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Fanxia Tianjiao Witch-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

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Chapter 34 The Sorceress's Sad Talk about the Past and the Cause of the Golden Palace Stealing Treasure T, xt, small, say, day, hall Liu yuanjia wiped tears for Peng Lai witch, say slowly: "You must blame me why to want to abandon you?"? It started twenty years ago, when you were a baby under one year old. Your mother and I, our family of three, lived in a small village at the foot of Funiu Mountain in Henan Province. I made a living by medical skills. Although I was not very well-off, I was very peaceful. That was the happiest time of my life. (Txt novel Paradise Online Library "The witch of Penglai asked:" At the foot of Funiu Mountain in Henan, isn't that the place under the rule of Jin? " "Yes," said Liu yuanjia, "we weren't originally from the south of the Yangtze River. It was only after I crossed the river that I gradually acquired the family property here. You'll understand if you go on." Liu yuanjia took a sip of tea and went on to say, "It's a pity that such a happy day won't last long. One day, an unexpected thing happened suddenly, which completely changed my life. The experience of our family's separation and death also started from this.". The Tartar Emperor of the State of Jin issued a secret order to visit the capital to look for masters of martial arts and doctors. My martial arts and medical skills are not well-known, so I was invited. "Have you been there?" Asked the witch of Penglai. Liu yuanjia said, "go!" The witch of Penglai changed her complexion and said in a trembling voice, "Why don't you run away?" "Your mother doesn't know martial arts, and you're a newborn baby,cosmetic packaging wholesale," said Liu yuanjia. "Have you sacrificed your honor for the sake of our mother and daughter?" Asked the witch of Penglai. "That's one of the reasons," said Liu yuanjia, "but it's not the main reason. To be honest, I'm willing to go." Ashamed and angry, the witch of Penglai said with tears in her eyes, "Are you willing to go?"? Is it for the sake of position? Is it for fear of death? "No," said Liu yuanjia. "Many of the people who answered the summons left for the sake of position and fear of death,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, but I didn't." Confused, the witch of Penglai asked, "What is that for?" Liu yuanjia said, "Because I found out the reason why Emperor Lezi wanted to invite these people. The year this happened was just ten years away from the'shame of Jingkang '. Do you know the'shame of Jingkang'?" "This is a great humiliation for China," said the witch of Penglai. "How could I not know?"? In that year, Jin Lu broke through Bianjing and captured the two emperors of Hui and Qin, so the Song Dynasty was forced to move to the south of the Yangtze River. Liu yuanjia said, "Jin Lu not only captured the two emperors of Hui and Qin, but also swept away the treasures of the Song Palace. That's all.". Among them, there are two pieces that are unique in the world. One is the'bronze figure of the acupoint '. The bronze figure is engraved with the most detailed parts of the acupoint, with clear meridians and collaterals. Any martial arts classics and medical books, research records about the acupoint, are not as detailed and subtle as this'bronze figure of the acupuncture point'. Therefore, this bronze figure is of great value to martial arts medicine. People in the martial arts world, the national player of Xinglin, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, dream of seeing this bronze figure. "Were you attracted by this'bronze figure of the cave '?" Asked the witch of Penglai. "Let's talk about another country," said Liu yuanjia. Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin is not only the king of this Dynasty, but also a master of martial arts, which you should know? The witch of Penglai said, "Taizu Changquan and Ershengbang are also very popular in the north of the Yangtze River. The Tartar warriors also practice openly. It's not taboo to call them that way." Taizu Changquan is a set of boxing that Zhao Kuangyin used to be famous in Jianghu. As for the name of "Ersheng Bangs", Zhao Kuangyi, the younger brother of Zhao Kuangyin, was included. Both of them were good at poles and sticks. Zhao Kuangyi later succeeded his brother as Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty, so they were called "Ersheng" together. Liu yuanjia nodded and said, "Song Taizu not only has excellent fists and sticks, but also has extraordinary attainments in internal skills." "That's for sure," said the witch of Penglai. "In the past, without deep internal strength as the foundation, no weapon could exert great power. "Liu yuanjia said," Song Taizu's martial arts were taught by Chen Chuan, a hermit in Huashan Mountain. Chen Chuan was regarded as a first-class immortal at that time. In fact, he was also a mortal. However, because he was highly respected and had this relationship with Taizu, he was highly respected by the world. Chen Chuan wrote his internal skills and mental methods into a "Zhiyuan Chapter", which was attached to the Quan Sutra and passed on to Song Taizu. The witch of Penglai said, "The second treasure of the Song Palace that you mentioned, is it the Fist Sutra and the Mental Method?" "Not bad," said Liu yuanjia. It is a pity that the emperors of all Dynasties since Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty have indulged in pleasure and had no intention of practicing martial arts, so that the boxing sutra and the mental method are dust-laden and equal to waste paper. But Jin Lu took advantage of it. After the capture of Bianjing, he plundered the treasures inside and moved the secret book of martial arts written by Chen Chuan with all his life's efforts and the bronze figure of the cave to Jin. Liu yuanjia sighed and went on to say, "I can't bear to see these two treasures fall into the hands of the enemy. I am willing to be humiliated and destroy my reputation. I pretend to be a willing and greedy villain. I was summoned by the gold owner to enter the court." The witch of Penglai said, "What does the Tartar Emperor's invitation to you have to do with those two treasures?" Liu yuanjia said, "The bronze figures of acupoints are complex and subtle. If we can study them clearly, they will have a magical effect on acupuncture and moxibustion therapy, as well as on the use of acupoints in martial arts. Of course, Jin Lu also understands this. But after they got the treasure, after ten years, they gathered the wisdom of their own people and spent a lot of effort to ponder it day and night, but they still failed to fully understand the secret.". And the Fist Sutra. The mental method and the Quan Sutra are all right, and the "Zhi yuan Pian" recorded in Chen Chuan's internal skill mental method is also extremely profound, and they also do not understand it. Therefore, Jin mainly issued a secret order, regardless of the Han, Jin or Liao people, as long as the martial arts masters, Xinglin Guoshou, will be in the net. The purpose is to ask these people to help him study and serve him. "How dare the Tartar Emperor trust you like that?" Asked the witch of Penglai. "Of course," said Liu yuanjia, "he also has a set of vicious tactics. After we entered the palace, we were all quarantined, and each of us was closely monitored by several experts. Moreover,oil dropper bottle, he did not give us a look at the original boxing and mental methods, and as for the bronze figure of the acupoint, he refused to let us touch it.

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