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Feng Yin Tian Xia (Full Version) Author: Yue Chu Yun Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 6h37   Service public   Dakar   178 vues Référence: 154
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There was a gathering of voices around her, and she felt several people jump into the water and pull the two of them up. Huangfu Wushuang shouted coldly, "All back off!" Her body suddenly lightened, and he carried her sideways through the flowers, through the winding corridors, and into her boudoir. The crystal curtain moves, the incense burner smoke is warm, the flower shadow moves the green screen window. She lay on the bed and let Cuixiu change her wet clothes and wrap her wet and cold body with a brocade quilt. A charcoal fire was rekindled in the bronze tripod with a crane-shaped pattern beside the bed, and the room was warm. How are you? In the room, there was a cold voice with a trace of exasperation. The flower turned his head in the rain and saw Huangfu Wushuang walking in quickly, dripping wet. Several little eunuchs following him were holding dry clothes in their hands, but they were afraid to come over. The emperor You'd better change your clothes first. "Otherwise, it's easy to catch a cold.." a little eunuch dared to say. Fuck off Huangfu matchless look back cold drink a way. The little eunuch was so frightened that his face turned pale and he retreated. Huangfu Wushuang walked quickly to the side of the rain bed. His black hair was wet and dripping. He bent over and stared with round black eyes. "Why can't you get over it?" He asked in a cold voice. With a cold smile on her lips, she squinted and said, "Huangfu is matchless. Do you think I can still live?"? You hurt my children and ruined my martial arts. But you are the emperor. I can't kill you. I can't kill you. But I don't want to. See you, do I have any other way but to do so? Huangfu Wushuang's face stiffened. He stretched out his hand to hold the cold hand of the flower and the rain. His lips raised a brilliant smile. "I didn't mean to hurt your child. I just didn't want you to leave. I just wanted you to stay with me." "If you want to destroy my martial arts for this, will you harm my children?" Said the flower with a sneer at the rain, suddenly stretching out his palm and slapping Huangfu's matchless face. Huangfu matchless handsome white face, suddenly more than a few five finger prints, it can be seen that her palm used all the strength. He stretched out his hand and slowly wiped the blood from the corners of his lips. Bent over, across the brocade quilt,faux ficus tree, hugged the body of the flower with rain, "as long as you can stay, do it." Anything will do! Tomorrow is the last day of the imperial concubine selection ceremony. You must go. I want you to be my queen and make up for you with my whole life. "Do you think I want it?" The sound of flowers and rain came as cold as the wind. Huangfu Wushuang slowly loosened his hand and raised his lips, revealing a charming smile. "You will go!"! Somebody! He frowned and shouted, and Cuixiu hurried in from outside the house. Serve the young lady well! He ordered in a cold voice. He got up and whispered softly to the flowers and the rain, "I'm back in the palace!" Hua Zhuyu lay on the bed without looking up. When his footsteps faded away, she slowly raised her head from between the pillows. Between her dark eyes,artificial coconut palm trees, there was a cold chill. Sitting in front of the dressing table in the rain, through the green screen window, you can see that in the back garden, spring flowers are in full bloom, green trees are whirling, and the wind blowing on your face is also mixed with fragrant light fragrance. The light of her eyes swept back from outside the window and was concentrated in the bronze mirror of water chestnut flowers, only to see the beautiful clothes of the people in the mirror dragging on the ground, clouds and snow on the temples. The skin, the lip angle blooms a touch of light smile, Qingli is absolutely gorgeous, but there is a chill in the eyes, and the whole body is so cold that people can't help shivering. She got up and went out from the dressing table. The sun was shining outside. Under the cloister, her nominal father, Nie yuanqiao, stood with his hands on his back. When he saw her coming out of the house, large palm trees for sale ,Faux cherry blossom tree, he nodded gently and said, "Let's go!" The flower pursed her lips in silence, and her tone was so cold that she could not see joy or anger. She followed Nie yuanqiao to the gate and boarded the carriage. Nie yuanqiao rode in front of the carriage, followed by a group of bodyguards. The carriage trudged along without a word. Incense car across the street, through the heavy palace gate, straight into the palace. He drove all the way to the Kangning Hall and stopped. Several people from the Tsing Yi Palace hurriedly came over and led the flowers and rain to the side hall on one side of the Kangning Hall. As soon as I entered the hall, I saw all the beautiful girls in the hall, one by one dressed in brilliant red embroidery, each with its own beauty. It was really a thin and fat swallow, which made people dazzled. These beautiful girls were selected three times before they finally took part in the final examination. And Hua Zhuo Yu is undoubtedly an alien among them. Because she didn't take part in the other selection, she went straight to the last selection. As soon as she appeared, all the people in the hall looked at her. She caged over. Who is she? I faintly heard the whispers of two beautiful girls. I heard it was Nie Xiang's daughter! The other girl answered in a low voice. The flower listens to the rain in the ear, the lip angle slowly brings up a touch of cold smile. She recognized that one of them was Anrong, the daughter of the assistant minister of the Ministry of History and Personnel, who loved Huangfu. She had seen her as a eunuch, but at the moment, she was dressed up as a woman, but she didn't recognize her. Come out of her. In the back garden of Nie Mansion, the green trees are whirling, and countless spring flowers are red and white. The water murmured across the flat bridge path. In the distance, pavilions and islands are hidden among green trees and flowers. The beautiful scenery makes people almost suspect that this is the nine-day Jade Pool. And on the side of the vermilion fence of the Bichi near the water, the misty clear shadow stands near the water in the shadows of flowers and rippling waves, with long skirts dragging the ground and clothes in the wind, which almost makes people suspect that it is the fairy of the nine-day Jade Pool. She just stood in silence, staring blankly at the clear water in front of her, her thin body in the March sunlight, shrouded in a quiet and indifferent halo like a dream. The breeze ruffled a pool of clear water, blowing down a number of flowers, and scattered petals covered her skirt. And black hair, however, she was like a dreamer, unaware of it. Huangfu Wushuang gazed into the distance, rocks, ancient trees, flowers, green bamboos, and her, forming a painting that people never tire of seeing. He stared at it without blinking, sighing softly in his heart. When a gust of wind came, the clothes of flowers and rain began to swing, and when her clothes were flying, she suddenly lifted her feet and stood on the red fence. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the clear shadow of the rockery stone not far away, and his lips raised a sneer. She stood on the railing, her arms outstretched, her sleeves wide,silk cherry blossom tree, hunting in the wind. Huangfu matchless heart, as if suddenly lifted up in general, a panic.

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