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Fake hero Emploi Plein temps

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Lake Palanka is always so peaceful. The tranquility here is due not only to the oval lake, surrounded by rolling mountains, which isolates all the noise, but also to a stone tablet standing at the entrance of the only highway. Inscription on the stele: exclusive area of Longxing Club, see the stele and look back. The granite monument, more than three meters high, stands there quietly with clear handwriting. Behind the stone tablet is an iron gate and a sentry box. On the side of the road behind, there is a mecha apron, a small transport ship landing pad and a row of barracks. No one dares to step here except those who are determined to die. As a result, Palanka Lake in Bering Harbor is the only ecological area on Mars that is located in a city but maintains the most primitive appearance. Many people think that this is the base of Longxing Association, but in fact, Longxing Association has designated this freshwater lake with a total area of six square kilometers as a restricted area, just because there is a villa on the lakeside here. And Su Kezhou likes to live here. The villa is located on the western hillside of the Palanka freshwater lake. Built according to the mountain situation, it is divided into three floors, totaling 2,800 square meters. Simple and bright lines, herringbone blue roofs,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, white brick walls, hidden in the shade, and clear lake water and undulating green mountains echo each other, beautiful and charming. Down the stone steps of the garden of the small building, you can reach the lake directly. On the wharf paved with anticorrosive wood, there is a wooden fishing gear storage warehouse. In the cabin beside the warehouse, a professional fishing yacht with beautiful lines is slightly rippling in the lake. From time to time,turmeric extract powder, gray-and-white Mars Red-billed Freshwater Gulls rest on the yacht's guardrail. Here, you can usually hear only the wind, the rustling of leaves and the crisp call of red-billed freshwater gulls. Other than that. There can be no other sound. Because Su Kezhou likes quiet. Sunlight, through the French window, sprinkled into the study on the second floor. Su Kezhou looked out of the window at the lake and rubbed his fist-sized Yangxian purple clay pot with his hand. Because of years of playing, this antique Zisha teapot has been raised like glaze but not glaze, like porcelain but not porcelain wrapped slurry. Warm and smooth. Just like Su Kezhou's typical Chakna old man's calm and restrained temperament. After taking a sip of tea, the old man turned around and glanced faintly at the commanders of the armed forces of the Longxing Society on the sofa with a pair of narrow and restrained eyes. He said in a deep voice, "Tell me about it.." "This is our good chance!" Su Kezhou's voice just fell, a middle-aged man who had already been unable to hold back immediately stood up and shouted. The natural loud voice made several people nearby look at each other with a wry smile. The high command of the allied forces has given us a clear order, and the army headquarters also means this. Mars Freeport. It must be in our hands! Now, the Northern Commercial Alliance attacked the town of Proh in a big way, fenugreek saponins ,best green coffee bean extract, and its forces were tied down. This is the best chance for me to go out! The middle-aged man with a loud voice blushed with excitement. All right, all right. Su Kezhou smiled, waved his hand and said, "Cage, I know you've been very angry all this time.". If you want to fight, you have a chance. What we are discussing now is the tactical details of the bandit army and the North Alliance in this battle. To seize this opportunity, we must have an accurate judgment of the direction of the war situation. Putting down the purple clay teapot in his hand, Su Kezhou, with his hands behind his back, walked a few steps to the huge electronic map screen on the wall under the gaze of a group of commanders. He frowned and said, "Judging from the information we have so far.". The town of Proh of the bandit army is surrounded by six routes of the North League. Before that, they were able to annihilate a Sousse Panzer Regiment at Pinchling, which was beyond my expectation. Unexpectedly, they had just received news that they had wiped out the 6th and 7th armored battalions of the North Union's Bloodshadow Mecha Regiment at Breslau Farm. Su Kezhou's words. There was an uproar. When ordered to come here for a meeting. Commanders are also concerned about the battle and the deployment of forces on both sides. The line of attack was still being deliberated, and the news that a newly formed armored regiment of the bandit army had defeated the regular armored forces of Sousse and annihilated a regiment was still being digested. In the eyes of the commanders, it was inconceivable that the bandit army could defeat the Sousse Panzer Regiment. This is like a rabbit fighting with a dog, the first news is that the dog was bitten by a rabbit, which is really beyond everyone's expectation. Therefore, for the bandit army's Pingqiling battle, we are also repeatedly deliberating, trying to find out the factors of their victory. Unexpectedly, the first battle has not yet come to an accurate answer, the bandit army has completely annihilated the two battalions of the absolute main force of the North Alliance Blood Shadow Mecha Regiment! All of a sudden, the commanders got up one after another and gathered around Su Kezhou, discussing one after another while carefully examining the terrain of the fighting area marked on the electronic map. The impetuous Cage, however, was very careful. He only glanced at the map and grasped the most crucial part. He immediately asked, "Chairman, which unit of the bandit army was responsible for annihilating the Blood Shadow Armored Battalion?" "Three regiments!" Su Kezhou said in a deep voice, "It's the one that defeated the Sousse Panzer Regiment!" "Three regiments?!" There was a gasp of cold air in the room. This answer is both expected and unexpected. According to the surveillance intelligence of the Longxing Society on the town of Proh, this regiment was the only armored combat unit that the bandit army could form! This has been repeatedly confirmed. Whether it is the defense deployment of the bandit army, or the material in and out of the base, production capacity, can support this intelligence. In the assessment report on the combat capability of the bandit army by the Longxing Intelligence Agency, it was pointed out that the bandit army, which relies entirely on its own production of armed forces, will not have one more battalion of military mecha that can form combat capability before the North Alliance launches an attack, even if it works around the clock. The number can be determined, but the only thing that can not be determined is the performance of this new type of mecha and the combat effectiveness of the troops composed of former civilian mecha. This,tannic acid astringent, in the eyes of the commanders, do not say that they do not understand, I am afraid that.

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