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Forced to become queen bee. Emploi Plein temps

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Take control of what is clamoring in your heart all the time, which is like a time bomb. Like a bullet, I don't know when it will become a critical brutal possessive desire. As soon as he thought that the young man in front of him was secretly coveted by countless people, he went mad with jealousy. He wanted to tear each other's clothes in front of everyone and bite the smooth neck viciously. This is his possession, living in the perfect world of his structure, no one can have the right to touch a cent! "Monitor, do you know the vows at the wedding?" Fu Simian's eyes were dark, and the dark room was like a dark sticky swamp. Henceforth he will love you unreservedly, lay down his life for you, and be faithful to you forever. Fu Simian lay down slowly, hugging the man in front of him tightly. The moonlight reflected on the boy's slightly ferocious face. In exchange, as his partner, you will no longer smile at others, no longer give any affection to others. You will belong to him completely,lutein eye complex, and death will not separate you. At the wedding ceremony, people's pure vows had completely changed in Fu Simian's frivolous tone. He slowly traced the traces left on the neck of his predecessor. His smile suddenly deepen. And the meaning of marking completion is equivalent to the monitor saying "I do". It's the rule to buy and leave, so it's too late to regret running now. The words that rang through the room were still smiling. But the dark violence in his voice was not at all like that of a teenager. So the monitor.. Be good. The next day Ruan Xi got up in the morning and felt that he had not slept well all night. The bed is softer than at home, but the neck is a little stiff. Just like sleeping in the wrong position leads to a severe stiff neck. Something's wrong. Ruan Xi suddenly opened his eyes, and his nose was filled with lemon incense. I saw how the layout around it looked like a hotel. It is also a dilapidated hotel similar to the township guest house in 2000. What the hell is this place? He turned his head stiffly and saw a white arm resting lazily on his shoulder. Ruan Xi immediately reacted-this is the source of the stiff neck. Monitor,jujube seed powder, get up so early. No more sleep? The voice behind him was slightly hoarse, and the teenager behind him sat up sleepily. From Ruan Xi's point of view, you can just see each other's body slowly sliding down with the quilt. The bed was soft and the room smelled of sweet lemons. And the person behind him even hugged him intimately in the last second, and the atmosphere was slightly ambiguous. The scene in front of us is unusually fragrant and gorgeous. Ruan Xi: ".." What is the situation? Chapter 55 Chapter 55 Just then, Fu Simian stretched himself lazily. It was not because of the sudden attack on the school the day before yesterday that I had to escape with the monitor. The black-eyed teenager on the opposite side raised his eyes slightly, with a natural expression. Ruan Xi stared at him. Then what Fu Simian shrugged his shoulders and said, "Monitor, you have a lot of problems." But when I arrived, I found that there was no standard room in this hotel, and only a king bed room was left. I don't care, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,pumpkin seed extract, but you are already injured, and you can't go to sleep on the street. Then we sleep together here at night. Ruan Xi's eyes subconsciously swept over the unremoved condom on the bedside table, the clean mattress and the spotless towel on the back of the chair. The whole room looked clean and tidy, and there was no doubt except that the thin quilt on the bed was being kneaded into a ball carelessly by Fu Simian. Ruan Xi: ".." Fortunately, it was simply sleeping under the quilt, and the adolescent boys did not have a gun fire, and there was also a fatal hormonal agitation accident. Wait, he seems to have forgotten something. Ruan Xi subconsciously turned his head, only to see that the face clearly reflected in Fu Simian's eyes at this time looked white and clean-that was his original face. Ruan Xi pretended to be calm. You, you saw it all? Fu Simian stared at him for a moment, and Ruan Xi felt that the line of sight almost made him nervous. After a while, the boy showed his white teeth. It's very nice. …… When Ruan Xi was washing, he paid special attention to the room environment. Although the sparrow is small and has all the internal organs, the hotel looks shabby, but in fact the towel bath and sheets are clean. In particular, the bathroom tiles are polished shiny, people can not help but admire the cleaning of the due diligence. From the small window in the bathroom, the sky was overcast, accompanied by a few ugly crows, and the sky could not tell what time it was. A teenager's inquiry came from outside the bathroom door. Is there any toothpaste in the monitor's bathroom? "Well.." Here it is. Ruan Xi slowly opened the washing suit beside his hand. His head still hurt so much that he couldn't remember what had happened in the past few days. According to Fu Simian's explanation just now, the day before yesterday was because the school was attacked indiscriminately by intruders, and the students were generally seriously injured. It is said that the intruders were just about to detonate an air explosion. As a warning, most of the affected students fainted. Ruan Xi is one of them. Fu Simian by the door seemed to be in a good mood. He was humming a song and leaning against the door to put on his clothes. Seeing that Ruan Xi still looked suspicious, Fu Simian explained with a wink. It's no good lying to you. I was going to wash my hands, but the water pipe was broken, so I had to wait until it came out. It happened that when the first drop came out, there was a loud noise outside, and then there was a billowing smoke. By the time I got to the class, almost all my classmates were dizzy, and I had escaped. I happened to see you, the monitor, lying in the doorway,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and I picked you up. Ruan Xi nodded quietly. It's a bit of a coincidence that there are two coincidences in one sentence. He went over it in his head and noticed something was wrong. Fu Simian clearly told a lie without changing his face. But Ruan Xi is not annoyed, simply counterplot. What happened yesterday was so strange that he had to think about it. Just then, it happened that Fu Simian also came over to brush his teeth. He now had a white bubble around his mouth and was making faces in the mirror.

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