Lou Shuwan and Liao Yiren, began again. This time, Liao Yiren side suddenly appeared alien reinforcements to pull out the floor ShuWan side of the two counties and towns by such and such means, the other side means ferocious, killing a lot, after doing some investigation, this side confirmed that the attack is likely to be killed all the way from the Xixia side of the prairie people. This new group of alien mercenaries were flexible in fighting and had a strong desire to fight and slaughter. They broke the city twice, pretending to be merchants, and contacted the defenders in the city. After getting permission, they seized the city gate with a small number of elite soldiers, and then began to slaughter and burn. Only from the other side to seize the gate of the battle, it can be determined that this unit is indeed this year can not be underestimated in the combat elite. The capture of the city in February had aroused the vigilance of Lou Shuwan and Yu Yulin. By the end of February, the other side's battle had been hindered. After being seen through once, at the beginning of March, the army attacked two small counties and towns successively by means of sneak attacks on patrols and passing false news. At the same time, they also launched more inhuman attacks on the civilians in the area under the jurisdiction of the Tiger King. Small teams of horses and elite hunters with flexible fighting power penetrated into the villages and towns here, attacking villages at night, and most importantly, burning houses and wheat fields. Such a battle strategy, in the past war, even Liao Yiren never dare to use, but in March, this side has encountered more than ten such insane attacks. Winter wheat is often planted in August and September of the lunar calendar one year earlier and harvested in May of the next year. For Lou Shuwan, it is the most crucial harvest for the revival of Jindi. Liao Yiren is also a local clan, fighting for life and death in the battlefield, but always pointing to defeat the other side, can live a good life, who will not set fire to the wheat fields of the people, but the arrival of the prairie people, opened such a precedent. In February and March, Yu Yulin assembled his troops and recovered two more towns, but the outlying areas of the army, near the plains, were also attacked by prairie troops. With their excellent salvo skills, they attacked the weaker troops, turned around and ran after a round of shooting, and then opened the distance for another round of shooting,outdoor palm trees, only pinching soft persimmons, never gnawing hard bones, which caused a certain degree of trouble to Yu Yulin.

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